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Licenses, Attorneys'. See Certificate. Annual
license to bankers issuing notes, £30 (55 Geo. III.
c. 184); superintendents of private lunatic asylums
(20 and 21 Vict. c. 71, § 28), for periods not
exceeding thirteen months - - - 10s.
License under the seal of any archbishop, bishop,
chancellor, or other ordinary, or by any ecclesias-
tical court in England or Ireland, or by any pres-
bytery or other ecclesiastical power in Scotland :
(1, 2, 3, and 4.) Applicable to England and Ire-
(5.) For any other purpose (except a license to
hold a perpetual curacy), £2.
Exemptions — (1 and 2.) Applicable to England
and Ireland. (3.) License for the purpose of
authorizing or enabling any person to preach or
exercise any other spiritual function, not being a
license to hold the office of lecturer, reader, or
chaplain, and there being no salary or emolument
for or attached to the exercise of the function for
which such license is granted.
License to use surname or arms. See Grant.
[Mandate. See Letter of Attorney.]
Marriage Contract. See Settlement.
Mortgage of any stock or marketable security : for
every £5000, and also for any fractional part of
£5000, of the amount secured (34 Vict. c. 4, § 5)
[Debenture stock created by statute, but not in the
market, would not be regarded a "mortgage of
[Instrument in which there is an obligation to pay
would be liable as a lond, and would not be re-
garded as coming under " mortgage of stock."]
Mortgage, Bond, Deb?;ntcre, Covenant, War-
rant of Attorney to confess and enter up
judgment, and Foreign Security of any kind.
(1.) Being the only or principal or primary security
for —
The payment or repayment of money not exceed-
ing s. d.
£25 8
Exceeding £25 and not exceeding 50 13
50 " 100 2 6
" 100 " 150 3 9
" 150 " 200 5
" 200 " 250 6 3
" 250 " 300 7 6
" 300, for every £100, and
also for any fractional part of £100,
of such amount - - - - 2 6
(2.) Being a collateral, auxiliary, or additional, or
substituted security, or by way of further assistance
for the above-mentioned purpose, v,-here the prin-
cipal or primary security is duly stamped — for
every £100, and also for any fractional part of
£100, of the amount secured, - - _ 6d.
(3.) Transfer, Assignment, Disposition, or
Assignation of any mortgage, bond, debenture,
covenant, or foreign security, or of any money or
stock secured by any such instrument, or by any
warrant of attorney to enter up judgment, or by
any judgment-^for every £100, and also for any
fractional part of £100, of the amount transferred,
assigned, or disponed, - _ _ _ Gd.
[See under Conveyance as to deed or transfer
divesting trustees. 1
[Transfer, &o., for effectuating the appointment of
a new trustee. Apparently section 78 would limit
the duty to 10s.]
And also where any further money is added to
the money already secured, the same duty as a
principal security for such further money.
(4.) Recon\'eyance, Release, Discharge, Sur-
render, Eesurrender, Warrant to Vacate,
or Renunciation of any such security as afore-
said, or of the benefit thereof, or of the money
thereby secured — for every £100, and also for
any fractional part of £100, of the total amount
or value of the money at any time secured, 6d.
Mutual Disposition or Conveyance in Scotland.
See Exchange.
Notarial Act of any kind whatsoever (except a
protest of a bill of exchange or promissory note,
or any notarial instrument to be expeded and re-
corded in any register of sasines). Is. And see
Protest and Seisin.
Order for payment of money. See Bill of Ex-
change, and § 48. (This section defines " Bill
of Exchange.")
Partition or Division. See Exchange,
Passport, ___._- 6d.
Patent, Letters. — Letters for Inventions —
On petition for grant of letters-patent, £5
On certificate of record of notice to pro-
ceed, ------500
On warrant of law-officers for letters-
patent, - - - - - 500
On the sealing of letters-patent, - 6
On specification, - - - - 5
On the letters-patent, or a duplicate thereof,
before the expiration of the third year, 50
On the letters-patent, or a duplicate thereof,
before the expiration of the seventh
year, ------ 100
On certificate of record of notice of objec-
tions, - - - - - 200
On certificate of every search and inspec-
tion, - 010
On certificate of entry of assignment or
license, - - - - - 050
On certificate of assignment or license, 5
On application for disclaimer, - - 5
On caveat against disclaimer, - - 2
On oflice copies of documents, for every
ninety words (16 Vict. c. 5), - - 2
Patent Medicine:
Price not exceeding Is., - - 1|-
" 2s. Gd., - - 3
" 4s., - - 6
" 10s., - - 10
" 20s., - - 2
Plate,— Gold, per oz., - - - 17
Silver, " - - - 16
Exemptions. — Watch-cases, rings, &c.
Playing Cards. — For and in respect of every pack
made fit for sale or use in the United Kingdom
(25 Vict. c. 22), ----- 3d.
Insurance, Life and Personal Injury, and against
Loss of or damage to Property.
Policy of Insurance.
(1.) Upon any life or lives, or upon any event or
r Hingency relating to or depending upon any lifa

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