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Glasgow & Port Washington Iron
and Coal Co. (Limited), 140 St.
Vincent st ; Laurence H. Wat-
son, secy.
Glengarnock Ironworks ; office, 127
St. Vincent street-
Go van Ironworks ; office, 1 Dix. st
Govan Forge Co. (Limited), Helen
street, Govan
Govan Foundry, 1 Dixon st
Govan Pig Ironworks ; office, 1
Dixon street
Henderson & Dimmock, 139 St.
Vincent street
Hopkins, Gilkes, & Co. (Limited),
Middlesbro'; Granger Bros.
agents, 3 North court, Royal
Houldsworth, Thos. 124 St. Vin. st
Langloan Iron Wks. 144 St. Vin. st
Lochgelly Iron & Coal Co. (Limit);
agents, John E. Swan & Bros
(Limited), 161 West George st
Logan, T. R. J. 1 Dixon st
Lugar Iron Works, Old Cumnock ;
office, 168 W. George st
Lumphinnans Iron Co.; office, 115
St Vincent street
Maryport Hematite Iron Co. Mary-
port ; Jas. Watson & Co. agents,
103 St. Vincent street
M'Neill, Ales. 73 Parliamentaryrd
M'Vicker, A. works, Kinning Park
and Robertson street
Merry & Cuninghame, 127 St.
Vincent street
Miller & Fleming, Kelvin Forge,
Monkland Iron & Coal Co. (Lim.),
144 St. Vincent street ; John
C. Smith, secretary
Morewood & Co. galvanised iron
manufacturers, 105 St. Vincent
street ; D. M'Culloch, manager
Mossend Iron Co. 92 W. Regt. st
Motherwell Iron Works. See
Glasgow Iron Company
Muirkirk Iron Works ; office, 168
West George street
Omoa & Cleland Iron & Coal Co.
(Limited), iron and coal masters;
office, 172 W. George street
Oswald, John, & Co. 92 Elliot st
Palmer's Shipbuilding & Iron Co.
(Limited); agt. Jas. Henderson,
97 Buchanan street
Paikhead Forge Co. Parkhead
Parkside Mining Co. Whitehaven ;
J. Jenkins, agt. 48 St. Enoch sq
Paterson, H. C. sole agent for
Francis Morton & Co. (Limited),
Nay lor st. Liverpool, 18 Geo. sq
Pearson & Knowles, 13 Waterloo st
Phoenix Iron AVorks, 50 Garsc. rd
Pinkston Iron Works, Pinkston rd
Portland Iron Works, 168 West
George st
Quarter Iron Works ; Office, 191
West George st
Ray Brothers, Sunderland ; Chas.
E. Panton, agt. 20 Buchanan st
Sawmillneld Iron Works, Port
Shotts Iron Co. 37 West Nile st
Solway, The. Hematite Irun Co.
(Limited), Maryport; agt. Wm.
Simp-on, 21 West Nile st
South Bank Iron Wks. Kirkintilloch
Stevenston Iron & Coal Co. 28
Ren field st
Stewart, James T. 75 Bath st
Stewart, John, & Co. 30 Oswald st
Summerlee Iron Co. 172 West
George st
The Butterley Co. Derbyshire ; agts.
Scott Brothers, 22 Renfield st
The Stockton Malleable Iron Co.
(Limited), 120 Buchanan st
Thomson, Alex. 75 Bath street
Thomson, John M. 1 Dixon st
Townshend, Wood, & Co. Briton
Iron Works, 103 St. Vincent st
Tyne Hematite Iron Co. New-
casile-on-Tyne ; Hendry Bros.
8 Dixon st
Weardale Iron & Coal Co. (Limited)
Alex. ThomFon, agt. 75 Bath st
Wigan Coal & Iron Co. (Limit°d),
Alex. Thomson, agt. 75 Bath st
Wilson, George, & Co. 59 St. Vin-
cent st
Wishaw Iron Works. See Glasgow
Iron Co.
Ystalyfera Iron Co. Swansea ; J.
Watson & Co. agents, 103 St.
Vincent st
Adam, Joseph T. 77 West Nile st
Armstrong, F. & Co. 97, 99 St.
James' rd
Armstrong, Brothers, & Co. 3 Royal
Exchange court
Arthur, Alex. A. 372 Argyle st
Baird, Archibald, & Son, 67 Rob-
ertson st
Baird, W. & Co. 168 W. George st
Bankier, W. D. & Co. 31 St. Vin-
cent pi
Banks & Stewart, 30 Hope street
Bathgate, Geo. Milton Iron Works
Bell, Charles, 29 Waterloo st
Bennett, Henry & Co. 123 Hope st
Bennie, D. & Sons, Mitchell st
Benton, John D. 220 Sauchieh. st
Bergius, W. C. 103 W. Regent st
Black, C. R. 83 Pitt street
Blackley, Young, & Co. 163 St.
Vincent street
Blacklock, D. 82, 84 Jamaica st
Blair, George, 38 Queen street
Boag, John, 100 Holm st
Bolton Iron & Steel Co.; agent, D.
Campbell, 105 E«;linton st
Bost, A. & Co. 33 Renfield st
Breen, George, 116 St. Vincent
Broom & Moir, 44 York st
Bryson, James, 12 Cumberland st.
Brunner, Bros. & Co. 45 Hopest
Calder Iron Works; off. 1 Dixon st
Campbell, Colin, 27 Hope st
Carnbroe Iron Works; office, 127
Vincent st
Carron Co. 127 Buchanan st
Castel, Albert, 138 W. George st
Castel & Latta, 138 W. George st
Charles, John, 64 W. Howard st.
Christie Brothers, 133 St.Vincnt. st
Clark & Thomson, 17 Pitt st
Clyde Iron Works ; office, 92 W.
George street
Cockey, Wm. place of call, 35
Bath street
Coltness Iron Co. 124 St. Vinct. st
Colville, David, 251 Bath st
Colvin, W. & Co. 146 Buchanan st
Cowie, James, 'St. Enoch Chambers,
13 Dixon st
Cowie, J. & J. R. 104 Renfield st
Dalmellington Iron Co.; 124 St.
Vincent street
Dempster, Moor, & Co. 49 Robert-
son street
Dennystown Forge Co. (at A. Tol-
mie's), 166 Buchanan st
Donaghy, P. 16 Kirk st. Calton
Donald, James T. 42 Cadogan st
Donald, John, 42 Cadogan st
Donald, John, & Son, 42 Cadog. st
— See Advertisement in Append.
Duncan & Robertson, 26 Renfieldst
Dunderdale, Cyril, 163 St. Vin. st
Dunn, Andrew, 135 Buchanan st
Easton, James, 77 Charlotte st
Easton, R. & J. 79 Charlotte street
and 115 Greendvke st
Eglinton Iron Co. 168 W. Geo. st
Falkirk Iron Co. 77, 81 Union st.
and 56, 70 Alston st.; William
Clark, agent
Farnley Iron Co. (Limited), Leeds;
Rich. Ovington, agent, 98 Mit-
chell street
Feldtman, R. & Co. 116 St. Vin-
cent street
Fergus, James, & Co. 33 Hope st
Fernand, James, 29 Nicholson st
Fleming,P. & P.. & Co. 29 Argyle st
Forsyth, R. B. & Co. 82 W. Nile st
Forsyth & Son, 40 Union st
Fulton, Andrew, 59 Robertson st
Galbraith & Dalziel, 5 Clyde ter.
and 6 Hospital street
Galbraith, John, 5 Clyde terrace
and 6 Hospital st
Galbraith, S. 39 Charles st
Gait, D.108 Wellpark ter. Ark lane
Gardner, James, 23 Wellington st
Gartsherrie Iron & Coal office, 168
West George street
Gillan, Robert, 116 St. Vincent st
Gilmour, James, & Co. 4 N. Court,
Royal Exchange.
Glasgow Iron & Brass Wire Co.
50 Mitchell street

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