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Brodie, John Wilson, C^A. {Torrie, B., &
M'Lagan), 23 Belgrave crescent
Brodie, Robert, 6 George place
Brodie, Robert, traveller, 276 Morrison street
Brodie, Thomas, 19 Portland place
Brodie, Walter, 31 Upper Gray street
Brodie, Walter M., 19 Dalziel place
Brodie, W. , bootmaker, 113 Dundee st. ; house,
28 Watson crescent
Brodie, W. P. Wilson, C. A., Commercial Union
Assurance Co. Limited, 61 Hanover street ;
house, 4 Rosebery crescent
Brodie, Mrs J. H., 13 Hope Park terrace
Brodie, Mrs Patrick, 47 Melville street
Brodie, Mrs, provision merchant, 17 Prince
Regent street
Brodie, Mrs, waitress, 4 Patriothall
Brodie, Mrs, 3 Summer place
Brodie, Mrs, 30 Sciennes road
Brodie, Mrs, 20 Forbes road
Brodie Mrs, laundry, 6a Rossie place
Brodie, Mrs, 206 Morrison street
Brodie, Misses, milliners, 1 Clarence street ,
Brodie, Miss Marion W., 70 Inverleith row
Brodie, Miss, 5 Dean Park crescent
Brodie, Helen, laundress, 72 Hamilton place
Brodie, Margaret, 17 Bruntsiield gardens
Bromley, Mrs James, 10 South College street
LOUISE, and the Royal Company of Archers,
King's Bodyguard for Scotland, watch and
clock makers, and diamond merchants,
saloons and workshops, 87 George street ; ho.
40 St Alban's road and 21 Chalmers street ;
Telephone, 1676
Brook, Alexander J. S. [B.&Son),11 Chalmers st.
Brook, William {B. & Soyi), 40 St Alban's road
Brooke, Mrs Mary, ladies' wardrobe, 3 W.
Brookes, Herbert T., 63 Dudley avenue
Brookman, Jas., W.S. {Lindsny, Howe, & Co.),
32 Charlotte square ; ho. 16 Ravelston park ;
Telephone, 376
Brooks, James, 19 Dean Park street
Brooks, John, dairyman, Pinkhill dairy, Bal-
green road, Murrayiield
Brooks, William, butcher, 97 Broughton street
Brooks, Mrs Annie, 21a London street
Brooks, Mrs, 12 Valleyfield street
Brooks, Mrs, 9 Hope Park terrace
Broom & Ponton, joiners and house carpenters,
19 Albert street
Broomberg, Philip, tool and hardware shop,
101 Mcolsoii st. ; house, 1 Rankeillor street
Broome. Mrs Bertha, boarding establishment,
31 Albany street
Broomfield, Joseph, 137 St Leonard's street
Brotchie, Eobt. , & Co. , wholesale tea and coffee
merchants, 14 Forth street
Brotchie, Alex., 121 Dalkeith road
Brotchie, A. F., 54 Inverleith row
Brotchie, Ebenezer, 27 Regent place
Brotchie, John 0. , coal merchant, 5 Allan st.
Brothers, R. J., 21 St Ronan's terrace
Brotherston, A. & J., gi'ocers' ironmongers,
weighing-machine makers, tinsmiths, and
, dairy utensil manufacturers, 21, 27, and 44
Candlemaker row
Brotherston, G., & Son, house agents, 18 St
John street
Brotherston, Alexander, 1 Orwell terrace
Brotherston, Geo. {6. B. tfc Soi'i), 104 Comistoa
Brotherston, George M., 16 Comiston drive
Brotherston, Robert, 214 Easter road, Leith
Brotherston, Wm., W.S., 6 Queen street; ho.
24 Hartington place
Brotherston, W., commission agent, 24 Harting-
ton place
Brotherston, Mrs A. G., 21 Findhorn place
Brotherston, Miss E., 51 Marchmont road
Brotherston's dairy, 2 Dock street
Brotherston e, Mrs Walter, laundress, Morning-
side laundry, 257 Morningside road
Brough, Thomas, 52 Ashley terrace
Broughton Park Dairy, 2 Melgund terrace
Broun, Hugh, W.S., 25 Royal circus
Broun, James Crawford Caldwell, advocate,
25 Royal circus
Broun, Mrs, 32 Comely bank
Broun, Miss, typewriting oflBce, 108 George st.
Brow, Adam L., 44 Comely Bank street
Brown & Co., fruit me-rchants and florists, 42
Queen sferry street
Brown & Glegg Ltd., iron merchants, 33 Candle-
maker row : girder yards, Orwell terrace and
Albert Dock, Leith ; Telegraph, ' Glegg,
Edinburgh'; Telephone, 722; agents for
Messrs. Dorman, Long, & Co. Ltd., Middles-
borough ■
Brovi'n, Smith & Co., wholesale warehousemen, 8
North Bridge street
Brown & Walker, ordained surveyors, 122
George street
BROWN & CO., DURIE, cash stationers.
Swan fountain pen and picture post card
specialists, 5 Drumsheugh place (Telephone,
681), and 106 Princes street (Telephone,
762), and 135b Princes street (Telephone,
Brown Brothers, hatters and hosiers, 16 Duke
street, Leith
Brown Brothers, house furnishers, 40a Lauris-
ton place
Brown Brothers, jewellers, 14 South Clerk st.
Brown Brothers, art furniture manufacturers
and timber merchants, 47 Caledonian cres. ;
house, 15 Cluny avenue
Brown Brothers, drapers and hosiers, 10 Pol-
warth gardens and 310 Morningside road
Brown Brothers &Co. Ltd.,hydrauLic engineers,
Rosebank ironworks, Broughton road ; Tele-
graph, ' Hydraulic ' ; Telephone, 1 6
Brown Brothers & Co. Ltd., Rosebank iron-
works, Broughton road ; registered ofEce, 37
tailors, military and court outfitters, 4a
George street
BROWN, C. & J., builders, cabinetmakers,
and appraisers, Bernard teiTace and 31 South
Clerk street. if^See Adv. index
Brown, David Wood, &Co., tailors and clothiers,
82 Lady Lawson street
Brown, Geo., & Sons, engineers, boilerraakers,
shipsmiths, and cycle builders, Broad wynd,
Shore, Leith :

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