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Porto Said.
Tripoli in Syria.
Treb zond.
7. The same rates are chargeable in this country
upon unpaid or insufficiently paid letters received
from the above-named places, with the exception
that letters from Suez, received via Southampton,
and letters from China, and from Holland via
France, are charged the prepaid rate only.
8. No letter for any colony or foreign country
may be above two feet in length or one foot in
width or depth.
9. Letters not specially d : rected by a particular
route are forwarded by the route immediately follow-
ing the name of the place in the Table of Colonial
and Foreign Postage.
§ 1. Letters for Aden, Suez, and India are sent
by the fir=t mail despatched by British Packet
either via Brindi.t or via Southampton, according
to the route indicated by the postage; letters for
Borneo, Ceylon, China, Japan, Java, Labuan,
Penang, Philippine Islands, and Singapore are sent
by the first packet, whether British or French,
according to the route indicated by the postage ; and
letters for Malta are sent by the first mail des-
patched, if the prepayment does not indicate that
they are to be sent by another route.
§ 2. Letters for Canada (if not registered)
posted after the despatch of the mail by Canadian
Packet on Thursday, are forwarded via the United
States on Saturday. Registered Letters, if not fully
prepaid to be sent via the United States, are
detained for despatch by the next Canadian Packet.
§ 3. Letters, &c, for New Brunswick, Nora Scotia,
and Prince Edward Lland, posted after the despatch
of the mail via Halifax, are forwarded by the Cana-
dian Packet on Thursday.
§ 4. Letters for the Argentine Confederation,
Guadaloupe, and Martinique are, if prepaid, sent in
the first mail despatched by British or French Packet
after the time of posting ; and letters for Cuba and
Mexico are, if prepaid, sent in the Mail via France,
if that be the first mail despatched after the time of
§ 5. Letters for Switzerland are forwarded via
France when that route is indicated by the amount
of prepaid postage.
10. Letters for Brazil, Monte Video, Peru, and
Chili, if specially directed " by Supplementary Mail
via Bordeaux, " and posted in time for despatch from
London by the Day Mail of Friday, will in due course
overtake at Bordeaux the Packet, despatched from
Liverpool on the previous Wednesday. The pos age
via Bordeaux is the same as via Liverpool.
11. Letters for such places in Turkey and Asia
Minor as have no Austrian Post Office should be
addressed to the care of an agent residing in the
nearest port at which an Austrian Post Office has
been established.* It is recommended also that any
letters fjr Erzeroum and other parts of the interior of
Armenia, or for Persia, be addressed to the care of
some agent at Samsoun or Trebizond, to be for-
warded to their destination. Letters for places in
the Persian Gulf are forwarded via Bombay if
specially directed by tint route, and prepaid the rates
of postage for Bombay.
12 Letters for Russia should have the name of the
town added in either English, French, or German ;
and if for the smaller towns iu Russia, they should
bear as a part of (heir address the name of the pro-
vince or government in which they are situated.
(3) Inland Neiuspupers.
1 Under the "Post Office Act, 1870," any
publication fulfilling the conditions hereafter named
can, upon payment of an annual fee of 5s., bs regis-
tered at the General Post office to pass within the
United Kingdom as a newspaper for a postage of one
halfpenny. Without such registration no news-
paper is entitled to be sent through the pott at less
than the book rate of postage.
2. Definition of a newspaper: —
§ 1. The publication must consist wholly or in
great part of political or other news, or of articles
relating ihereto, or to other current topics, with or
without advertisements.
§ 2. It must be printed and publishel in the
ULited Kingdom, must be published in numbers at
intervals of not more than seven days, and must be
printed on a sheet or sheets unstitched.
§ 3. The full title and da*e of publication must be
printed at the top of the fi.st page, and the whole
or part of the title and the date of publication at the
top of every subsequent page; and this regulation
applies to "Tables of Contents" and ''Indices."
§ 4. A supplement must consist wholly or in
great part of matter like that of a newspaper, or of
advertisements, piinted on a sheet or sheets, or on
a piece or pieces of paper, unstitched; or wholly or
in part if engravings, piints, or lithographs illustra-
tive of ariicles in the newspaper. The supplement
must iu every case be published with I he newspaper,
and must have the title and date of publication of
the newspaper prin'.ed at the top of every page; or,
if it consists of engravings, prints, or lithographs
at the top of every sheet or side.
3. Registration for inland circulation includes
registration for transmission abroad.
4. For each inland newspaper, whether posted
singly or in a packet, the pos'age, when prepaid, is
one halfpenny; but a packet containing two or more
registered newspapers is not chargeable with a higher
rate of postage than would be chargeable on a book
* Austrian Post Offices have been established at Adri-
I anople, Antivari, Bakau, Berlad, Beyrout, Botuschany,
I Bourgas, Bucharest, Caifa, Candia, Canea, Cavalla, Chio,
Tchsme, Constantinople, Dardanelles, Dede-Agatsch,
I Durazzo, Fokschan, Galatz, Gallipoli, Giurgevo, lbraila,
' Ineboli, Jaffa, Janina, Jassy, Jerusalem, Kustendjie,
! Lagos, Larnaka, Mitylene, Bbilippopel, Fiatra, Plojeshte,
I Prevesa, Retimo, Rhodes, Roman, Rutschuk, Salonica,
I Samsoun, Santi Quarauta, Seres, Smyrna, Sofia, Sulina,
I Tcbernavoda, Tenedos, Trebizond, Tultscha, Yalona,
I Varna, Yolo, Widdin.

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