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M'Geoch, William, & Co., wholesale and general
ironmongers, and agents for the Patent Enamel
Co., Birmingham, Morrison's court, 108 Argyle si
M'Geoch, William, sen., 4 Hamilton terrace, Partick.
M'Geoch, William', jun. (of William M'Geoch & Co.),
house, 1 Hamilton terrace, Partick.
MACGEORGE, Andrew, writer (of Macgeorge,
Cowan, & Galloway), house, 6 Somerset place
and Glenarn row.
Macgeorge, Andrew, jun. (of Malcolms, Macgeorge,
& Co.), house, 17 Lynedoch crescent.
Macgeorge, B. B. (of S. M. Penney & Macgeorge),
house, 205 Bath street.
Macgeorge, Cowan, & Galloway, writers, 91 West
Regent street.
M'GETTIGAN, Anthony, ham, butter, and egg dealer,
15 Raglan street.
M'Gettigan, Rev. Norbet, R.C.C., St, Mungo's, 36
Parson street.
M'GHIE, Charles, brassfounder and gasfitter, 31
Cumberland street, south ; house, 209 Thistle st.
M'Ghie, Henry, cooper, 94 Cadogan street ; house,
116 Waterloo street.
M'Ghie, James, pawnbroker, 94 East John street.
M'GIBBON, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant,
224 London road, Bridgeton ; residence, Hayfield
house, London road.
M'Gibbon, Archibald (at Houston and M'Nairn's),
house, 361 Crown street,
M'Gibbon, David (of James M'Gibbon, 42 Bath st.),
house, 9 Kelvingrove street.
M'Gibbon, David (at George Lammie's), house, 386
Crown street.
M'Gibbon, David S., fire, life, accidental, and plate
glass insurance agent, 88 Hope street.
MacGibbon, David S., iron and commission merchant,
and agent for Skerne Iron Works Co. (Limited),
Darlington ; the Staffordshire Bolt, Nut, and Fenc-
ing Co. (Limited), and the Darlington Forge Co.
88 Hope street ; house, 6 Granville place, St.
George's road.
M'Gibbon, Henry, oil and colour merchant, 19 Hnt-
cheson street; house, 498 St. Vincent street.
M'Gibbon, James, drysalter, 42 Bath street.
M'Gibbon, James, rope and twine maker, Camtyne
road ; house, 237 Dahnarnock road.
M'Gibbon, John, Royal Bank of Scotland ; house,
101 Greenhead street.
MacGibbon, James, 88 Hope street.
M'Gibbon, M. C. (at Thomas Forrest's, 40 Ingram
street), house, 9 Allanton terrace, Crossbill.
M'Gibbon, Thomas M. (of Boston and Co.), house, 3
Whitehall street, Dennistoun.
M'Gibbon, William, grocer and provision merchant,
131 Eglinton street; house, 133 do.
M'Gibbon, William, 19 St. Vincent crescent.
M'Gibbon, William, salesman (at Stevenson & Coat's),
93 Gloucester street, Kingston.
MacGibbon, Mrs David, 6 Granville place, St.
George's road.
M'Gibbon, Mrs. J. B., 2 Havelock ter., Paisley road.
M'Gibbon, Miss, spirit dealer, Blythswood cottage,
34 and 36 Park road.
M'Gibbin, Mrs., milliner, 241 Dahnarnock road;
house, 237 do.
M'GILCHRIST, Archibald, ironfounder (of A.
M'Gilchrist &Co.),ho. Rosebank buildings, Rothesay.
M'Gilchrist, A., & Co., ironfounders, Stonefleld
Foundry, 268 and 270 Govan street.
M'Gilchrist, Jas., ironfounder (of A. M'Gilchrist &
Co. 268 and 270 Govan street).
M'Gilchrist, John, (of John Phillips & Co., 113 Hyde
Park street), house, 57 St. Vincent crescent.
M'Gilchrist, William, ironfounder (of A. M'Gilchrist
& Co., 268 & 270 Govan street).
M'GILL, Bryce, contracter, Cook street Mineral
M'Gill, David, spirit dealer, 267 South Wellington
st. and 195 Cumberland st. ; ho. 376 Crown st.
MacGill & Ferguson, manufacturers and merchants,
45 Cochran street.
M'Gill, Jas., house factor, 13 Nicholson st.; house do.
MacGill, James (at Wilson Brothers', 91 Mitchell st,),
house, 125 High John street.
M'Gill, James Willmott, agent for J. S. Fry & Sons,
20 Dixon street ; house, 16 Lansdowne crescent.
M'Gill, John (at P. & R. Fleming & Co.'s), house,
97 North Frederick street.
M'Gill, J. S., & Co., oil merchants and drysalters.
Wellington court, 43 Argyle street.
M'Gill, J. S. (of J. S. M'Gill & Co.), ho. 2 Clifton st.
MacGill, J. W. (of MacGill & Ferguson), residence,
Ellergreen, New Kilpatrick.
M'Gill, Thomas, wine merchant, 467 Garscube road ;
house, 469 North Woodside road.
Maegill, Thomas (at James Rankin & Son's), house,
M'Gill, Wm., church officer, High Church; house,
125 North John street.
M'Gill, Wm., M.D., 9 South Albion street; house, 6
Bothwell ten-ace, Hillhead.
M'Gill, Mrs.-, boot and basket merchaut, Bazaar; ho.
22 Balmano street.
M'Gill, Misses, dressmakers, 28 Cowcaddens.
MacGill, Miss Jane, matron, City of Glasgow Fever
Hospital, Kennedy street.
M'GILP, Archd., Rothesay carrier, 29 St, Enoch
square ; house, 7 West Prince's street, Rothesay.
M'GILLIVRAY & Brown, glass merchants and gla-
ziers, 53 John street.
M'Gillivray, David (of M'Gillivray & Brown, 53 John
street), house, 48 Holmhead street.
M'Gilvray, Donald, plasterer, 123 Barrack street ;
house, 97 Dunchattan street.
Macgilvray, Hugh (at J. & D. Paton & Co.'s), house,
2 Laurence p'ace, Dowanhill.
M'Gilivray, John, provision merchant, 150 Castie
street ; house, 137 Duke street.
M'Gilvray, John, china merchant, 175 Eglinton St.;
house, 173 do.
M'Gilvray, John S., tobacconist, oil and colour mer-
chant, 29 Stevenson street, Calton; house, 9
Craignestock place.
M'Gilvray, John S., tobacconist and ironmonger, 53
Castle street ; house, 9 Craignestock place.
M'Gilvray, Philip, whip maker, 113 North street.
M'Gilvray & Son, whipmakers, 1 Back wynd.
M'Gilvray, Walter, 6 Willowbank crescent.
M'Gillivray, William (at James Watson & Co.'s), ho.
48 Holmhead street.
M'Gilvray, Mrs., 48 Holmhead street.
M'Gilvray, Isabella, grocer, 4 Sedan place, Paisley rd.
M'GINN, Michael, butter and egg merchant, 27 West
Milton street ; house, 174 Cowcaddens.
M'Ginn, John, spirit merchant, 78 High street; ho.
61 Duke street.
M'GINNESS, George, manager of St, Rollox Flint.
Glass Works.

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