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Eutherfurd, Henry, M.A., M.B., CM., 9 Princes ter.,
Rutherford, H., & Co., grocers, 48 Main st., Bridgeton ;
house, 5 Silvergrove street.
Eutherfurd, J. & J., writers and notaries public, 189
St. Vincent street.
Eutherford, James, photographer, 127 Sauchiehall
Eutherfurd, James, L.A. and N.P. (of J. & J.
Eutherfurd, writers), house, Merchiston villa, 35
St. Andrew's drive, Follokshields.
Rutherford, James, flesher, 134 Caledonia rd.; house,
34 Hutcheson square.
Eutherford, John, hatter, 258 Lincoln place, Partick;
house, 242 do.
Eutherfurd, John (of Eutherfurd Bros.), house, 9
Prince's terrace, Dowanhill.
Eutherford, Rev. Peter, of Kelvingrove U.P. Church;
house, 11 Eoyal crescent, west.
Eutherfurd, Robert P. (of Eutherfm-d & Fleming),
9 Cochrane street.
Rutherfurd, Walter (of Eutherfurd Brothers), 150
Ingram street.
Rutherfurd, Wm. H. (at Rutherfurd Bros.), ho. 9
Princes terrace, Dowanhill.
Eutherfm-d, Mrs., Swiss villa, 35 St. Andrew's
drive, Follokshields.
Rutherford, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 11 Black st.
Rutherfurd, Miss C. D., 1 Dunkeld nl., Dowanhill.
RUTHERGLEN, Charles K., secretary, National
Assm-ance Company of Ireland, 55 West Nile
street ; ho. Knigbtswood, Bothwell.
RuTHEKGLEN Road Post Office, 324 Eutherglen road;
S. P. Clark, receiver.
Eutherglen town crier, Archd. Yuill, 196 Main street,
EUTHVEN & Grange, wholesale jewellers, 74 Bu-
chanan street.
Euthven, James (of Euthven & Grange), ho. Shamrock
hank, 12 Maxwell drive, Polloksbields.
Euthven, James, painter and paperhanger, 142
Stirling rd.; ho. 3 Sauchiehall street.
Euthven, Wm. D., 302 Buchanan st. ; house, 38
Kelvin drive.
Euthven, Mrs. S. P., 385 St. George's road.
Rutland Crescent Public School, Rutland crescent
and Govan road.
RUXTON, Ales., tailor and clothier, 102 Montrose st.
RYAN, Charles, home timber merchant, Maxwell rd.,
Follokshields ; ho. 12 FoUok street.
Ryan, Daniel J., rag and metal merchant, 16 Low
Green street.
EYDEE, Harold, organist, teacher of organ, har-
monium, &c., 76 Grant street.
Eyder, John, fishmonger, poulterer, and game
dealer, 160 New City road ; house, 189 do.
EYLANDS Brothers (Limited), Wan-ington, manu-
facturers of wire rope for collieries and ships'
rigging, steel hawsers and keels; agents, Charles
Henderson & Co., 9 York buildings, York street.
Eyiands, Dan., aerated water engineer, glass bottle
and case maker; M'Ewan's patent economical soda
water plants, anti-atmospheric generators, pump
valves, " Eapid Paragon " filling machines, and all
appliances for the trade ; Ryland's patent crystal
valve self-opener bottle, reliance globe stoppered
hottle, bulb globe stoppered bottle ; sole maker for
Scotland for Codd's patent bottle, and all other de-
scriptions of bottles ; Ryland's patent wire-bound
mineral water boxes and cases; H. catalogues, esti-
mates, and consultations free ; Hope Glass Works,
Barnsley, Yorkshire; also at Manchester andLondon;
Scotch offices and machinery showrooms, 66
Oswald St., Glasgow, J. F. Gowans, manager.
Eyiands, Dan., all descriptions of bottling and corking
machines, &c., &c., Barnsley, Manchester, London,
and 56 Oswald street.
EYLEY, J. A., manager for Singer & Co., cycle
manufacturers, 39 Gordon st.; ho. 4 Ethel ter.
EYRIE, Eev. Andrew, minister, Hutchesontown Free
Church ; ho. 10 Eoyal crescent. Crossbill.
ST. JOHN, Richard, wine and spirit merchant, 169
Ingram street ; ho. 90 South Portland st.
St. John. Mrs. R., dress and mantle maker, 90
South Portland street.
St. Aloysius' College, 45 HiU street, Garnethill ;
Eev. Chas. M. Gordon.
St. Aloysius' Eoman Catholic Church, Hill street,
St. Alphonsus' Eoman Catholic Church, 25 Great
Hamilton street ; Eev. Michael Maginn and Eev.
John Montgomery, clergymen.
St. Alphonsus' Eoman Catholic School, 143 Green -
dyke street.
St. Andrew's Ambulance Association, 93 West Regent
street ; Andrew Henderson, writer, secretary.
St. Andrew's Club (The Glasgow), Ld. ; registered
office, 81 St. George's pi. ; club house, 460
Sauchiehall street.
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Low Green street;
Eev. J. S. F. Gordon, D.D., clergyman.
St. Andrew's Established Church, St. Andrew's sq.;
Eev. F. L. Eobertson, D.D., minister.
St. Andrew's Free Church, 80 North Hanover st. ;
Rev. John Isdale, minister.
St. Andrew's Halls, Berkeley st., James Airlie,
manager; letting office, 134 Wellington street; ho.
329 Sauchiehall st.
St. Andrew's Masonic Lodge (No. 465), Masonic Hall,
121 Alexandra parade.
St. Andrew Order of Ancient Free Gardeners
Friendly Society (registered) ; Peter Queen Tosney,
grand secretary ; registered office, 82 London st.
St. Andrew's Roman Catholic Church, Great Clyde
street ; Rev. Alex. Munro, Rev. Bernard J. Daw-
son, and Rev. Wm. CarmichaeL
St. Andrew's Royal Arch Chapter, No. 69,
30 Hope street; meet second Tuesday monthly;
John MacNaught Campbell, S.E., Kelvingrove
St. Bernard's EstabUshed Church, Nabum street;
Rev. J. C. Stewart, minister.
St. Catherine's Leather Works, 22 Moir street.
St. Clement's EstabUshed Church, 63 Brook street.
St. Columba Established Church, 48 Hope street;
Rev. Lachlan M'Lachlan, minister.
St. Columba Eoman Catholic School, Cameron st.
St. David's Established Church, Ingram street ; Rev.
Robert Dickson, minister.
St. David's Free Church, Cromwell street; Eev.
John Burnett, B.D., minister.
St. David's Parish School, 116 John street.
St. Denis Dye-stuff and Chemical Co. (Limd.), Paris,
alizarine and aniline dye manufacturers, &c.;
Wm. Bunten & Co., 26a Eenfield street, agents.
St. Enoch's Clothing Co., clothiers, 48 St. Enoch sq.

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