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WaddeU, John, spirit merchant,
587 Gt. Eastern rd ; bo. 571 do.
Wagget, J. pawnbroker, 222 Gt.
Eastern road
Walker, Jobn, slater, 8 New road
Wallace, Geo. (of Win, Wallace
& Son, Burnbank, east), ho. do
Wallace, James (of William Wal-
lace & Son, bleachers and
finishers, Burnbank, east)
Wallace, Jafl; C. (of Wm. Wallace
& Son. bleachers and finishers,
Burnbank, east), house, 17
Armadale street
Wallace, John (of Wm. Wallace
& Son, Burnbank, east), ho. do
.Wallace, Wm. & Son, bleachers &
finishers, Burnbank, east. Let-
ters and orders left at Mr.
Fisher's, 37 Renfield st
Watson, G. baker, Gt. Western
Watson, R. grocer, 11 Westmuir ;
house, 4 Gray's lane
Wellwood, S. wine & spirit mer.
185, 187 Great Eastern rd. ; ho.
617 Duke st
Wilson, John, spirit merchant, 104
Westmuir st. ; house, 143 do.
Wilson, W. grocer, 143 West-
muir st
WiSlox, Wm. wine and spirit mer.
68 Gt. Eastern id. ; house, 74
Whitevale st
Winning, Henry, mineral borer &
well sinker; house, 1 Win-
ning's place, Westmuir st
Winning, Thos. mineral borer, 16
Winning's row, Westmuir
Wood, James, spirit merchant, 48
Lancefield st. & 189, 191 Stob-
croaa st.; ho. Riddrie, Cumber-
nauld rd
Wotherspoon, Robt. letter carrier,
ho Gt. Eastern rd
Young, David, surgeon, 70 Great
Eastern road ; house, 4 Broad
street, opposite
Young, W. surgeon, 274 Great
Eastern rd
George Thomson, senior magis-
trate ; John Ferguson and
James Napier, junior magis-
trates ; John White, A. C.
Shanks, -Daniel Macfie, Alex.
Storrie, Robert Duncan, Pater-
son Wingate, Anthony Inglis,
George T. Trotter, and Hugh
Kennedy, commissioners; M.
Walker, burgh clerk ; G. Pais-
ley, treas. and coll. ; James
Paterson, M.D. med. officer;
J. C. Gordon, surveyor of works ;
Andrew Edwards, sup. of police,
fiscal, and sanitary inspector ;
J. Steven, burgh hali keeper
A 1 Ccal Co. Crawford street
Adam, Geo. smith, 21 Orchard St.;
house, 8 Stewartville st
Addie, Peter, rnercht. Greenbank
Aikman, Thomson (of T. Aikman
& Co.), ho. Middlefield
Aikmau, Thomson, jun. (of Thom-
son Aikman & Co.), house,
Aitcbison, John Tait, 1 Victoria st
Alexander, R. F. 13 Argyle pi
Alexander, Wm. (of Wm. Alex-
ander & Son), house, Clarkfield
Allan, Hugb, 2 Castlebank st
Alhin, Jas. bo. factor, 24 Church st
Allan, James (at Wm. Graham &
Co.'s), ho. 6 Crawford street
Allan, Robert, wine and spirit mer.
361 Dumbarton rd ; ho. 359 do.
Allan, Wm. 2 Hamilton ter
Anderson, Arch, house painter &
paperhaDger, 8 Peel street ; ho.
6 Hamilton terrace
Anderson, Archd. wine and spirit
merchant, 4 Peel st.; house, 6
Hamilton terrace
Anderson & Co. ironfounders,
Castlebank street
Anderson, Rev. Henry, 5 Annfield
terrace, east
Anderson, John, Pekin cottage
Anderson, Robert, grocer and wine
merchant, 2L Merkland street,
and 351 Dumbarton roai
Anderson, Thomas, contractor,
Bunhouse mill
Anderson, Thomas (of Anderson &
Co.), house, Fairlie park
Anderson, William, 13 Argyle pi
Anderston Co-operative Society,
Limited, Branch, groceries and
provisions, 8 Hyndlaud street
Arnold, Hugh, Movilla cottage
Arnott, Thos. L. (of Arnott & Co.),
house, Laurel bank
Barbour, Graham, plumber and
gasfitter, Rosevale ; house, 330
Hamilton place
Barbour, Thos. flasher, Windsor pi
Barclay, D. S. & Son, funeral
undertaken, 69 Victoria street,
Govan, and 111 Dumbarton rd ;
ho. 107 Dumbarton road
Barr, Eiizab. milliner and draper,
190 Dumbarton road ; house,
Stewartville place
Barry, Jame3 S. 5 Maxwell st
Barrie, John, spirit merchant, 32
Orchard st
Barrow, F. A. Viewpark villa
Bayne, Samuel T. grocer and wine
merchant, 232 Dumbarton rd. ;
house, Stewartville st
Beck, David, tailor and clothier,
2 Orchard St.; ho. 23 Maxwell st
Bertram, Peter, stationer, Free-
land bank
Bertram, Wm. (at P. Bertram's,
202 Argyle st.), ho. FreeLandbank
Binnie, Mrs. Jas. 6 Maxwell st
Binnie, Miss M. 6 Maxwell st.
Birrell, Dawson, 2 Lawrence place
Birrell, W. Middlefield, Partickhiil
Bisset, Wm. teacher, 23 Elgin
Black, Thomas, slater and pLs-
terer, 9 Peel st,; ho. 19 Max. st
Blair, Alex. 7 Peel st
Boag, Wm. spirit merchant, 465
Crawford place; house, 461
Dumbarton road
Borthwick, Adam, teacher, 5
Dowanvale terrace
Bow, James Anderson, agent for
Standard Life Assurance Co.
Caledonian Plate Glass Insur-
ance Co. Scottish Provincial As-
surance Co.; ho. 356 Hayburn pi
Bow, James Anderson, accountant,
Royal Bank, 354 Hayburn pi.;
Boyack, Alex. Freeland bank
Boyd, Edmund, master of educa-
tional method, Free Ch. Train.
College ; ho. 3 Hamilton st
Boyd, John, letter-carrier, 20
Mansfield st
Bremner,Rev. Henry,M.A. B.D.(of
Free High Church), house, 10
Annfield terrace
Brock, James, English master,
Partick Acad. ; ho. Inch bank
BrowD, James, baker, 339 Dum-
barton road
Brown, Matthew, Thornton, Partk.
Biown, Tbo3. warehouseman (of
Stewart & M'Donald), house,
Meadowbank place
Brunton, Andrew, chemist and
druggist, 250 Dumbarton road
Burgess, David, china and hard-
ware merchant, 228 Dumbarton
road ; ho. 226 do
Burgess, Jas. glazier and painter,
320 Dumbarton road; house, 4
Windsor place
Burns, Aud. shipbuilder, manager,
Clyde Bank Shipbuilding Yard,
Dalmuir; ho. 7 Maule terrace
Bums, Rev. James, clergyman
(R.C.), St. Peter's seminary
Burns, Robert, & Co. soap makers,
oil refiners, and candle makers,
Castlebank street
Cail, Mrs. George; house, Sand-
bank place
Cairns, Francis, cabinet and chair
maker, 85 Dumbarton road;
house, 83 do
Calder, Rev. John, Partick manse
Calder, Thos. joiner and glazier,
359 Dumbarton road ; house, 13
Downie place
Caldwell & Paul, wrights, Victoria
st. ; house, 4 Orchard st
Cameron, Allan, grocer, 62 Ander-
son st. ; ho. 3 Maxwell st
Cameron, David M. evangelist, 4
Dowanhill st

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