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Miller, J. fruitej-er, 45 Bothwell
pi. ; house, 43 do
Miller, Jas. 12 St. James' st
Miller, John C. 10 Crown circus
Miller, Wm, 7 Doune ter
Miller, Wm. 7 Victoria ter
Miller, "Wm. tailor and clothier, 7
Bothwell place
Millar, Mrs. Jno. 10 Crown circus
Miller, Mrs. Robt. 5 Bloomfield pi
Mills, William, slater, Janefield
villa, Smith st
Milne, Dr. James M. 11 Hills-
borough square
Mirrlees, J. B. Redlands
Mitchell, J. C. 5 Belmont crescent
Mitchell, J. 8 Hillhead gardens
Mitchell, John, 12 Merkland ter
Mitchell, Moncrieff, 4 Windsor
ter. west
Mitchell, M. R. 12 Westbourne
Mitchell, Nelson, 10 Crown gard
Mitchell, N. W. 10 Crown gardens
Mitchell, Stephen, jun. 10 Crown
Mitchell, T. 7 Windsor ter. west
Mitchell, W. G. (of Carwood), 14
Windsor ter. west
Mitchell, Wm. 18 Kew ter
Mitchell, Mrs. A. O. 13 Windsor ter
Mitchell, Mrs. C. G. 5 Belmont
Mitchell, Mrs. Robt. 12 Hillh. pi.
Moir, Alex. 7 Kelvinside ter
Moir, Thomas (Registrar of the
University), ho. 6 Westbank ter
Mollison, John, 5 Roslyn terrace
Mollison, W. jun. 7 West Bank
Moncrieff, Wm. Scott, 57 Hamil-
ton drive
Monilaws, Mrs. Jane, 2 Kersland
Monro, C. G. 2 Buckingham st
Monro, G. James, writer, 2 Buck-
ingham street
Monro, Wm. 2 Bloomfield place
Monteith, H. 5 Doune terrace
Moore, Alex. 11 Huntly gardens
Moore, John, letter-carrier, 11
Bothwell pi
Moore, Wm. 3 Florentine ter
More, Wm. 5 Hillsborough square,
Ann street
Morrison, Alex. 20 Bloomfield pi
Morrison, Donald, LL. D. rector of
Glas. Academy, 4 Victoria ter
Morrison, Rev. Jas. D.D. of Dun-
das St. E.U. Church, Florentine
Bank house
Morrison, Jas. 4 Victoria ter
Morrison, James, Ashcraig, Kel-
vinside gardens
Morrison, P. R. 4 Victoria ter
Morrison, W. G. 20 Bloomfield pi
Morrison, Mrs. J. 10 Bellgrave ter
Morrison, Miss, 15 Rosslyn ter
MortoD, Alex. 14 Nelson ter
Morton, Arch, (of Morton & Co.),
5 Kerrsland ter
Moves, John, 4 Florentine ter
Moyes, Robert, 4 Florentine ter
Moves, R. & J. brickmakers and
quarrymasters, Gartnavel, Gt.
Western rd.; office, 223 Hope
St.; ho. Roxburgh st
Muir, Robert, 8 Hillsborough sq
Muir, Mrs. lodgings, 18 Bloom-
fie'd place
Muir, Miss, dressmaker, 18 Bloom-
field place
Muirhead, Jas. writer, o Eton ter
Muirhead, Robt. K. 1 Eton gardens
Muirhead, Robt. baker, Ashfield ter
Muirhead, Mrs. J. W. 5 Eton ter
Munro, John C. Kersland ter
Munro, Patrick, iron merchant, 2
Linnwood ter
Murdoch, James, 11 Oakfield ter
Murdoch, Jas. 3 Westbourne ter
Murdoch, Jn. 19 Kelvinside ter. S.
Murdoch, Patrick, 11 Oakfield ter
Murison, Joseph, 6 Buckingh. ter
Murison, Mrs. J. 6 Buckingham ter
Murray, A. E. advocate and sheriff-
substitute, 41 North Park ter.
Hamilton drive
Murray, Alex. S. 5 Kelvinside ter
Murray, Douglas, 19 Hillsborough
Murray, G. D. 12 Kersland ter
Murray, George R. Buckingham
Murray, John, tea and wine mer-
chant, 34 Gibson street; house,
West Bank house, Gibson st
Murray, J. B. 8 Victoria ter
Murray, Robt. M. 29 Hamilton dr
Murray, Stewart, 1 3 W. Bank ter
Naismitb, John (of M'Clure, Nais-
mith, & Brodie), 2 Belgrave ter
Napier, J. W. 19 Eton pi
Napier, John, Sauchfield house
Napier, Robt. 2 West Bank ter
Napier, Wm. 19 Eton pi
Napier, Miss, 4 Cecil st
Neilson, J. 3 Sardinia pi. Cecil st
Neilson, Thoma;, 5 Kelvin drive
Neilson, Wm. 20 Ashton ter
Neilson, Mrs. Mary 11 Bothwell st
Nelmes, Miss, 11 West Bank ter
Newton, Wm. 3 Eton gardens
Neuhaus, Charles, 1 Prince's ter
Nichol, D. teller, 13 Neilson ter
Nicol, Rev. James, M.A. Free
St. Stephen's; house, 6 Great
Kelvin terrace
Nicol, Mrs. 1 Loudon ter. Obser-
vatory road
Nichol, John, professor of English
literature, University ; house, 2
The College
Nisbet, David, 4 Kelvin drive
Nisbet, Mrs. Jn. 11 Bloomfield pi
Niven, John, 3 Kelvinside ter
Oatts, Charles, 66 Hamilton pi
Ogilvie, Thos. 3 Viewfield ter
Ogilvie, Wm. 1 Doune ter
Ogilvie, Miss, 3 Viewfield ter
Oliver, Misses, 25 Bothwell pi
Orr, Andrew, writer, 161 Sand-
ringham terrace
Orr Brothers, painters and decora-
tors, 5 Ashton pi
Orr, F. J. 7 Ashton place
Orr, James B. 12 Roslyn ter
Orr, James, 22 Ashfield ter
Orr, James, Smith st
Orr, James B. 10 Nelson ter
Orr, Jn. ho. painter, 7 Ashton pi
Orr, John, wright, Byars' rd. ; ho.
31 Argyle pi. Partick
Orr, P. C. 1 Hillhead pi
Orr, Robert, 3 Doune ter
Orr, Mrs. 4 St. James' ter
Outram, David E.< accountant, 16
Grosvenor ter
OvingtoD, Mrs. 6 Nelson ter
Pae, David, 17 St. James' ter
Panton, Mrs. John, 9 Sardinia ter
Park, Ja?. S. (at J. & A. Allan's),
1 1 Kelvinside ter
Park, R. B. 11 Kelvinside terrace,
Parker, Geo. 20 Great George st
Parker, Wm. 11 Bothwell ter
Partick, Hillhead, & Maryhill Gas
Co. (Limited), J. Hislop, mana-
ger ; col. offi. Burgh buildings
Paterson, A. & W. 42 Belmont pi
Paterson, Andw. 4 St. John's ter
Paterson, Andrew, jun. 4 St.
John's terrace
Paterson, Chas. Orr, 31 Bucking-
ham terrace
Paterson, Jas. Buckingham bldgs.
Cecil street
Paterson, Jas. Marwood villa
Paterson, J. W. 6 Grosvenor ter.
Paterson, Dr. Joshua, 8 Grosv. ter
Patterson, Peter, letter-carrier, 76
Langland road, Govan
Paterson, T. L. (of Dowanhill and
Broomhiil), ho. Newhall house
Paterson, W. S. 4 Albert rd
Paton, Andrew, 6 Oakvale, Uni-
versity avenue
Paton, J. Paterson, 2 Hillhd. gar.
Paton, W. Grant (atW. Mitchell &
Co 's), ho. 14 A s hfield terrace
Pattison, Miss, 20 Hamilton drive
Paul, Alex. 14 Grosvenor ter
Paul, Thomas A. 6 Albion cres.
Peebles, Wm. 17 Hamilton drive
Penman, David, glass and china
merchant, 9 Rokeby ter. Great
Western rd.;ho. 2 Florentine ter
Perman, John, 2 Westbourne ter
Phillips, Wm. 4 Westbourne ter
Pirrie, John, 9 Buckingham ter
Pirrie, Robt. 9 Buckingham ter
Pirrie, Mrs. 9 Buckingham ter
Playfair, G. M. (of Play fair & Co.)
14 Roslyn ter
Police Office, Byars' rd
Pollock, John, Dowanhill gardens

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