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M'Farlane, William, established 1840, the ori-
ginal prize medal mangle manufacturer, prizes
obtained at London, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow,
Ayr, &c., &c. (new registered trade mark, a "star"
in the centre of the top rail), maker of three-
fourths of the mangles in public and private use in
Glasgow and vicinity, sole maker of iron-framed
box mangles, also manufacturer of the celebrated
"star" wringing machines, washing machines,
screw presses, &c, &c; in large stock the " Fowell,"
" Home," " Real," " Cradle," and other washing
machines, and all laundry requisites of best and
most improved description; warehouse and office, 23
Cambridge street; works, 53 Stockwell street. —
- See Advertisement in Appen.
Macfarlane, Mrs. Peter, 87 Burnbank gardens.
M'Farlane, Mrs. Wm., victualler, 22 Hill st., Anders.
M'Farlane, Mrs., baker, 93 Eglinton st.; ho. 74 do.
M'Farlane, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 9 Grove street.
M'Farlane, Mrs., furnishings, 279 Garscube road.
M'Farlane, Misses E. A. and G, milliners and dress-
makers, 282 Bath street.
M'Farlane, Misses, dress and mantle makers, 296
Crown street.
M'Farlane, Miss, dressmaker, 21 Rose st., Garnethill.
M'Farlane, Agnes, confectioner, 122 Plantation st. ;
house, do.
Macfarlane, Cath., refreshment rooms, G2 Cornwall st.
M'Farlane, Catherine, greengrocer, 129 Renfield st. ;
house, 38 Findlay street.
M'Farlane, Janet, hosiery & furnishings, 4 J North st.
M'Farlane, Jeanie, confectioner, 205 J Stobcross st. ;
house, 173 Finnieston street.
M'FEAT, Alexander, family grocer, 327 Dumbarton
road ; house, 26 Arthur street.
M'Feat, John, plumber and gas fitter, 14 Helen st.,
Govan ; house, 4 do.
Macfeat, Walter (at J. & J. M'Culloch's), house, 142
Renfrew street.
M'Feat, William, 105 South Portland street.
M'FEDRIE, Mrs., delf shop, 32 Norfolk street.
M'FEDRIES, Mrs., furnishings, 46 M'Lean street.
M'FIE, Archibald, bootmaker, 263 Sauchiehall st. ;
house, 355 do.
M'Fce, Archibald, confectioner, 98 N. Woodside rd.
M'Fie, David, & Co., accountants, 167 St. Vincent st.
M'Fie, James (of J. Martin & Co., 238 Buchanan
street), house, 4 Washington street.
M'Fie, John, bank porter, Union Bank, 4 Washing-
ton street.
M'Fee, Jn., custom house officer ; ho. 400 Crown st.
M'GAIN, John, confectioner, 92a Great Hamilton
street; house, 92 do.
M'GALLAGLEY, Cornelius, pawnbroker, 51 Dale
street, Bridgeton ; house, do.
M'GARRY, James, outfitter, 254 High street ; house,
110 Saltmarket.
M'Garrie, Rob., basketmaker, 1 and 21 St. Andrew's
street; house, 23 do.
M'Garry, William, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 7
Great Clyde street ; house, 24 Ropework lane.
M'GARRITY, Michael, rag and metal merchant, 69,
71, 73 Hospital st. ; ho. 106 Rutherglen loan.
M'GAVERON, Peter, lobster dealer, 2 Guildry court.
M'GIVIGAN, John, ticket writer and lithographer,
190 Trongate.
M'GAVIN, Alexander, & Co., bonded and free ware-
house keepers, Ann street and Oswald street ; office,
18 Ann street.
M'Gavin, John, office, 4 West Nile street; ho. 19
Elmbank place.
M'Gavin, Joseph, manager (at A. Smith's, 140 Ren-
field street), house, 133 Cathcart street.
M'Gavin, Nathan, grocery and provisions, 308 St.
George's road ; house, 300 do.
M'Gavin, Samuel, clothier, 218 Argyle street; ho.
375 Sauchiehall street. •»
M'Gavin, William (of Alexander M'Gavin & Co.,
18 Ann street).
M'Gavin, Mrs. William, confectioner, 11 Canon st. ;
house, 9 do.
M'GAW, David, tobacconist, 177 Cumberland st.
M'Gaw, Captain John (at D. Hutcheson & Co.'s), ho.
45 Robertson street.
M'Gaw, John, butcher, 198 North st. ; ho. 181 do.
M'Gaw, J., mason and builder, 29 King st., Tradeston.
M'Gaw, William, grocer, 193 Eglinton street ; ho.
34 Devon street.
M'Gaw, Agnes, eating-house keeper, 138 High st.
M'GEACHY, James, upholsterer and bedding and iron
bedstead manufacturer, 7, 9, and 11 Stockwell
street, 371 Gallowgate, 254 Paisley road, 93 Can-
ning street, and at Moss street, Paisley ; house, 1
Roslea drive, Dennistoun.
M'Geachy, James, butcher, 45 and 47 Stobcross st.;
house, 93§ Main street.
M'Geachy, James, bookseller and stationer, 93
Union street.
M'Geachy, John, mason and builder, 51 Gardner st.
M'Geachy & M'Farlane, manufacturing chemists, 80,
82 Port Dundas road.
M'Geachie & Rankin, builders and masons, 51
Gardner street.
M'Geachy, Robert, dairyman, 91 Park road.
M'GIE, Edward, wine and spirit merchant, 278 Gars-
cube road ; house, 361 New City road.
Macgie, George, commission agent, 28 St. Enoch
square; house, 98 Gloucester street.
M'Gee, Henry, broker, 61 Rutherglen loan ; house, 38
Rutherglen road.
M'Gee, John, broker, 801 Gallowgate ; house, 2
Crownpoint street.
M'Gee, J., pawnbroker, 153 Rottenrow; ho. 146 do.
M'Gee, John (at Andrew Muirhead & Co.'s), house,
87 South Portland street.
M'Gee, John, ivory turner, bowling green bowl,
billiard, and croquet manufacturer, 26 Glassford
street; house, 80 Bellgrove street.
M'Gee, Patrick, pawnbroker, 130 South Wellington
st. and 4 North St.; ho. 130 S. Wellington st,
M'Gee, Roger, old iron and metal merchant, 50
Lancefield street.
M'GENN, P. S., & Co., wine and spirit brokers, sole
agents for John Begg, Lochnagar Royal Distillery,
Balmoral, 69 Robertson street; house, 4 Albert
drive, Queen's Park.
M'Genn, P. S., & Co., wine and spirit brokers, 69
Robertson st, ; ho. 4 Albert drive, Queen's Park.
M'GEOCH, Alex, (of M'Geoch & Co.), house, 11
Regent Park square.
M'Geoch, Andrew Jackson (of William M'Geoch &
Co.), house, 6 Albion crescent, Dowanhill.
M'Geoch & Co., wholesale and retail warehousemen,
26 and 28 Jamaica street.
M'Geoch, John, commission agent, 94 Hill street,
M'Geoch, William, & Co., house furnishing iron-
mongers, 113 Argyle street.

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