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Patents and Designs, office for, Ed-
mund Hunt, consultingengineer,
87 St. Vincent st. — See Advt.
Patent agency for Designs, office,
W. R. M. Thomson & Co. 96
Buchanan st — See Advt. in App.
Patent Diamonds, sole agents,
Mason Brothers, 29 St. Vine, pi
Patent, The, Enamel Co. Birming-
ham ; agents, Wm. M'Geoch &
Co. 108 Argyle st. Morrison's ct
Patent Frictional Gearing Co. 147
East Milton st
Patent Heddle Co. 107 High Jn. st
Patent Machine Wire-making Co.
59, 63 Ladywell st
Patent Marine Inventions Office,
54 St. Enoch square
Patent Metallic Cask Works, 63
Wigton street ; office, 135 Bu-
chanan street
Patent Moulders' Blacking Co. 31
Bishop st
Patent Nut & Bolt Co. (Limited),
154 West Regent street
Patent Rivet Works, 204 Stob-
cross st
Patent Welded Wrought Iron
Tubes and Fittings, for Gas,
steam, and water (Tipton),
agents for Scotland, Blackley,
Young, & Co. 163 St. Vine, st
Patentees of the Galloway Conical
Tubes for steam boilers ; agent,
D. Cocking, 202 Hope st
Patent Zinc Roofing manufacturers,
Fred. Braby & Co. (Limited),
20, 22, 24 Gt. Clyde st. and
London and Liverpool
Pearn & Co. 23 St. Vincent pi
Pearson, Thos. & Co. 71 Queen st.
and 50 Waterloo st
Peters & Donald, cisterns and
valveless water closets, 29 South
Shamrock st. and 81 Sandy-
faulds street
Peyton & Alsop, iron and brass
bedsteads, 96 Union st
Pooley, Henry, & Son, weighing
machines, 113 West Nile st
Price's Patent CacdleCo. (Limited),
4 Morrison's court
Primrose & Co. 31, 33 Washing-
ton street
Proprietors of Morton's Patents,
96 Buchanan st
Turnell, Henry, warm water ap-
paratus and steam cooking and
drying, 305 Parliamentary rd
Schaffer & Budenberg, patent
steam-pressure gauges, tyc. 202
Hope st
Silver's Patent Marine Governors,
agent, William Murdoch, 30
Hope st
Smith, Alex. 20 Dixon street
Smith & Wellstood, American pa-
tent cooking stove, 11 Dixon st
Stewart, Robert, & Co. paper lube,
33 Abercromby st
Stuart's Patent" Steel Shaft Coup-
ling, T. W." Orr, agent for
United Kingdom, 45 Hope st
Templeton, James, & Co. patent
carpet, 26b Bothwell st
Thorn & Lawson, 28 Renfield st
Thomson & Co. buffers andsprings,
156 North Woodside st
Thomson, W. R. M. & Co. consult-
ing engineers and patent agents,
96 Buchanan st. — See Advert,
in Appendix
Thomson, Wm. & P. Dublin, im-
proved p>rune wine ; D. Walker,
agent, 223 Hope st
Waverley Dip & AVool Oil Co. 6
Main st. Anderston
Wright, W. L. G. engineer, inven-
tor, and patentee of the New
Double or Treble acting com-
pound expansion and condensing
rotary engines, with double
power from same steam or air
used, and reciprocating high
pressure engine and new con-
densing engine pump combined,
steam, or air and steam mixed,
or compressed air alone, worked
tramway cars or roadway
carriages, &c. 14 St. James'
terrace, Kinning park
Barclay, Thos. 93 Virginia street
Beck, Samuel, 33 Virginia street
Bower, Joseph, 81 Virginia st
Brode, Julius, 59 Hutcheson st
Brownlie, Wm. 134 Main street,
Caddell, Wm. 88 Glassford st
Campbell, R. R. 25 Candleriggs
Cassels, David, 52 Glassford st
Dalrymple, Root. 339 Nuneaton st
Davidson, Thos. 59 St. Vincent st
Ferrier & Speirs, 165 Ingram st
Fraser, Jas. 13 Royal Exchange pi
Fraser & Sinclair, 59 N. Fredk. st
Galloway, Henry, 95 Hutcheson st
Gandois, A. J. 129 Ingram st
Hamilton, Jas. M'K. 95 Hutch, st
Henderson, Daw 34 Hutcheson st
Kennedy, James, 27 Union st
Kirkpatriek, Adam, & Co. 108
Argyle street, 12 William street,
Dublin, and 28 Market street,
Manchester. — See Advt. in App.
Kirkpatriek, Hugh, 63 Mitchell st
Leckie, John, 52 Virginia st
M'llvride, A. B. 63 N. Frederick st
Martin, Alex. 24 Hutcheson st
Miller, Alex. F. 87 Union st
Norval, George, 11 Dunlop street
Norval, Wm. 11 Dunlop street
Paul, Rob. 97 Buchanan st
Renfrew, Thos. 82 West Nile st
Smith, Charles, 9 W. Howard st.
Smith, Robert, 141 Hospital st
Stevenson, Jas. 184 Buchanan st
Those marked a are only pattern
Barclay, Thos. 91 Gloucester st
Bayne, James, 23 George st
Campbell, Dugald,119 Virg. pi
aDunn, Alex. 17 Bellgrove st
aFisher, John, 55 Grove st
Green, Alex. 136 Buchanan st
Hudson, R. & Co. 190 Trongate
Marshall, Thos. 210 Main st
Morrison, Archd. 15 Hutcheson st
Reid, Alex. 95 Hutcheson st
Richmond, Andrew, 82 W. Nile st
Smith, Robert, 297 Argyle street
Taylor, Arch. W. 187 Eglinton st
aTaylor, Jas. 50 Gt. Hamilton st
Thomson, James, 79 George st. —
See Advt. in Appendix.
Thomson, John, 8 Ronald st
Wright, Mrs. A. P. Sh Douglas st
Christie, Devlin, & Findlay, Great
Wellington st
Cruikshank, R. & Son, 07 Both
well street
Falconer, Wm. 5 Rosehall st
Fyfe, James, 87 Hope st
Galbraith & Winton, mosaic and
marble flooring, 129 St. Vin. st. ;
works, 28 Kelvin street
Gardner, A. & Son, mosaic and
marble flooring, 36 Jamaica st.
works, Paisley road
M'Donald, A. C. agent, Improved
Wood Pavement Co. 30 Hope st
M'Grouther & Fyfe, 87 Hope st
Mackay, A. & D. slate, 35 Os-
wald st
Murray & Stewart, 98 Commer. st
Parker, M. & Co. concrete pavement
and flooring, 116 St. Vincent st
Scottish Val de Travers Paving
Co. (Limited), works, Firhill rd.
Springbank; office. 88 Hope st
Steel, John C. depot, Cal. Railwy.
138 West st
Stewart, R. M. 78 Commerce st
Struthers, Robt. 22 Crookston st
Taylor, Edwd. 82 Crown st
Val de Travers Paving Co. 88
Hope strest
Duncan & Strathie, 97 Sauchie-
hall st
Galbraith & Winton, 129 St. Vin-
cent street
Gardner, A. & Son, 36 Jamaica st
and 13 Paisley road
Maw & Co. 129 St. Vincent st
Minton,Hollins,& Co. 193 Sauchie-
hall st.
Smith, Alex. 20 Little Hamilton st

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