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London & Glasgow Engineering and Iron Ship-
building Co. (Limited), David Kingliom, general
manager ; engine works, St. James' Foundry, 49
Anderston quay ; boiler works, 172 Lancefield st. ;
shipbuilding yard, Middleton ship yard, Goran.
London and Glasgow Steam-pump and Salvage Co. ;
Wingate, Birrell, & Co., agents, 4 Royal Exchange
London & Glasgow Steam Shipping Co., Burrell &
Son, 141 Buchanan street.
London Guarantee and Accident Co., 114 West Nile
street, Graham Gilmour & Co., agents.
London & Lancashire Insurance Co., 29
Gordon street; A. R. Barlas, secretary. — See
Advt. in Append. Agents — R. Gilmer, 135 Bu-
chanan st. ; J. Calder, 203 Hope st. ; T. Cuthbert-
son, 20 Whitevale st. ; T. Brown, jun., 135
Buchanan st. ; Maclaurin Brothers, 1 S. Frederick
st. ; J. Gilmour, 26 Scotia st. ; W. Murdoch, 99
St. Vincent st. ; G. Muir, 25 Bath st. ; J. Dykes,
79 St. Vincent st. , W. T. Knox. 100 M'Kechnie
st. ; J. C. Stobo, 476 Argyle st. ; George Millar,
Darnley terrace, Shawlands; T. Stobo, 38 Mait-
land st. ; W. Heron, 20 Dixon st. ; Wm. Waddell,
5 Gardner street, New City road ; J. Riddell, 141
Great Hamilton street.
London & Manchester Plate Glass Co., Sutton ;
Archibald Arrol & Sons, agents, 16 Dixon street.
London & North- Western Rail. Co., 51 George sq.
Loudon Printing and Publishing Co., 16 Hope street,
A. Davidson, agent.
London Road Co-operative Society (Limited), grocery,
drapery, &c, 6 to 12 Marquis st.
London (The) Rice Mill Co. (Limited), agent, Wm.
Money (at Mr M'Lay's), 5 Waterloo street.
London Road Free Church, Rev. Peter M'Lachlan,
minister, 343 London road.
London Steam-Packet Office, Burrell & Son, 141
Buchanan street.
London & Southwark Fire and Life Insur-
ance Corporation (Limited), Wm. Smith &
Stoddart, resident secretaries, 75 AVest Mile st. —
See Advertisement in Appen.
London Union Fire and Life Assurance Office, A.D.
1714; Wm. Mudie, jun., C.A., agent, 67 West
Regent street.
London Warehousemen's Association — Scottish
Branch, 21 Renfield street; Barr & Carstairs,
Londonderry Steam Packet Office ; Alexander A.
Laird & Co., agents, 72 Great Clyde street.
Londonderry Steam Packets, 30 Jamaica street.
Londonderry Hotel, 3 Anderston quay.
Londonderry Steam Packet Office, Henderson Brothers,
47 Union street.
LONERGAN, Rev. William, St. Francis' Friary,
205 Cumberland street.
Lonergan, Mrs. William, 21 Ehngrove place. West
Regent street.
LONG, Harry A., missionary, Mission Hall, 36 Salt-
market; house, 59 Charlotte street.
Long, John Jex, manufacturer of congreve matches,
Vesuvians, fusees, wax tapers, blacking, &c. ;
Greenvale Congreve Match Works, 727 Duke st. ;
warehouses, 40 Nelson street and 28 Candleriggs,
city ; house, Whitevale, Deimistoun.
Long, John Jex, timber merchant and saw miller,
Greenvale Saw Mills. Paton street, off Duke street ;
house, Whitevale, Deimistoun.
Long, Rowley Jex (of John Jex Long), ho. White-
vale, Deimistoun.
LONIE, J., furnishings, 36 Findlay street ; house,
16 Killermont street.
Lonie, James, metal broker, 116 St. Vincent street ;
house, 4 Derby street.
Lonie, James, booking agent, Caledonian Railway,
Buchanan street ; house, 368 New City road.
Lonie, William, wine merchant and family grocer,
36 Walker street ; house, 433 New City road.
LONGRIGG, Joseph, plaster of Paris, cement, and
white mineral agent, 17 Cambridge st. ; ho. do.
Longrigg Collieries, Slamanan ; office, 20 Dixon st.
Lordship's Larder and Hotel, 10 St. Enoch's sq. ;
E. Salmon, proprietor.
LORENZ, James, grocer, 265 High st.; ho. 283 do.
LORIMER, George, draper, 11 Bedford street.
Lorimer, James, & Co., cotton and woollen waste
dealers, 80 Dale si, Tradeston ; ho. 205 Eglinton st.
Lorimer, John (of Lorimer & Moves), house, 306
St. Vincent street.
Lorimer & Moyes, comb and brush factors, perfumers,
and importers of foreign fancy goods, 15, 16
Argyle arcade; wholesale warehouse, 56 Howard
street, St. Enoch's square.
Lorimer, R. & W., wholesale account book manufac-
turers and stationers, 52 Jamaica street and 19
Renfield street.
Lorimer, Robert (of R. & W. Lorimer), house, 61
Mains street.
Lorimer, William, house factor, 52 Charlotte street.
Lorimer, W., grocer, 74 Abbotsford place; house,
76 do.
Lorimer, William (at Dubs & Co.'s), residence, St.
Albans villa, Albert road, Crossbill.
Lorimer, Mrs., 6 Woodside place.
Lorimer, Jane, fruiterer, 101 North street; house, 5
Richard street.
LORKIN, Frederick, wine and spirit merchant, 37
Hill st., Anderston; house, 28 Lancefield st.
Lorne Restaurant, 22 Dixon street and 40 Howard
street ; Alexander Conacher.
LORRAIN, W. S., & Gillespie, East India merchants,
234 West George street.
LOTHIAN, Adam, teacher, Town Hospital.
Lothian, A. G., assistant surveyor of taxes, 13
Queen street.
Lothian, John Alexander, M.D., L.R.C.S. Edinburgh,
175 Sauehiehah street.
LOTTIMER, Jack, & Co., mantle manufacturers, 153
Queen street.
Lottimer, Wm. (of Lottimer, Jack, & Co.), residence,
Clutha bank, Shawlands.
LOUDON, Archibald, Loudon Arms Hotel, 259
Duke street ; house,, do.
Loudon Brothers, iron and machinery merchants, 111
Bothwell street and 80 Mains street.
Loudon Brothers, engineers' ironmongers and india
rubber merchants, 111 Bothwell street and 80
Mains street.
Loudon, D., baker, 298 St. George's rd.; ho. 292 do.
Loudon, Gavin, Bank of Scotland, Laurieston - y ho.
Meadowbank, Strathaven.
Loudon, George F. (of Loudon Brothers), house, 3
Walworth terrace, Kent road.
Loudon, Hugh (of Loudon Brothers), house, 3 Wal-
worth terrace, Kent road.
Loudon, James (of M'Eachran, Loudon, & Co.),
residence, Cartside villa, Johnstone.

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