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DESIRES to intimate that he has now erected those new and extensive premises upon the old site of
ground, Macpherson Street, with a frontage to that street, recently formed, called Graeme Street,;
and has fitted up additional new Mills and Machines of different kinds, with every improvement, in order to
facilitate the operations of his trade in its various branches. Some of those Machines may be specially
mentioned — the Sugar Tabulating Machines, for converting Sugar loaves into Small Tablets. This is a
new feature in the trade, which has become one of the requirements of the age, and has been met with!
marked success. Other Machines are in course of being completed, and nothing shall be wanting to meet
the demands of Grocers, Confectioners, Biscuit Manufacturers, Druggists, Dyers, Drysalters, &c, &c.
Glasgow, Graeme Street, May, 1875.
The Coffee Plant, " Coffea Arabica " of Linnaeus, is an evergreen, and, as may be inferred from its scientific
name, is a native of Arabia. It produces a pulpy berry about the size of a small cherry, inclosing two seeds,
which, separated from their pulpy envelope,form the well known Coffee beans of commerce. It may be remarked
as a singular fact, in reference to Coffee, that while all of the vegetable kingdom that have been taken under
the care of man have been improved, it alone asserts its independence ; for although cultivation may greatly
enlarge the crop, it as certainly at the same time deteriorates the flavour, and the produce of the wild plant
still maintains the highest figure in the market. It is well known that Coffee would be of no real value
were it not properly roasted — a process which, as it requires much skill, is only to be acquired by experience.
How man became acquainted with the fact that the tasteless seeds of a berry, when roasted, ground, and
infused, would form a grateful beverage, will most probably remain a secret to the end of time. That the
development of its useful properties depends wholly upon the roasting, is evident. About two hundred
years ago Coffee was first introduced into England, since which its consumption has steadily increased, and
deservedly so, when its medical properties are considered, it having been found useful in headaches arising
from a particular state of the stomach, and much benefit having been derived from its exhibition in cases
of asthma.
A French scientific gentleman, who has directed his attention to this subject, says : — " I have found that
Coffee is better roasted, and more of the aroma retained, when a double cylinder is used — the air between
the interior and exterior cylinders acting as a non-conductor of heat. It is done more uniformly, while
the essential oil on which the aroma depends is less liable to be dispersed than when exposed to the fierce
heat of a fire in a single cylinder."
In the double rotatory globular method of roasting as practised at Mr. Minto's Works, Graeme Street,
Glasgow, the above principle is acted upoD, inasmuch as the globe (which has superseded the cylinder since
the application of steam-power to this branch) revolves in a medium of heated air, which, experience ha?
shown, best prevents the dispersion of the essential oil, or aroma.
(Sign of the Golden Glove,*)
IN returning thanks to his numerous Customers for the long and continued support he has hitherto
received, begs to remind them that he has during the season a choice stock of Furs, selected specially
by himself in the earliest part of the season, in Muffs, Boas, Collarettes, Cuffs, &c, &c, in Real Marten,
French Marten, Skolinsky Ermine, Chinchilla, &c, &c, all which he can recommend.
He would also remind them that he still continues to Clean and Alter every description of Furs the same
as the first houses in London, nothing being used in the process of cleaning that will injure the most
delicate article of fur. Skins dressed. Fur Mats mounted, $c, $c.
Gloves of every description in British, French, Austrian, and Danish, &c, in all colours and qualities.
Also, Gloves made to order fot Chemical Purposes, Fencing, Archery, &c.
Best English Tanned Leggings, Overalls, &c. Chamois Leather Skins, Masonic Aprons, &c.

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