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Alexander & Taylor, 194 West
George st
Anderson, G. 187 Hope street
Anderson, Jonath. 33 Renfield st
Anderson, M. (of Morrison &
Anderson, T. A. (of Watkins
& Anderson)
Anderson, Thomas (of M'Grigor,
Donald, & Co.)
Annan, Edwaid, 29 St. Vinct. pi
Annan, Win. 29 St. Vincent pi
Annan, W. & E. 29 St. Vincent pi
Arnot, Thos. 9 W. Regent st .
Auld, R. R. (of Finiavson & Auld)
Balfour, David D. (of Balfour &
Balfour & Paterson, 138 Hope st
Bannatynes, Kirkwood, & H'Jau-
net, 145 West George st
Bannatyne, Mark (of Bannatynes,
Kirkwood, & M'Jannet)
Barclay, Tho?. 123 W. George st
Barclay, Wm. 190 W. George st
Barr, David (of Moncrieff, Pater-
son, Forbes, & Barr)
BaT, James, 138 Hope street
Bel! & Paterson, 22 Renfield st
Bell, T. S. (of Williamson & Bell)
Bell, Walter (of Bell & Paterson)
Bird, David, & Son, 5 W. Regent st
Bird, David (of David Bird & Son)
Black, Geo. (of Black & Honey-
Black & Honeyman, 88 West
Regent st
Borland & King, 150 Hops at
Borland, Wm. (of Borland & King)
Boyd, D. M. 30 Gordon street
Buyd, Jas. (of J. & J. Boyd)
Boyd, John (of J. & J. Boyd)
Boyd, J. & J. 95 Wellington st
Brodie, Robert (of M'Clure, Nais-
mith, Brodie, & Macfarlane)
Brown, Dunlop, & Lindsay, 87
West Regent st
Brown, Geo. (of John Steuart &
Brown, R.L.(of Galbraith & Brown)
Brown & Strathearn, 65 West
Regent street
Brown, T. (at Keyden, Strang, &
Brown, Wm. L. (of R. & J. M.
Brownlie, Archd. (of Brownlie &
Brownlie & Watson, 7 South Fre-
derick st
Bryson, A. (at Moncrieff, Pater-
son, Forbes, & Barr's)
Buchan, W. R. 112 W. Regent st
Buchanan, L. B. (at Bannatyiie3,
Kirkwood, & M'Jannet's)
Burns & Aitken, 151 St. Vinet. st
Burns, Wm. 151 St. Vincent st '
Campbell & Esson, 68 Bath st
Campbell, John M. 88 Union st
Carruthers & Gemmil, 150 Hope st
Chapman, Jas. 28 Bank street,
Christie, Andrew, 62 George sq
Christie, G. Fyfe, 62 George sq
Clark, G. L. 109 W. George st.
Clark, Ja*. (of M'Leod & Ralston)
Clarke, John H. 116 St. Vine, st
Clark, John, 157 W. George st
Coats, J. J. 187 West George st
Cochran, Wm. 109 W. George st
Collecge, Thos. (of Petrie, Col-
ledge, & Guy)
Colquhoun, D. T. 156 St. Vinct. st
Colquhoun, H. & J. 156 St, Vin. st
Colquhoun, Hugh (of H. & J. Col-
Colquhoun, Jas. (of H. & J. Col-
Cowan, Lachlan (of Mitchells,
Cowan, & Johnston)
Craig, David, 137 W. Regent st
Craig, James, 9 Cambridge street
Crauford, A. 108 W. Geo. st
Crawford, T. 156 W. George st
Crawford, W. B. 104 W. Regt. st
Cullen, Jas. 162 St, VinceDt st
Camming, James (at A. J. & A.
Cunningham & Henderson, S3 W.
Regent street
Cunningham, Wm, M. (of Cun-
ningham & Henderson)
Davidson, Robert (of Hill, David-
son, & Hoggan)
Davidson, W. A. (of M 'Bride &
Dick, A. juu. (of Dick & Stevenson)
Diek, Quintin, and Robertson, 104
West Regent street
Dick & StevensoD, 180 W. Geo. st
Dickson, C. S. (of Macleod &
Dill, Smillie, & Wilson, 54 West
Nile stieet
Dixon, J. A. 156 W. George st
Donald, C. D. jun. 136 St. Vin. st
Donald, Thomas, commissary clerk
of Lanarkshire, 124 Hope st
Donaldson, Jas. (of Simpson,
Kirk, & Donaldson)
Dcugall, F. G. 167 Canning st
Douglas, R. D. Ill Brunswick st
Douie, Robt. 145 Ingram st
Downie, Jno.(at Mitchells, Cowan,
& Johnston's)
Dunbar, James, 21 West Nile st
Dunbar, J. B. & J. 21 W.Nile st
Dunbar, J. B. (of J. B. & J.
Dunbar, John, 2 Bath street
Dunlop, R. (of Brown, Dunlop &
Dunn, Hugh, 59 St. Vincent st
Easton, Wm. J. 150 W. Regent st
Erskine, John (at J. A. Dixon's)
Faulds, W. B. 97 W. George st
Ferguson, Arch. 98 W. George st
Ferguson, John, 75 Union 3treet
Fergusson, Robert, 53 New Market
st. Ayr
Finlayson & Auld, 49 W. Reg. st
Finlayson, Wm. 49 W. Regent st
Fisher, D. (of Fisher & Watt)
Fisher & Watt, 183 St.Viucent st
Fleming, John, 241 St Vincent st
Fleming, W. (of Kerr & Fleming)
Forbes, A. (of Moir & Forbes)
Forbes, Daniel (of .Moncrieff, Pa-
terson, Forbes, & Barr)
Fotheringbam, T. 365 Duke st
Foulis, A. 180 St. Vincent st
Frame, R. 58 West Regent slreet
France, C. (of Bannatyues, Kirk-
wood, & M'Jannet)
Fraser, John T. 47 Oswald street
Galbraiih & Brown, 68 Bath st
Galbraith, Jas. LL.B. 68 Bath st
Galbraith & M'Pherson, 116 St.
Vincent street
Galbraith, Yf. A. (of Galbraith &
Galloway, H. H. (of Macgeorge,
Cowan, & Gallowav)
Gardner, Peter, W.S. 153 St.
Vincent st
Gainham, H. 107 St. Vincent st
Gemmil!, Andrew, & Maclachlan,
18 Eenfield st
Gemmiii, Wm. (of Carruthers &
Gettins, D. 93 W. Regent tt
Gibion, W. (of Tennant & Gibson)
Gillies, Wm. (at Robsrton & Ross)
Girvan, Jas. Graham (of Keyden,
Strang. & Girvan)
GordoD, Thos. 108 W. Regent st
Gordon, W. R. 97 Wellington st
Graham, Andrew L. (of A. J. &
A. Graham)
Graham, A. J. & A. 187 West
George st
Graham, James (of A. J. & A.
Gray, George, ^2 Hutcheson st
Gray & Robertson, 108 West Re-
gent st
Grieve & Wilson, 96 W. Nile st
Guy, J. 120 West Regent st
Hall, W. D. 116 St. Vincent, st
Halley, George, 51 St. Vincent st
Hamilton, Gavin, 114 W. Nile st
Hamilton, J. & J. 60 George sq
Hamilton, Jas. D. 60 George sq
Hamilton, J. A. 60 George sq
Hannay, D. 198 W. George st
Hart, James N. County Biildgs.
Hart, Thomas, 63 Renfield st
Hay, John, Clyde Trust
Henderson, Alex. 312 Sr. Geo.'srd
Henderson, A. (of Cunningham &
Hill, Daniel, 73 Renfie'd st
Hil), D. & J. 73 Renfield st
Hill, Davidson, & Hoggan, 106
Ingram st
Hill, James, 73 Renfield st
Hill, Jn. M. (of R. & J. M. Hill)

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