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M'Haffie, James, & Co., manufacturing tinsmiths,
street lamp makers, gasfitters, packing case
makers, smiths, and coppersmiths, galvanized iron
and zinc work, 47 to 53 Cathedral street; office,
47 Cathedral street.
M'Haffie, John, portioner, 120 Reid st., Bridgeton.
M'Haffie, William (of M'Haffie & Alexander), house,
84 Hopetoun place.
M'Haffie, William, timber merchant, saw miller, fret
cutter, wood turner, and hammer shaft maker, 47
Dale street and 106 Nelson street, Tradeston ; ho.
141 Shields road.
M'Haffie, Mrs. Christina, 37 Great Western road.
MACHALE, James, 205 Crown street.
M'HARDY, Charles (of Malcolms, Macgeorge, & Co.),
house, 3 Ro} r al circus.
M'Hardy, D. W., & Co., produce brokers and com-
mission agents, 55 East Howard street.
M'Hardy, Geo. E. (at Jas. Mackenzie, Son, & Co.'s,
24 Stockwell street).
M'Hardy, John (at Mr. Frame's, 27 Dumbarton rd.).,
house, 133 do.
M'Hardy, P., H.M. Customs, Custom House ; house, 6
Prince Edward street, Queen's Park.
MACHARG, E. Simpson (of M'Clelland, Brothers, &
Co.), agent, Liverpool & London & Globe Fire &
Life Insurance Co., 7 Royal Bank place, Exchange
square ; residence, The Grove, Ibrox.
M'Harg, Samuel, storekeeper, 20 Wellington street ;
house, 40 Oxford street.
M'Harg, William, grain weigher and storekeeper, 23
Canal bank, Port Dundas ; ho. 279 St George's rd.
M'Harg, William, & Co., skirting manufacturers, 71
Hutcheson street ; house. 146 Dalmarnock road.
MACHATTIE, Dr. A. T., 'analytical and consulting
chemist, and lecturer on chemistry, 88 Hope st, ;
house, Uddingston.
Machattie, H., 1 Stanley street, Woodlands road.
M'HOUL, David, bootmaker, 241 Argyle st. ; house,
Buchanan villa, Shawlands.
M'Houl, Hugh, bootmaker, 267 George st. ; house, 80
North Frederick street.
M'Houl, James, boot and shoemaker, 19 Bedford st. ;
house, 6 Margaret street, south side.
M'Houl, Wm. B., boot and shoemaker. 206 New City
road ; house, 6 Margaret street, south side.
M'HUGH, Arthur, spirit merchant, 144 Gallowgate ;
house, 87 Abercromby street.
M'Hugh, Matthew, wine and spirit merchant, 28 Reid
street, Bridgeton; house, 119 New Dalmarnock rd.
M'Hugh, Mary, provision merchant, 402 Gallowgate;
house, 406 do.
M'HUTCHESON, William, wine and spirit merchant,
147 Garngad road; house, 93 N. Hanover street.
M'Hutchison, Mrs, umbrella manufacturer, 7 Bridge
street ; house, 2 Carlton court.
MACILQUHAM, Mrs. Jane, wine and spirit dealer,
280 Garscube road.
MTLRAITH, John (of M'llraith & M'Kcc), house,
92 Great Hamilton street.
M'llraith & M'Kee, lithographers, engravers, and
printers, 6 Union street and 172 Argyle street.
M'lLVRIDE, A. B., stationer, manufacturer of fancy
paper and drapers' boxes, pattern cards and books,
and importers of fancy stationery and boxes, 63
North Frederick st. ; house, 9 Scott st., Garnethill.
M'lLWRAITH, James, & Co., railway waggon tar-
paulin and canvas manufacturers, and contractors,
waterproofers, &c, 135 Hope st. ; wks., Kinning pk.
M'll wraith, Jas., manufacturer (of Jas. M'Uwraith &
Co.), house, 6 Berkeley terrace.
M'Uwraith, James, wright and builder, 400 South
York street ; house, 41 Rutherglen road.
M'Uwraith, John, & Son, plumbers, slate, glass, and
cement merchants, 114 High street, Ayr.
Macllwraith, Kennedy, & Brown, architects and civil
engineers, 227 West George street.
M'Uwraith, Walter (of James M'Uwraith & Co., 135
Hope st.), house, 5 Cecil place, Paisley road.
M'Uwraith, William, jun., architect, 227 W. George
street ; house, 3 Linden terrace, Pollokshields.
M'INALL, Andrew, draper, 61 Stevenson street,
Calton ; house, 63 do.
MTNALLY, John, & Son, fleshers, 131 Crown st. ;
■ house, 135 do.
MACINDOE, A. Dunn, 18 Belhaven terrace, Billhead.
Macindoe Brothers, stockbrokers, members of the
Glasgow Stock Exchange, 21 St. Vincent place.
Macindoe, F. H. P. (of Macindoe Brothers), house, 67
Hamilton drive.
Macindoe, George Park, 2 Royal circus.
Macindoe, John, of Duntocher, 18 Belhaven terrace,
Macindoe, Patrick (of Macindoe Brothers), house, 9
Somerset place.
Macindoe, Peter, wine and spirit merchant, 40 Port-
Dundas road ; house, 17 Holmhead street.
M'Indoe, Robert, sheriff officer and J. P. constable
for the counties of Lanark and Renfrew, 172 West
Nile street ; house do.
Macindoe, Robert A., accountant and insurance
agent, 201 Main street, Maryhill ; house, Kelvin-
bank terrace, MaryhilL]
Macindoe, Thomas, 64 Buccleuch street.
Macindoe, Thomas, accountant, house factor, and
agent for furnished houses, 18 Renfield street ; ho.
2 Walmer crescent, Paisley road.
M'Indoe, Mrs. Thos., Elmwood daily, 8 Hopehill rd.
Macindoe, Mrs. Thomas, 64 Buccleuch street.
MTNNES, D. (at R, Maconechy & Co.'s, 64 St. Vin-
cent st.), house, 109 King's Park pi., Greenhead.
M'Innes, Duncan, goldsmith and jeweller, 278 Bu-
chanan street ; house, 184 'West Nile street.
M'Innes, Finlay, agent, 39 Hope street.
M'Innes, Hugh, Post Office.
M'Innes, James, surgeon, 81 Main street, Bridgeton;
house, 109 King's Park place, Greenhead.
M'Innes, James (of William Graham & Co.), house,
2 Park quadrant.
M'Innes, John, family grocer and provision merchant,
34 Well St., Calton ; ho. 87 Great Hamilton st.
M'Innes, John (of Neil M'Innes & Son), house, 91
North Frederick street.
M'Innes, John, flesher, 78 St. George's road ; house,
156 Buccleuch street.
M'Innes, John, cashier (at the Patent Invention
Depot, 77 John street).
M'Innes, J. T., letter-press printer, 414 Argyle st.
M'Innes, Neil, & Son, hamcurers and wholesale pro-
vision merchants, 32 Stirling street.
M'Innes & Son, ropemakers, 256 Debbie's loan; house,
4 Catherine street, off Parliamentary road.
M'Innes, Wm., fruit merchant, 149 Crown street;
house, 226 do.
M'Innes, William, watchmaker, jeweller, and cutler,
96 Broomielaw; house, 22 Robertson street.
M'Innes, Mrs. Matthew, temperance hotel, 12 Hutche-
son street.

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