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Free Assurance. — Persons not less than 25 years of age, who, when
proposing for Assurance, satisfy the Directors that they have no intention or
prospect of proceeding abroad, from their occupation and other circumstances,
are charged the ordinary Home Premium, and may afterwards proceed to and
reside in any part of the world without extra premium.
Policies cf Five Years' Duration, effected for the whole term of Life
at a uniform rate of premium, may, with certain exceptions, be renewed within
thirteen months of date of lapsing, on payment of a fine ; and in the event
of death, the claims will be paid subject to deduction of Premiums unpaid and
Policies of less than Five Years' Duration may be renewed within
thirteen months, on very favourable terms.
Policies are Unchallengeable after Five Years' Duration, on any
ground connected with the original documents, if age has been proved.
l $~. Surrender Values of .fixed amount after payment of one Annual Pre-
mium on "With Profit" Policies, or three Annual Premiums on those
" Without Profits."
Paid-up or Won-forfeitable Policies of not less than ,£50 granted in
exchange for the Surrender Value, whether the Policy has been effected by
payments for life or by a limited number of payments.
Loans granted on Policies within their Surrender Value.
The Hates of Premium for home and foreign residence are moderate
and consistent with the risk.
Sir James Campbell of Stracatliro, Chairman.
Robert Balloch, Esq., Merchant, Union Street.
James King, Esq., Yr. of Campsie.
James Richard Macarthur, Esq., Merchant, 41 West George Street.
John Harvey, Esq., Distiller, Dundas Hill Distillery.
Archibald Robertson, Esq , Royal Bank of Scotland, Glasgow.
John Maclaren, Esq., 5 South Hanover Street.
Agents and Secretaries to the Board.
Messrs. A. & C. T. Sloan, 155 West George Street.

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