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Armour, Robert, of James Donaldson §,• Co., house Clyde bank, by Yoker
Aiinour, Robert, Violetgrove, North Woodside road
Armour, Robert, jouier, 10 Cleland street
Armour & Rose, agents, 53 Glassford street
Armour, WilUam, whie and spirit merchant, 58 Stevenson street, Calton
Armour, William, mason and builder, Dalhousie cottage, Garnethill
xVRMSTRONG, James, comb manufacturer, 35 Trongate
Armstrong, James, victualler, 56 Clyde street, Anderston
ARNEIL, Mrs., teacher, St. James's School of Industry, ii Kent street
ARNOTT, Alex. R., painter and paper hanger, oil and colour dealer, 17 and ID
Maxwell street
Arnott, A. S., of Arnolt ^- Co., house 2i Pollock street, PaLsley road
Arnott & Co , tea, wine, and commission merchants, 65 Jamaica street
Ai'nott, John, at Tftomas ArnoU's, 62 St. Vincent street
Arnott, G. A. Walker, of Arlary, LL.D.,regius professor of Botany, 31 Lyndoch st.
Arnott, Thomas, house and decorative painter and paper hanger, 62 St. Vincent
street, house 201 Buchanan street
ARNOT, Rev. Wm., minister of St. Peter's Free Church, ho. 27 Elmbank place
ARROL, Archibald, of Tower §• Arrol, house 13 Abbotsford place
Arrol, Walter, at Andrew Goiu ^- Co.'s, 33 Jliller street
ARTHUR, Allan, at Hen. Monteith^- Co.'s, ho. Barrowfield works, Rutherglen bridge
Arthur, James, tobacconist, 6 Gallowgate
Arthur, John, of Muirhcad 8,- Arthur, house 16 Cornwall place, Stirling's road
Arthur, John, commission merchant, 7 Exchange place
Arthur, John, wine and spirit merchant, 102 Broomielaw
Arthui', Robert, working jeweller and lapidary, '13 Argyll street
Arthur, Samuel, spirit dealer, 17 Well street, Calton
Arthur, Thomas, 132 St, Vincent street
Arthur, AVilliam, & Co., gingham, pullicate, and shawl manuf., 19 Cochran street
Arthur, William, of William Arthur S,- Co., house Villafield place
Arthur, William, spirit dealer, tea gardens, 128 Main street, Bridgeton
Arthur, Wm. Rao, at Muir, Brown, §• Co.'s, house 16 Cornwall place
Arthur, William, house-steward, Eye Infirmary, li College street
Arthur, Mrs., sewed muslin warehouse, 23 Brunswick place
ASHER, Mrs. P., furrier, 5 King street
Ashworth, John, agent for Liverpool Asphalte Co., 2 Howard street
Asphalte and Waterproof Cloth Co., 33 Virginia street
Assembly Rooms, 11-1 Ingi'am street. William Mitchison, 42_Buchanan st., lessee
Assessed and Property Tax Office, 52 Virginia sti'eet
Asylum Life Assurance Office. Robert Findlay, Virginia buildings, agent
Asylum for the Blind, 102 Castle street, Townhead. Matthew Semple, superin-
tendent; Miss Lamond, matron; William Findlay, teacher
Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb, Barony Glebe. Seen on Wednesday at 2 p.m.,
Duncan Anderson, teacher
Asylum for the Houseless, 69 Nortli Frederick street
Asylum for Lunatics, Gartnavel, office 70 St. George's place
Asylum for Indigent Old Men, 81 Rottenrow. James Fleming, superintendent ;
Mrs. Stewart, housekeeper
ATCHISON, John, officer of excise, Aiken place, Douglas street
ATHOL, William, 16 Bath street
ATKINSON, Thomas, flesher, 2 St. Andrew's square
Atkinson, W. D., merchant, 2 St. Andrew's square
Atlas Fire and Life Assurance Company of London. Carricks & M'Kirdy, Vir-
ginia buildings, agents
Atlas Foundry, Market street, Gallowgate
Atlas Works, East Milton street
ATTWOOD, James, grocer, cook, and confectioner, 17 Renfiekl street
AUOHIE, James, merchant, 145 Wellington street
Auchey, James, bill poster, 37 Rottenrow street
AUCHINCLOSS, J. R., at Dennisloun, Buchanan, ^ Co.'s, 20 St. Vincent place
AUCHINVOLE, John, shawl and zebra dress raanutacturei-, 4 Montrose street, ho.
30 Monteith row
Auchinvole, William, bookbinder and stationer, 7 Main sti-eet, Bridgeton

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