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Central Eeading Eoom and Library, 280 George
Central Class Eooms, 59 Hutcheson Street.
Sectional Eooms. — 67 Cumberland St., 11 Great
Wellington St., South Side; Govan Eoad, Govan.
John Burns Esq., of Castle Wemj'ss, hon. president;
Eevs. J. Marshall Lang, D.D., Principal Douglas, D.D.,
John Brand, Albert Goodrich, Jas. Morrison, D.D.,
E. F. D. Hutton, D.D., Harvey Philips, B.A., Wm.
Meams, Jas. A. Campbell, Esq., LL.D., E. T. Middle-
ton, Esq., J, D. Marvrick, Esq., Es-Bailie Hamilton,
James Cleland Burns, Esq., Provost Wilson, Govan,
and Wm. Hunter, Esq., hon. vice-presidents ; Henry
Clow, Esq., president; John Morrison, Esq., vice-
president; David Dreghorn, 8 Ibrox Place, Ibrox-
holm, secretaiy; J. H. N. Graham, Esq., 70 Miller
Street, treasurer; Messrs. John Braidwood, Eobert
Brown, Ales. Brownlie, James Bruce, John Burns,
James Campbell, Alexander Glen, Gavin Cullen,
John Connal, W. H. Guss, James Hamilton, John
Howat, David Lambie, A. M. Lindsay, Wm. Logie,
George Macfarlane, Daniel Macnab, James Mair,
W. More, Donald Munro, Eobert Murdoch, Wrn. M.
Oatts, J. E. Paton, James Eichmond, Ales. Eiddell,
Eobert Eussell, James Scott, John Waddell, D. M.
West, Andrew Westwood, and J. C. White, directors ;
secretary to General Council, John Waddell, Esq.,
Parkgrove place, Sandyford.
This Association has for its object (1) The establish-
ment, maintenance, and union, throughout the city,
vicinity, and West of Scotland, of associations of
young men for mutual and religious improvement by
engaging in the study of God's word and other
religious exercises ; (2) The institution of week-day
evening classes and other auxiliary agencies for the
intellectual and moral improvement of young men;
and (3) The maintenance of evangelistic missions.
The reading rooms of the Association are well sup-
plied with the leading newspapers and magazines,
there are also good reference and circulating libraries
for the use of members.
Membership, 31st December, 1877—5707.
President, Andrew Galbraith, Esq.; vice-presidents,
J. G. Fleming, Esq., M.D.; Eobert Monteith, Esq., of
Carstairs; William G. Mitchell, Esq., of Garwood;
secretary, Hugh Brown, Esq., 9 Clairmont Gardens ;
treasurer, Wm. M'Ewen, Esq., 17 St. Vincent Lane ;
siiperintendent of asylum, James Fleming; matron,
Mrs. Eome ; medical officer, Dr. E. D. TannahiU,
Temperance Hall, 63 Candleeiggs.
Instituted May, 1877.
Office-bearers. — President, Henry Wyatt; vice-
presidents, Eev. J. U. Mitchell, George Thomson,
Peter Thoms ; treasurer, James Souter ; secretai-y,
Gavin Hope, Hospital Street. For executive see this
year's report. The following Meetings are held dming
the year : — Public Temperance Meeting in Jail Square,
every Sabbath afternoon at 5 o'clock (weather per-
mitting); temperance sermon in the hall, 63 Candle-
riggs, at 6.30. ; temperance lecture every Monday
evening in the above hall, at 8 o'clock ; temperance
school every Monday evening at 7 o'clock ; soiree
and concert every Saturday night during winter.
â– weaving branch — well street, calton.
Trustees, Col. W. M. Neilson, of Queenshill ; Col.
Holms, M.P. ; James Templeton, Esq., 7 Woodside
Crescent; David Sandeman, Esq., John Street; S.
Mason, Esq., Queen Street; secretary, Eobt. Frame.
98 Bath Street; instructor, James M'Anlay, AVell
Street, and assistants.
The session commences on Monday, the 2nd Sep-
tember, 1878. The coui'se of study will comprise
practical instruction in plain and figured weaving,
from the simple to the complex process. Instruction
will be given in making working plans and drafts
for the use of mounters, weavers, enterers, harness
tyers, and designers. Various methods of experiment-
ing with hand looms will be taught, and facilities will
be provided to enable students to acquire a thorough
knowledge of power looms. Hand looms and power
looms will be set apart for the purpose of being taken
down and put up again by the students into working
order. Pattern sketching, and drawing designs upon
lined paper, preparatory to their production in the
loom, will form an important part of the instruction.
The analysis of woven fabrics will be taught, the
method of ascertaining the exact cost of goods, the
size of yarns, and generally all matters bearing upon
the art of weaving.
Lectures and instraction — Monday, Wednesday.,
and Friday, from 1 to 3 p.m., for day students ; and
7 to 9 p.m., for evening students.

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