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I M'Crae, Robert (of R. & J. M'Crae), residence,
Stamperland, Cathcart.
M'Crae, R. & J., bedding manufacturers, 32 Union
street ; works, Camlachie ; residence, Stamper-
land, Cathcart.
M'Crae, Mrs., confectioner, 120 High st.; ho. 105 do.
M'CREA, Jas., commission merchant, Sydney court,
62 Argyle st. ; ho. 3 Lome terrace, Nithsdale rd.
MACREDIE, Andrew (at H. & R. Lamond's), 93
West Regent street.
M'Creadie, D., & Son, iron and machinery merchts.,
23 St. Andrew street; house, 4 Steel street.
M'Creadie, Dominick, wine and spirit merchant, G7,
69 Saltmarket; house, 4 Steel street.
Macreadie & Garroway, brickbuiklers, 10 Lambhill st.
M'Credie, Hugh, boot maker, 14 Main street, Ander-
ston, and 311 Paisley road; house, 6 Main street,
M'Cready, Johnston, greengrocer, 19 Crown street;
house, 21 do.
Macreadie, Mrs. Wm., grocer, 42 Great Dove hill ;
house, 110 Hospital street.
M'CREATH, George, mining engineer, 138 West
George street ; residence, Rosebank, Bothwell.
M'Creath, James, mining engineer, 138 West George
st. ; house, 24 Regent Park square, Strathbungo.
M'Creaths & Stevenson, civil and mining engineers,
138 West George street.
M'Creath, Wm., tobacconist, 360 Paisley road.
M'CRIE, Rev. Charles G, minister of St. Mark's
Free church, Main street, Anderston ; house, 3
Berkeley terrace.
M'CRINDLE, George, classical master, Western
Academy, 100 St. George's rd. ; ho. 431 St. Vin. st.
M'Crindle, James (of Geo. Gray, Macfarlane, & Co.),
132 St. Vincent street.
M'Crindle, James, engineer, 431 St. Vincent street.
M'Crindell, John H., civil and mechanical engineer,
76 Buccleuch street.
M'Crindle, Robert, veterinary shoeing forge, 33
Abbotsford lane; house, 102 Eglinton street.
M'Crindle, Schaw, & Co., commission merchants,
150 Hope street.
M'Crindle, Thomas (at M. Hunter & Co.'s, 19
Macfarlane street), house, 131 Hill street, East.
M'Crindle, William (of R. Foote & Co., wholesale
grocers), house, 73 Abbotsford place.
M'CRONE, James, printers' joiner, 34 Ann street.
M'Crone, James, wine and spirit merchant, 25 Stock-
well street ; house, 123 John street.
M'Crone, Robert, victualler, 90 Centre street; ho.
2 Ibrox terrace.
Macrone, Wm., letterpress steam printer, lithographer,
stercotyper, and engraver; office, 12 Dixon street;
steam printing works, 78 Fox street; house, 12
Montgomerie terrace, Mount Florida.
M'CRORIE, Miss, dressmaker, 104 Burnside street.
M'CROSSAN, Jos., importer of American, French,
and German clocks, 72 Jamaica street.
M'CRUDDEN, John, messenger, Union Bank of
Scotland ; house, 9 New City road.
M'CUAIG, Mrs. A., provision mercht., 12 Robertson
street ; house, do.
MACUBBIN, Andrew, cashier, Royal Polytechnic, 99
Argyle street.
M'Cubbin, John, tobacconist, 69 Centre st. ; ho. do.
M'CUE, William, & Son, ham curers and fish and
provision merchants, 31, 35 Ropework lane; ho.
16 Albert drive, Queen's park.
M'CULLOCH, Alex., secy., Slatefield Industrial
School, 719 Gallowgate.
M'Culloch, Alexander, shipmaster (at Thomson &
Gray's), house, 37 St. Vincent crescent.
M'Culloch, Andrew, 1 Belmont crescent.
M'Culloch, A. H. (of Morrison, Dick, & M'Culloch,
auctioneers and valuators), ho. 4 Douglas place,
Maculloch, David, Kinneil cottage, Cessnock rd., Govan.
M'Culloch, Dugald, grocer, 24 Cleland street.
M'Culloch & Fleming, bakers, 31 West Campbell st.;
house, 42 Greenhill street.
M'Culloch, George, tobacconist, 139 London road;
house, do.
M'Culloch, H., house painter, 11 Woodside road.
M'Culloch, H., plumber, 49 Paisley road ; house, 30
Paterson street, Kingston.
M'Culloch, Isaac (of Smith & M'Culloch, 62 Queen
street), house, 94 Hill street, Garnethill.
M'Culloch, Ignatius, assist, supt., Slatefield Industrial
school, 719 Gallowgate; residence, do.
M'Culloch, James, flesher, 14 St. George's road ; ho.
377 Bath street.
M'Culloch, James & John, wholesale and retail
grocers, 147 Argyle street ; wine merchants and
family grocers, 249 Sauchiehall street.
M'Culloch, John, sen. (at M'Corquodale & Co.'s),
house, 315 Argyle street.
M'Culloch, John, grocer and provision merchant, 14
Greenhill street and 31 West Campbell street ;
house, 42 Greenhill street.
M'Culloch, John, governor, Govan Combination Poor-
house, Merryflats, Govan.
M'Culloch, John, superintendent, Slatefield Industrial
School, Slatefield house, 719 Gallowgate.
M'Culloch, John, provision merchant, 367 Govan
street and 111 Mathieson street.
M'Culloch, John, tea merchant, 77 East Howard
street; house, 316 St. Vincent street.
M'Culloch, Joseph, lithographer, engraver, stationer,
&c, 518 Duke street; house, do.
M'Culloch & M'Ewen, house painters, 192 St. Vin-
cent street.
Maculloch, Macnaught, & Co., commission merchants,
105 £ St. Vincent street.
M'Culloch, Matthew, grocer and provision merchant,
91 Walkinshaw street, Bridgeton ; house do.
M'Culloch, Michael, hair dresser, 55 Rutherglen
loan ; house, 134 Thistle street.
M'Culloch, Miles, bottling store, 15 Turner street.
M'Culloch, Miles, grocer, 35 Middleton place.
M'Culloch, Moses, & Co., ironfounders, Cumberland
Foundry, 168 Gallowgate.
M'Culloch, Richard, writer and notary public, 4
N. Court, Royal Exchange ; ho. 109 Douglas st.
M'Culloch, Robert (at Wm. M'Cue & Son's), house,
Jane place, Govan road.
M'Culloch, Robert, casing cotton and cotton wick
manufacturer, 35 Cleland street.
M'Culloch, Robert, colporteur, 52 East Rose street.
M'Culloch, Robert, surgeon dentist, 163 Eglinton st.
M'Culloch, Robert, sen., 316 St. Vincent street.
M'Culloch, Robert, spirit merchant and victualler,
258, 260 Gallowgate; house, 249 do.
M'Culloch, Robert, cashier of the Scottish Amicable
Life Assurance Society, 35 St. Vincent place; ho.
316 St. Vincent street,
M'Culloch, Samuel & William, wholesale and family
grocers, 25, 27 Argyle street.

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