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Chalmers, Thomas W. {at Hyde-
park Locomotive Works), house,
101 Buccleuch st
Chapman, Henry, mer. Keppoch-
hill road ; house, do.
Christie, C. T. of Petershiil; ho.
Bedlay, Moodiesbura
Christie, John, Cockmuir cottage
Clark, George, 1 Petershiil road
&222 Springburn rd ; ho. 226' do
Cochrane, Win. flesher, Balgray br.
Colquhoun, Alex, provision mer-
chant, 244 Springburn rd.; ho.
1G Millerbauk st
Conway, Rev. J. P. Catholic clergy-
man ; ho. 4 Hill st
Cowlairs Stone Quarry Co. Baird
& Stevenson ; office, 20 Dixon st
Crawford, Jn. flesher, 224 Spring-
burn road; ho. 6 Petershiil rd
Davidson, A. draper, 580 Spring-
burn road; house, 572 do.
Davidson, Robert jam 14 Bal-
gray terrace
Dewar, John, grocer and spirit
merchant, 582 Springburn id
Dickson, W. S. Mosesfield Colliery;
office, Dixon st
Dougan, Wm. M.D. 430 Spring-
born rd.; ho. 2 Towerhill ter
Drumniond, D. loco. supt. N. B.
Raily. C jwlairs
Duncan, Alex, grocer and pro-
vision merchant, Allison place,
Keppochhill road
Danlop, J. contractor, Keppochhill
Brickworks; ho. 500 Reppoeh-
hli road
Dunn, Jn. tacksman, 172 Spring-
burn rd
Ferguson, Jas. Craigbank house
Ferou, Edward, tobacco pipe manu-
facturer, 395 Keppochhill rd
Findluy, Matthew, joiner and cart-
wright, Balgray brae; ho. 517
Springburn rd
Findlay, Matthew, hardware and
fancy goods; ho. 517 Spring-
burn road
Fletcher, Malm. Sighthill station
Flint Bros, grocers, 578 Spiiug-
burn rd. ; ho. 3 15 do.
Forret, Robert, contractor. Spring-
burn road
Frame, W. vocalist, 10 Wellfield pi
Fuge, Jas. H.MC. Smaller Bal-
gray co*tage
Gait, James, fish merchant, 386
Springburn read ; house, 5
Flemicgton st
GemrnelJ, J. spirit mer. 2 Balgray
hill; house, 8 Wellfield place
Gifford, Thomas, flesher, 246
Saiaeen st
Gilchri3t, Rt. dairymaD, 2 Ratho
ter. Cowlairs ; house, 2 do.
Gilniour, Wm. wine and spirit mer
Springburn rd. and Cowlairs rd
Gordon, John, provision merchant,
Keppochhill road; ho. do.
Gourlay, Mrs. Cowlairs house
Govan, Matthew, schoolmaster,
agent for the Royal Insurance
Co. Springburn Subscription
Schoolhouse, 4 Keppochhill rd
Gray, Jas. coachman, Barnhill
Gray, John, chaplain, Barnhill ;
ho. 17 Petershiil road
Gray, Robt. sculptor, 194 Spring-
burn road
Haldane, Andrew, flesher, 392
Springburn rd; house, 396 do.
Hamilton, G. contractor and cow-
feeder, Sighthill ; ho. 1 Tower-
hill terrace
Hamilton, J. & G. contractors,
Glasgow Iron Works
Han ley, W. grocer, Balgray brae
Hay, James, grocer, Post Office,
365 Springburn road
Henderson, David, wine and spirit
merchant, 383 Keppochhill rd. ;
house, 392 St. George's rd
Henderson, Thos. bottle manufac-
turer, Well. rd. Keppochhill
Holmes, Richard, tobacconist, 432
Springburn road
Hughes, J. spirit merchant, 564
Springburn road ; house, 5
Fleming! on st
Hughes, Wm. family grocer and
wine merchant, 574 Springburn
rd ; ho. Edgefauld cot
Hutcheson, Robert, oil merchant,
Springvale Mills, Cowlairs
Hyde Park Locomotive Works
Jackson, Mrs. Robert, High Ba-
Jackson, Miss, draper, 337 Spring-
burn rd. ; ho. High Balernock
Jenkins, Thomas, Great Western
Cooking Depot, Vulcan st
Jones, R. clerk, Blocbaiin Quarry
Co. Blochairn
Johnstons, J. coal merchant, 3
Shepherd st. Cowlairs
Johnston, Rev. James A. U.P.
Church, New Moseifield
Johnston, Robt. greengrocer, 590
Springburn rd
Kay, Alex, wine and spirit mer-
chant, 149 Springburn road ;
ho. 1 Hutton pi
King & Co. Craighall Quarries,
Keppochhill road
Lamberton, A. Balgraybank villa
Lamberlon, Hugh (of John Gray
& Co.), Balgraybank villa
Lang, Wm. grccer, 4 Balgray ter
Law, J. & A. Pinkston Foundry,
Keppochhill road
Law, John, baker and confectioner,
517 Springburn rd
Law, Wm. M. Cal. Ry. Buchanan
St.; hcuse, 13 Balgray ter
Lawrie, John, farm grieve (A.
Menzies & Co.), Low Broomfield
Lawson, James, church officer,
Barony Church ; ho. Balgray
cottage, Springburn
Lawson, John R. (at Hutcheson
6 Sons, St. Vincent st. ). house,
Balgray Brae cottage
Lindsay, Adam, cabinet maker,
Keppoch row, Possil road; ho.
299 St. Geerge's rJ.
Linning, James, shipping agent,
Balgray cottage
Loudon, Wm. 2 Towerhill ter
Lundie, John, Croftbank house
MacAUan, W. carter, Balgrayfoot
M'Allister, G. grocer, 592 Spring-
burn rd.; ho. 4 Keppochhiil rd
M'Allister, R. grocer, 545 Spring-
burn rd.; ho. 4 Keppochhiil rd
M 'Alpine, Robt. brickmaker and
brick builder, Hamilton hill,
Possil rd.; ho. Both well road,
M'Ardle, James, 2 Gourlay st
M'Aulay, Jas. accountant", 357
Springburn rd
M'Aulay, Jas. agent for Imperial
Fire Office and Scottish Plate
Glass Insurance Co. Royal Bank
of Scotland ; ho. Bonny Brae,
M'Cal 1 , P. spirit merchant, 359
Springburn rd.; ho. 297 do.
M'Donaid, D. file and rasp cutter,
7 Shepherd St.; ho. do.
M'Donaid, John, grocer, 582
Springburn rd.; ho. 2 Hill st
M'Donaid, Mrs. spirit mercht. 400
Springburn rd.; ho. 2 Palermo st
M'Fadyon, Lachlan, grocer, 388
Springburn road; bo. 390 do.
M'Farlane, J. H. Cowlairs house
Macfarlane, Waiter, & Co. Saracen
Foundry, Saracen st. Possil rd
M'lntosh, measurer, 2 Palermo st
Mackintosh, Donald, spirit merf.
5 Avenue ; ho. Bellgrove cres
M'Kay, John, governor, Barony
Poorhouse; ho. Mansion house,
M'Kendrick, John, cle.k, Barnhill
M'Kellar, James, 349 Saracen st.;
ho. 86 Hawthorn st
M'Lean, Kenneth, bootmaker, 202
Spriogbum road
M'Lean, contractor, 19 Centre st
M'Lean, Robert, grocer, 45 Cow-
lairs road
M'Leod, Alexander, family grocer,
428 Springburn road; house, 2
Hydepark pi
M'Luckie, Adam, grocer, 357
Keppochhill road ; ho. Lyell pi
M'Meekin & Dunlop, brickmakera
and contractors, Keppochhiil rd
M'Millan, Allan, spirit merchant,
Springburn; ho. 6 Vulcan st
M'Millan, Robert, butter and egg
merchant, 541 1 Springburn rd

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