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Shipowners' Association, 80 Gordon street ; James
Muirhead, writer, secretary.
Shipping Office, 12 James Watt street; Frederick
Duncan, shipping master.
Shipping Office, Galway direct str., 42 Broomielaw.
SHIRLAW, J., & Son, auctioneers, 20 Dixon street;
house, Wishaw.
Shirlaw, T. Bell, colliery agent, 20 Dixon street.
SHIRRA & Black, blacksmiths, gasflttors, bell-
hangers, and stair-railers, 6 Main st. & 7G Hope st.
Shirra, James, spirit dealer, 552 Gallowgate ; house,
15 Market street.
Shirra, John (of Shirra & Black), house, 43 Buc-
cleuch street.
Shirra, Robert, clerk (at John M'Call's, 40 St. Enoch
square), house, 3 Kclburn terrace, Crossbill.
Shirra, Mrs. J., 43 Buceleuch street.
Shirra, Mrs J., wine and spirit merchant, 89 Bell-
grove street, 28G Duke street, DO Green street ;
house, 11 Roslea drive, Dennistoun.
Shirra, Mrs., 108 North Hanover street,
Shirra, Miss, 47 Garnethill street.
Shoeblack Brigade, John Rattray, manager, 114
SHORT, David, builder and quarrier ; office, Old
Basin, Port Dundas ; house, 12 West Garden
street, off New City road.
Short, John, mason and oven builder, 38 Glenpark
street, off East Miller street.
SHORTHILL, Charles, wine and spirit merchant,
14 Hospital street ; house, 3 Stanmore terrace,
Mount Florida.
Shotts Iron Co., coal and iron masters and iron-
founders, 37 West Nile street.
SIBBALD, William, wine and spirit merchant, 27
Dumbarton road ; house, 45 do.
Sibbald, Mrs. J., draper and milliner, 146 New City
road ; house, 22 Scotia street.
Sibbald, Misses M. & R,, widows' cap manufacturers,
315 Argyle street.
SIEBERG, G, analytical chemist, Chemical works,
114 West street ; house, 118 do.
SIEVEWRIGHT, Robert, slater and plasterer, 37
Stevenson street, Calton ; ho. 20 Green st., do.
Sivewright, William, commission agent, 163 Cow-
caddens ; house, do.
Sighthill Cemetery, Kirkintilloch road ; office, 10G
Ingram street.
Sighthill Glass Bottle Co., glass bottle manufacturers,
Petershill road, Springburn road ; John Wood, 17
Petershill road.
SILCOT, George (at Alex. Bryce & Co.'s), house, 90
Thistle street, Garnethill.
SILCOX, Geo. (at Alex. Bryce & Co., 42 St. Andrew's
street), house, 90 Thistle street, Garnethill.
Silicate Paint Co., Liverpool, manufacturers of
silicate paints, petrifying liquid, patent enamelling
paint. &c; agent, F. A. Barrow, 191 Hope street,
SILK, Thomas, billiard-table maker, 557 Sauchiehall
street ; house, 11 West Bank terrace, Hillhead.
SILLARS, Alexander, hame and chain maker,
Watson street ; ho. 112 Dean place, Rottenrow.
Sillars, George A., merchant and commission agent,
22 Dundas street; house, 12 Albert drive, Queen's
Sillars, James, blacksmith, 40 Soho street ; house,
608 Gallowgate.
Sillars, Peter (of Russell & Co.), 53 Morrison street ;
house, Benvaren, Pollokshields.
Sillars, W. & J., wood merchants and home timber,
17 Campbellfield street, off Gallowgate.
Sillars, Wm. (of W. &. J. Sillars), 612 Gallowgate.
Sillars, W. & J., grain and malt shovel makers, 17
Campbellfield street.
Sillar, Wm., assistant inspector of poor of Govan
parish, 7 Carlton place ; house, 363 South Welling-
ton street.
SI3WSS., Wm., teacher of phonography, 60 Elm-
bank street. — See Advert, in Appen.
Silver's marine engine governors ; Wm. Murdoch &
Co., agents, 30 Hope street.
SILVESTER. E., ticket writer, 84 Stockwell street.
SIM, A. E., & Co., wholesale and mercantile sta-
tioners, bookbinders, account-book manufacturers,
letterpress printers, lithographers, engravers, paper
rulers, die sinkers, and embossers, 41 West Regent
street and 69 Renfield st, ; house, 23 Abbotsford pi.
Sim, Alexander, rector, St, Enoch schools, 43 Rope-
work lane ; house, 9 Ibrox terrace.
Sim, Alexander, hatter, 16 Dumbarton road; house,
156 do.
Sime, Alexander, steel and commission agent, 121
West Regent street,
Sim, David, cabinet and looking-glass manufacturer,
"103 St. James' road; house, 3 M'Aslin street.
Sim, James (of James Sim & Co.), house, Moray pi..
West Cumberland street.
Sim, James, & Co., commission agents and mer-
chants, 153 Queen street.
Sim, John Keith, agent, Bank of Scotland, Hutche-
sontown branch, 136 Crown street ; house, 23
Abbotsford place.
Sime, John, 21 Abbotsford place.
Sim, Robert, Scotch bonnet manufacturer, Stewarton,
Ayrshire, and 14 Queen street ; ho. 1 Melrose st.
Sim, Thomas B., 5 Shamrock street.
Sime, William Strang (at George Edwards & Son's),
house, 22 Willowbank crescent.
Sim, William, & Co., contractors and granite mer-
chants, 88 Great Clyde street.
Sim, William (of William Sim & Co.), house, 3
Royal crescent.
Simm, William, ironfounder, Kingston Foundry,
Kinning street ; house, 8 Walmer crescent.
Sime, W. S., bookseller, stationer, and bookbinder,
and librarian, 130 Sauchiehall street.
Sim, Madame Mary Gonzaga, superioress. Franciscan
Convent, 58 Charlotte street. '
SIMEON, H., teacher of music, 114 Trongate and
101 Buchanan street; house, 10 Comely Park pi.
SIMONNAIRE, L. J., professor of French and Ger-
man ; house, 14 Ashfield terrace, Hillhead.
SIMONS, Benjamin (of Simons, Jacobs, & Co.), ho.
1 Adelaide place, Bath street.
Simons, Benjamin, & Co., wholesale fruit merchants,
24 and 26 Canon street.
Simons, Jacobs, & Co., fruit and general produce,
brokers, storekeepers, &c. ; warehouse, 219, 227
George street, and 83 Montrose street.
Simons, Michael (of Simons, Jacobs, & Co.), house, 4
Woodside place.
Simons, W., shipbuilder, Renfrew.
Simons, W., & Co., shipbuilders, engineers, and
founders, London Works, Renfrew.
Simmons, William, printer, 91 North Hanover street.
SIMPSON, Alex., baker, 38 Cowcaddens; ho. 34 do.
Simpson, Alexander, grocer and provision merchant,
98 Naburn street; house, 438 Rutherglen road.

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