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Victoria Free Churcli, St. Andrew's Cross.
Victoria Hotel, 15 West George street.
Victoria Leather Works (W. Dalrymple & Co.), 14
. and 16 Henrietta street.
Victoria ]\Iutual Assurance Society (Lmtd.), district
manager, J. Gardiner M'Lean, 178 St. Vincent st.
Victoria Patent Saw j\Iills Co., veneer and board
cutting; saw mills, 103 St. James' road.
Victoria Saw Mills, James street, Port Dundas;
Archibald Brownlie & Son.
Victoria Works, 35 and 87 Buchan street.
VIEFHAUS & Co., manufactm-ers, 20 Dixon street.
ViEiLLE Jlontague Zinc Mining Company ; Thomas
B. Campbell & Sons, agents, 29 Wellington street.
Vieille Montague Zinc Mining Co. ; A. G. Kidston &
Co., 81 Great Clyde street, agents.
VILCHES, Fedco., & Co., fruit shippers, Malaga;
agents, Inglis & Wulff, 38 Ann st.
" Village" Line of Sailing Ships, Thos. C. Guthrie,
29 Waterioo street.
VINCENT, Brother, teacher, St. Mungo's Academy,
Townhead ; house, 18 North St. Mungo street.
VINE, Joseph, auctioneer, 7 West Nile street; ho.
5 Princes street, Pollokshields.
Vine, Robert, church officer. New City road Congre-
gational church ; house, 9 Braid street.
VINEY, George W., commercial traveller, 25 Victoria
road, Govanhil].
VIRTUE, J. S., & Co. (Limited), puUishers; J.
Matheson, agent, 58 Bath street.
Virtue, John (of Virtue, Son, & Co., 76 Howard st.),
ho. 3 Keir st., Pollokshields, E.
Virtue, Son, & Co., hat and cap manufacturers, 76
Howard street, corner of Maxwell st.
Virtue, Son, & Co., Scotch bonnet manufacturers, 76
West Howard street.
Virtue, Mrs., 13 Shaftesbury ten-ace.
VIVIAN, H. H., & Co. (Lmtd.), brass and copper tube
makers and wire drawers, Birmingham ; agent, C.
Dunderdale, 119 St. Vincent street.
Vivian & Sons, smelters and manufacturers of copper
and yellow metal sheathing, bolts, &c.; John Black
6 Co.. agents, 204 Elliot street.
VOELCKEL, Wm. (at R. Feldtmann & Co.'s), 116
St. Vincent st.; ho. 161 Sandringham terrace,
VOGT, A. watchmaker and jeweller, 200 North
street, Anderston, and 225 Great Western road ;
house, 196 North street.
Vogt, G., wholesale druggist, manufacturing chemist,
and essential oil merchant, 17 Oswald st., and 12
Laurence Pountney lane, London.
Vogt, Wm., watchmaker and jeweller, 12 Glassford
St.; ho. 79 South Portland street.
VOLLMER, Hemy, wholesale trimmings merchant,
62 Argyle street.
VOLTI, Carl, teacher of \dolin, pianoforte, and har-
monium, 77 South Portland street.
VON SANTON, Miss, professor of music, 4 Holyrood
Vulcan Cement Stores; agents, Forbes & Co.,
Portland and Roman cement, crushed granite for
gi-anolithic pavement, and sole agents for Burge
& Barron's " Falcon Brand " of London Portland
cement, 17 to 23 Port-Dundas road.
WADDEL, Ales., registrar, Calton district, 44 Can-
ning street, Calton; house, 37 Monteith row,
Waddel, Alexander (of A. & J. Waddel), house, 37
Monteith row.
Waddell, Alex., cashier (at Wilson, Matheson, & Co.'s),
2 Whitehill gardens, Dennistoun.
Waddel. Ales., secretary, Glasgow Eastern Necropolis
Co., 44 Canning street.
Waddell, Ales, (of Burns & Laughland, 19 Montrose
street), house, 1 Silverwells crescent, Bothwell.
Waddell, Alex., grain and seed merchant, 32 and 34
Moir st. ; house, 203 Onslow drive.
Waddell, Ales, (at C. Tennant & Co.'s, Ltd., 217 W.
George street), hn. Invereck, Kilmalcolm.
Waddell, Alex. W., heating and ventilating engineer,
smith, bellhanger, and gasfitter, 86 John street; ho.
140 George street.
Waddel, A. & J., agents. Royal Bank of Scotland,
Calton branch, 44 Canning street.
Waddel, A. & J., agents, Royal Bank of Scotland
(Bridgeton Cross branch), 17 London road.
Waddel, A. & J., insurance agents. Royal Bank of
Scotland, 264 Duke street.
Waddel, A. & J., agents. Royal Bank of Scotland,
264 Duke street.
Waddel, A. & J., agents. Royal Bank of Scotland,
419 Gallowgate.
Waddel, A. & J., insurance agents, 419 Gallowgate.
Waddell, A. M., & R., property agents, 55 Glassford st.
Waddell, Allan, writer (at M'Grigor, Donald, &
Co.'s), ho. 4 Sardinia terrace.
Waddell, Douglas, & Co., manufacturing and whole-
sale ironmongers, 18 and 15 Brown street.
Waddell, D., & Co., boilermakers, 56 Westmuir st.,
Parkhead ; ho. 117 do.
Waddell, Geo., smith and lock manufacturer, 113
Port-Dundas road ; ho. 47 Grove street.
Waddell, Geo., church officer, Bath Street U.P.
Church ; ho. 87 Holland street.
Waddell, George (at Buchanan, Watson, & Co.'s),
house, 9 Annfield ter., west, Partickhill.
Waddell, G. B., merchant (of Waddell, Douglas, &
Co., 13 and 15 Brown street), house, Thornbank,
Waddell, Jas., civil engineer (at Morrison & Mason's
21 Clyde place), ho. 9 Carmichael street, Govan.
Waddel, James (of A. & J. Waddel), agent. Royal
Bank of Scotland, 419 Gallowgate ; house, Inver-
eck, Kilmalcolm.
Waddell, Jas., ti-aveller (at A. & R. Cochrane's, St.
RoDox Flint Glass Works, 51 Tennant st.), house,
Waddell, James Alexander. 12 Kew terrace.
Waddell, Jas. S., grocer and provision merchant, 81
Raeberry street ; ho. 6 Franklin terrace.
Waddell, J., watch manufacturer, jeweller, and im-
porter of French clocks, 30 Gordon street.
Waddell, John H., artist, portrait painter, 112 Bath st.;
ho. Point park, Uddingston.
Waddell, John, coalmaster; works, Mauldslie Colliery,
Cariuke (of Waddell & Son), office, 20 Union st;
house, 10 Moray place, Strathbungo.
Waddell, John M., commission merchant, 2 Oswald st,
Waddell, John, joiMr and cabinetmaker, 3 Allison st.,
Govanhill; house, 166 do.
Waddell, JIatthew, Cal. Railway, 302 Buchanan st. ;
ho. Strathearn, Stepps, Millerston.
Waddell, Mathew(M'Pherson, Waddell, & Co., Mount-
blue Works, Camlachie),ho. 591 Gt. Eastern road.
Waddell, IMatthew, restaurateur, 60 Union _ street ;
ho. Fembank, Queen IMary avenue, Crossbill.

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