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Winning, John, N. B. Ry. Sight-
hill ; ho. 3 Auchintoshan terr
Wood, Jn. Sighthill Glass Bottle
Co. Sighthill; ho 17 Pet ershillrd
Wordie, Peter, City of Glasgow-
Brewery, Petershill (ho. of call,
103 W. Geo. at.); house, Lenzie
Wright & Robertson, blacksmiths,
Keppochhill rd
Wright, Dr. S. H. medical superin-
tendent, Barnhill poorhouse
Wyse, Henry, agent, Royal Bank
Young, David, quarrier, Keppoch
and Balgray quarries
Young & Rennie, quarriers, Kep-
poch and Balgray quarriers
Young, Robert, farmer, Blochaim
Younger, David, 6 Vulcan st
Abercrombie, William (of Wother-
spoon & Co.), 6 Roslyn ter
Adam, Henry, fruit merchant, ho.
Bute terrace
Adams, John, 15 Regent Park sq
Aitken, Thomas (at W. & A.
M'Onie's), 4 Roslyn terrace
Allan, Peter, butcher, 1 Elgin pi
Alexander, Alexander (of Alex-
ander Broths.), 5 Reg. Park sq
Anderson, David, (of Borland &
Anderson), 5 Elgin place
Anderson, D. (of Anderson Bros.
ironmongers), ho. 4 Matilda pi
Anderson, James (of Anderson
Brothers), 2 Matilda place
Anderson, John, agent for Cook,
Son & Co. 20 Queen sq
AndersoD, William, butcher, 12
Bute terrace; ho. 66 North
Woodside rd
Anderson, Wm. fishmonger and
poulterer, 16 Bute terrace
Angus, Nathaniel, constable, of
Renfrew County Police
Austin & M'Auslin, nursery and
seedsmen ; nursery, Coplawhill
Austin, Mrs. W. 2 Regent Park
Baird & Stevenson, Orchard, Giff-
nock, and Overwood quarries,
13 Moray pi
Barr, John, oils, colours, and shoe
furnishings, 20 Regent Park sq
Batr, Wm. T. 20 Regent Park sq.
Bennett, Thomas, family grocer
and wine merchant, 1 8 Bute ter.;
house, 1 Darnley street
Binnie, James, engineer, 9 Regent
Park terrace
Birkmyre, Rev. A. B. (of Kinning
Park Free Church), 19 Queen
Bladen, Mrs. C. 35 Regent Park sq
Bogle, J. & W. (of J. & W.
Bogle), 4 Regent Park ter
Bolden, Thomas J; (of Veitch,
Bolden, & Co.), 4 Roslyn ter
Borland, Andrew (of Borland &
Anderson), 14 Bute terrace
Borland, Robert, 1 Darnley st
Borthwick, J. B. warehouseman,
34 Regent Park square
Bosworth, Mrs. 16 Regent Park ter
Boyd, John, H.M. Inspector of
Schools, 13 Roslyn terrace
Brock, John(of John Brock & Co.),
11 Regent Park ter
Brown, Wm. 6 Regent Park terr
Brownlie, Wm. mechanical ma-
chinery and commission agent,
and mill furnisher, 8 Broklyn
terrace, Nithsdale road
Brunton, Tho?. solicitor, G. & S. W.
Railway Co. ; ho. 24 Queen sq
Buchanan, J. 13 Regent Park
Buchanan, Wm. (of W. G. Mit-
chell, & Co.), 14 Roslyn terrace
Burges, Jas. H. 1 Darnley street
Burton, A. H. 43 Regent Park sq
Caldwell, Archibald, plumber and
lead merchant, Strathbungo
Cameron, D. 5 Regent Park ter
Campbell, Archibald, cabinetmkr.
Breadalbane place
Campbell, James, 19 Bute terrace
Campbell, John, 16 Regent Park
Campbell, Rev. Robert George, of
Wynd F. C. 5 Queen sq
Carmichael, Jas. M. (at Mitchell,
Macnie, & Cowan's), house, 15
Regent Park terrace
Cassels, John (of Laidlaw& Son),
4 Lome terrace
Christie, W. E. M.A. headmaster,
Springhill Academy ; house, 21
Queen's square
Christie, Mrs. milliner, hosiery and
baby linen warehouse, 13 Bute
terrace ; house, 14 do.
Chrystal, David D. actuary, 14
Regent Park terrace
Coats, Jervis, manufacturer, 4 Re-
gent Park sq
Connel, Wm. book and print seller,
2 Elgin place
Cowan, J. L. architect, Bute terr
Craig, Mrs. James, Bute terrace
Crawford, Hugh, clerk, Union
Bank, 7 Regent Park terrace
Crawfoid, M.L. wright, Moray rd.;
house, 3 Elcho place
Crawford, Thos. spirit merchant,
1 and 2 Elcho place ; house, 7
Regent Park terrace
Cross, Andrew, ironmonger, 6
Darnley street
Cruickshanks, Wm. 5 Elgin place
Cunningham, H. B. (Clydesdale
Bank), 10 Bute terrace
Davidson, Alexander, 15 Regent
Park terrace
Davie, Robert, 6 Regent Park ter
Dawson, Jn. M. 18 Regent Park
Dick, Rev. George Hill (of Egliu-
ton street), 22 Queen's square
Docherty, Joseph, coal merchant,
Elcho place
Donald, Wm. (of Donald & Baillie),
house, 14 Bute terrace
Donaldson, Robt. pianoforte and
music seller, 8 Regent Park ter
Donaldson, William, merchant, 80
Gordon st. 17 Regent Park sq
Drummond, John, Union Bank of
Scotland, 2 Darnley st
Drysdale, Misses, 5 Regent Park
Duff, Wm. 28 Regent Park sq
Duncan, Daniel (of D. & T. Dun-
can), 5 Roslyn terrace
Dunlop, Mrs. G. draper, P.O. 3
Bute terrace ; house, 2 do.
Eadie, Jas. contractor, 4 Roslyn tr
Eglinton, Edward G. mercantile
clerk, 12 Regent Park terrace
Ewing, J. (at William Kenneth
& Co.'s),21 Regent Park square
Ewing, John, grocer and tea mer-
chant, 5 Moray place
Ewing, Joseph, 2 1 Regent Park sq
Ewing, Mary B. teacher, F.C.
Normal Scb. 21 Regent Prink sq
Fenw ick, John, chemist & druggist,
17 Bute terrace; house, 5
Regent Park ter
Fenwick, W. M.D. FF.P.S.G. 9
Moray place
Ferguson, John A. (of Ferguson,
Shaw, & Dick), 6 Moray place
Fergusson, Thos. (of Cross, Wed-
derspoon, & Co.), 23 Moray pi
Ferguson, William, brickbuilder,
Fielden, Immer, surveyor, Board
of Trade, 2 Darnley st
Finlay, Jas. (of Finlay & Begg),
3 Elcho place
Fleming, Daniel (of M'Intosh &
Fleming), 2 Moray place
Fleming, John B. (of John Angus
& Co.), 7 Regent Park terrace
Foote, William (atM'Corquodalefe
Co.'s), 15 Regent Park terrace
Frazer, Rev. H. E. M.A. (Langside
Road U.P. Ch.), 12 Moray place
Fraser, J. 4 Moray place
Frew, Robert, mining engineer 10
Regent Park square
Fullarton, John (at Wm. Coghill's)
11 Regent Park ter
Fyfe, James, pavement merchant,
16 Regent Park square
Fyfe, Leander M. teacher, Cath-
cart School Board Temporary
Galloway, Jn. (of P. Henderson &
Co.), 16 Queen's square
Galloway, Robt. (of Galloway &
Co.) 3 Queen sq
Gait, Adam, hon. sec. Clydesdale
Cricket Club, 38 Regent Parksq
Gait, Robert, sen. accountant,
Buchanan st. 38 Regt. Park ter
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