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Bald James, of George T- Bald §/■ Co., house 12 Kingst&n place
Bald, James, 12 North Coburg street
Bald, John, & Co., distillers, Carsbridge, by Alloa; agent, James liichardson, jtm.,
31 Miller street
Bald, Peter, & Son., drysalters and merchants, 109 Virginia street
Bald, Robert, smith, ironmonger and tinsmith, lYi Trongate, workshops- 2 G Glass-
ford street and 71 Stockwell street, house 12 Kingston idace
Bald, Mrs Adam, 152 Renfrew street
BALDERSTON, Alexander, accountant, 18 Renfield street, house 106 Bath street
Balderston, John, assistant inspector, Town's Hospital
BALFOUR, Alexander, Sheriff-clerk's oiSce, house 16 Sauchiehall street
Balfour, Charles, sub-inspector of factories, 10 Woodland place
Balfour, James N., of William Balfour ^ Co., ho. Melrose street, Queen's cresceiit.
Balfour, John, spirit merchant, 158 Main street, Bridgeton
Balfour, John & Thomas, furniture warehouse, 80 Maxwell st., and 5S Howard &t.
Balfour, John, of John ^ Thomas Balfour, house 24 Scotland street, Kingston
Balfour, John, grain merchant, 40 Union street, house 26 AVindsor terrace
Balfour, John, general grocer and wine merchant, 36 and 33 Stirling's road
Balfour & M'Callum, smiths and founders, 52 New wynd
Balfour Parish School, 24 North Portland street, John Cuthbertson, luale teacher;
Miss MiUer, female teacher
Balfour, Thomas, of John §/■ Thomas Balfour, house 32 Scotland st., Kingston
Balfour, William, & Co., commission and linen and woollen merchants, 20 Spring-
field court, Buchanan street
Balfour, William, of William Balfour ^ Co., house 3 Queen's cj'escent
BALL, Alexander, spirit dealer, 113 King street
BALLANTYNE & Daniels, importers of foreign wuies and spirits, 1 Jail sq., and 1S2
Saltmarket street
Ballantyne, James, spirit merchant, 172 Saltmarket street
Ballantyne, James, lodgings, 82 George street
Ballantyne, John, sheriff-officer and constable, 3 Franklin street, Bridgeton
Ballantyne, Robert, violin maker, 36 Brunswick place
Ballantyne, Thomas, & Son, clothiers, 95 Argyle street
BALLARDIE, J., of Ballardie §■ Anderson, house Bloomfield place, Hillhead
Ballardie & Andersoji, upholsterers and cabinet makers, 29 Renfield street
Ballardie, Thomas, of M'Bonald §• BaLardie, house 72 M' Alpin street
Ballendalloch Co., 110 Brunswick sireot
BALLINGALL, David, at Rohert Walker Sr Sons, 8 Ingram street
BALLOCH, Robert, of Hugh Colquhonn ^ Co., house 177 West Regent street
Ballochnet Railway Co.'s office, Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway buildings
BALMAIN, Thomas, wholesale confectioner, 53 Main street, Gorbals
BALMANNO, Miss, 5 Montagu place, Bath street
BALNEN'ES, Henry, sewed-muslin manufacturer, 128 Ingram street
BANKIER & Crawford, sewed muslin manufacturers, 94 Miller street
Bankier, John, at Charles Tenncnt §■ Co.'s, St. RoUox
Bankier, W. D., of W. D. BanJcicr ^ Co., house Greenbank, Particle
Bankier, W. D. & Co., commission merchants and metal brokers, 9 Prince's square,
Buchanan street
Bankier, William, at John Denniston §• Co.'s, house Charles street, Calton
Bankier, William, jun., of Bankier ^ Crawford, house Bridgeton cotton-works
Bank of Scotland, 66 Ingram st. Charles Campbell & Andrew Neilson, managers
BANKS, James & Co., metal brokers and commission merchants, 21 Renfrew street,
house 85 Bath street
BANNATYNE, A., & Co., grain merchants, 2 Howard street
Bannatyne, A., of A. Bannatyne ^ Co., house 355, St.Vincent street
Bannatyne, Andrew, of Bannatynes §■ Kirlciuood, house 11 Woodside terrace
Bannatyne, Charles H., teacher, St. John's Parish School, 34 Macfarlane street
Bannatyne, Dugald J., of Bannatynes Sf Kirkwood, house Eastbank, Bishopton
Bannatyne, D. & N., agents for the North British Fire and Life Insurance Co., 46
Renfield street
Bannatyne, Dugald, of Bannatyne ^ Ferguson, house 6 Mansfield place
Bannatyne & Ferguson, commission merchants, 46 Renfield street
Bannatyne, James, of R. Sinclair §■ Co., house at Mrs. Richards^ 67 EgUnton st.

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