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Barony Parish Session Clerk's Office, 52 West Nile street. David M'Brayne, clerk,
house, 30 Parson street, Barony glebe
Barony Parish Poor-Rates Office, 52 West Nile street. W. Robertson, collector
BARRON, Alexander, Spring place
Barron, Mrs, midwife and ladies' nurse, '78 Bath street
BARR, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 27 Tobago street, Calton
Barr, Alexander, fishmonger, 2G4 George street
Barr, Archibald, hill clerk, 86 Parliamentary road
Barr & Buchanan, tea merchants and grocers, 150 and 152 High street
BaiT, Charles, sj)irit dealer, 40 Shuttle street
Barr, Gavin, stockbroker, 44 Gordon street
Barr, James, victualler, vintner, and stabler, 1 Great Hamilton street
Barr, James, spirit dealer, 23 Puddock row
Barr, James, Unicorn tavern, 43 Trongate
Barr, Rev. Jas., D.D., minister of St. Enoch Parish, ho. 54 Claremont jil. Clyde .st.
Barr, John M., baker, 24 Nicholson street
Barr, John, at James Hutcheson ^ Co.'s, house 19 Richmond street
Barr, John, merchant, 42 St. Andrew's square
Barr, John, coal-agent and dairyman, 72 St. James's road, Bobbie's loan
Barr, John, lithographer and engraver, 7 Argyll street, ho. 108 North Hanover st.
Barr, John, at D. §■ A. CutJibertson's, 110 Fife place, West George street
Barr, John, wine and spirit merchant, 74 High street
Barr, John, boiler-maker, 75 Clyde st. Anderston, house 3 Richard street
Barr, Peter, manufacturer of gold thread and plate, coloured tambouring worsted,
etc., 79 Glassford street
Barr, Peter, rope, twine, and shuttle-cord manufacturer. Upper Crown street, ho.
21 Paddock row
Barr, Peter, Oak tavern, 75 Argyle street
Barr, Robert, of Barr, Watt, §• Co., house 42 Hill street, Garnethill
Barr, Robert, brick-maker and builder, 5 Bellgrove street
Barr, Robert, of D. Cook §■ Co., 100 Commerce street
Barr, S , techr. of music and piano-forte seller, 75 St. George's pi. West George ft.
Barr, Thomas, provision merchnnt, 233 Argyll street and 149 Eglinton street, ho.
239 Argyll street
Barr, Watt, & Co., merchants, etc. 80 Union street, Avorks Bobbie's loan
Barr, William, oil and colour dealer, 77 Main street, Gorbals
Barr, William, grocer and sp deiritaler, 1 King street, Mile-end
Barr, William, of Barr ^ Buchanan, house 12 Ure place
Barr, William, wine and spirit merchant, GO Jamaica street
Ban-, W., fancy muslin manufacturer, 100 Queen street, and 163 Ingram street,
house 99 South Portland street
Barr, Mrs A., spirit dealer, 86 Glassford street
Barr, Mrs James, victualler, 76 Dalmarnoek road
Barr, Mrs, druggist, 67 Main street Anderston
Barr, Mrs William, 42 St. Andrew's square
BARRET, James, spirit dealer, 89 Kirk street, Calton
BARRETT, James, manufacturer, 27 Wilson street, house 29 Kent street
BARRIE, Andrew, warper, 10 Stirling square
Ban'ie, James, victualler, 7 Rottenrow street
Barrie, John, spirit dealer, 69 Clyde street, Port-Dnndas
Barrie, John, grain and commission merchant, 39 Turner's Court, Argyll street
Barrie, Peter, flesher, 38 Stevenson street, house 22 Struthers street
Barrie, T., Baker, 24 Bridge street
Baerowfield Chemical Works, Duncan street, Calton
Barrowfield Weaving Mill, Broad street. Mile-end
BARROWMAN, Peter, spirit dealer, 104 Dalmai'nock road
BARRY, David, tinsmith, gasfitter, and furnishing ironmonger, 60 6: 62 Broomielaw
BARTHOLOMEW, Alex. & Son, sewed-muslin manufacturers, 69 Ingram street
Bartholomew, Hugh, engineer and manager, City and Suburban Gas Co., 42 Miller
street, house Dalmarnoek road
Bartholomew, John, <fe Co., merchants, 78 Ingram street
Bartholomew, John, of Alex. Bai~tholomew §- Son, agent for the Legal and Com-
mercial Fire rnd Life Assurance Co,, house 5 Apsley place

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