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Rhodes, J. 46 Washington street
Rossell, H. & Co. Wa'lace work?,
Spencer, John, & Sons, Newburn
Steel Works, Newcastle- on-
Tyne; W. A. Dohie, agent, 11
Bothwell st
Taylor, Jas. jun. 61, G5 Mitchell st
Thomson, James, 47 Dale street,
Todd, John, & Co. Crown File
Works, 147 Kennedy st. St. Rol.
Walker, T. W. & J. of Wolver-
hampton, 12 Renfield street
CaulSeld & Co. agent for all the
best makers, 4 to 12 Brootnielaw
Crown Filter Co. 66 Bishop st.
Port-Dun das
Crystal Palace, 21 Jamaica st
Grant, John, 24, 26 Union st
Grosvenor, Frdk. Eagle Pottery,
60 Boden tt, London road
Henderson, Osbert, 107 Union st
Llewellins Machine Co. Bristol
M'Glashan, John, & Co. for aerated
water, wine, spirits, and beer,
Albany Works, Catherine lane,
lOO Stirling rd
Mitchell, J. Dunlop, & Co., 130 to
136 Ingram street
Murray & Co. Rutherglen
Pulsometer Engineering Co. (Ltd.)
74 Broomielaw
Sterne, L. & Co. (Lim.), The
Crown Ironworks, 156 N. Wood-
side road
Taylor, Jas. jun. 61, 65 Mitchell st
Wotherspoon, James, & Sons (as-
bestos cloth for filters), 149
Hope street
Baird, J. F., 10 Canal st., Port-
Binnie, James, Gartcosh works, 69
Bath st ; depot. Glebe st.St. Rol.
Blochairn Sand & Fire-clay Co.
Bourtreehill Fire-clay Co., manu-
facturers of every description of
fire-clay goods for home and ex-
port trade; specialties, white and
yellow enamelled scullery sinks,
wash-tubs, baths, and milk
coolers, enamelled bricks, white
and coloured, enamelled tiles for
conservatories, &c.; works, Dreg-
horn, Ayrshire; Glasgow office,
57 Robertson street
Brown, Robert, & Son, 360 Eglin-
ton st
Caledonian Fire - clay Works ;
Speirs, Gibb, & Co. agents, 10
Canal street, Port-Eglinton
Cannan, John, 133 St. Vincent
Church Bay (The) Fire-clay,
Brick, and Terra - cotta Co.
(Ld.), 196 St. Vincent street
Craig, J. & M. makers of enamelled
bricks, enamelled sinks and
washtub.?, Bachan's sanitary
appliances, sewerage pipes, and
every description of fire-clay
goods, 98 Commerce st.
Currie & Co. merchants (Telephone
Exchange No. 544), 27 Wel-
lington St.; stores and stables,
66 to 84 St. James' st. and 52
to 58 Clarence st. Kingston, s.s
— See Advt. in App.
Dunnachie, J. managing director,
Glenboig Union Fire-clay Co.
Ltd. 4 W. Regent st
Farnley Iron Co., manufacturers of
Porcelain baths, glazed and or-
namental bricks, white, and in a
variety of tints, and other glazed
bricks; also gas retorts, &c.;
works, Farnley, near Leeds; agt.,
John Scott, 40 St. Enoch square
Forbes & Co., merchants and agts.
for Burge & Barrow's "Falcon
Brand " London Portland Ce-
ment, 17 to 23 Port-Dundas
Garnkirk Fire-clay Co. 243 Bu-
chanan st. ; depot, St. Rollox
Gartcosh Works, 69 Bath st; depot.
Glebe street
Gartcraig Fire-clay Co. 275 Par-
liamentary road ; depot. Monk-
land Canal basin
Gartverrie Fire-clay Co. 62
Robertson street
Gilmour, John, & Co. white and
coloured enamelled bricks, sinks,
and wash-tubs, glazed sewage
pipes, chimney cans, facing,
vitrified, and fire-bricks, 10
Cook St. s.s.
Glenboig Union Fire-clay Co. (Ld.)
fire brick, gas retort, and sewage
pipe manfrs.; wks. Glenboig, near
Coatbridge, and Cumbernauld ;
offices, 4 W. Regent St.; depot,
head of Glebe st. St. Rollox. —
See AJo
Hambleton, Joseph, Piercy Brick-
work'', West Bromwich ; sole
agents in West of Scotland, Jas.
M'Naughton, Sons, & Co. 11
West Regent street
Hart, Benjamin, 34 Paterson ft. s.s,
Hillhead Fire-clay Works, Kilmar-
nock ; depot, 98 Commerce st
Home, Robert, 150 Hope street
HurlfordWorks,71, 73 Dalest. s.s.;
John Robson, agent
M'Ara, Alex. 65 Morrison st. s.s. ;
Telegrams, "Macara," Glasgow;
Telephone Exchange No. 1500.
— See Advt. in Appen.
M'Naughton, Jas. Son, & Co. ;
office, 11 W. Regent street
Morrison, Wm. B. agent for The
Doura Fire-clay Co. Irvine, 400
Eglinton street
Morton, John (of John Gilmour &
Co.), 10 Cook St. F.S.; ho. New
So. Hamilton St., Kilmarnock
Murdoch, Alex., 11 W. Regent st
Murray & Stewart, 98 Commerce st
Perceton Fire-clay Works, Kil-
marnock; depot, 98 Commerce
St. Tradeston
Robson, John, brick, Hurlford ; 71,
73 Dale street, Tradeston
Scott & Rae, agents for William
Hudspith & Co. Wishaw; depot,
380 Eglinton st; office, 67
Bothwell street
Speirs, Gibb, & Co., agent, J. F.
Baird, 10 Canal st. Port Eglinton
Stewart, P. M'B. & Co. 57 Robert-
son street
Wilson, Wm. & Son, Bariinnie,
Cumbernauld road ; office, 45
Hope street
Wood, WiUiam C. & Sons, Lamb-
hiU street, Paisley road
Young, John, & Sons, 42 Bath st
Bennie & Son, agents for Gibb's
" Challenge " fire-engine, 50 W.
Howard st.
Dick, W. B. patentee of Dick's
portable fire engine L'Extincteur;
works, Crown point road ; office,
India court, 22 Hope st
France & Morgan, ships, Carmichael
street, Govan
Hildesheim, John, 141 W. George
Llewellins Machine Co. Bristol
Lincolne & Co. the new patent
"Lincolne" fire exlincteur, 65,
67 North Wallace st
MacLelIan,P. & W., 129Trongate;
Clutha Ironworks, Vermont st.
Mechan & Sons, 60 Elliot st
Miller, Wm. patent concussion and
handy fire engines, 212 St. Vin-
cent street
Morris, John, Salford, patent in-
stantaneous couplings; agenf,
A. Malcolm, 40 St Enoch sq.
Pulsometer Engineering Co. Ltd.
74 Broomielaw
Shand, Mason, & Co. London ;
James Macdonald, agent, 44
St. Vincent place
Spence. David (patent screw), sale
shop, 83 Stockwell st.; works,
41 Robertson lane
Stone, J. & Co. Deptford, London,
sole agent, C. R. Stewart, 67
Robertson street
Tangyes (Lmd.), corner of Argylo
and Hope streets.
The " Haden " Star Hand Grenades,
depot for Glasgow and districr,
Wm. Eglin & Co. 124 Queen st

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