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161 Hope st. ; J. Miller, 229 Gallowgate; J.
Stewart, National Bank, St. Rollox ; Tennent &
Gibson, 152 West George st. ; J. Tennant, City
Bank, Cowoaddens ; Thomson, Johnston, & Jack-
son, 70 George sq. ; A. & J. Waddel, 419 Gallow-
gate ; D. Watson, 132 Main st., Blythswood sq. ;
J. E, Watson, 33 Renfield st. ; T. C. Young, 87
Union st. ; T. Stewart, 97 West Regent st. ; J.
Cathcart, 133 West Regent st. ; J. Dunn & Sons,
G2 Jamaica st, ; D. Fisher, 183 St. Vincent st. ; G.
Henderson & Co., 149 West George st. ; J. G.
Maclean, 201 West George st. ; T. W. Orr, 45 Hope
st.; W. Hart, jun., 80 Renfield st. ; F. Lochrane, 8
M'Lean st., Plantation ; W. Thomson & Co., 135
Buchanan st.
Liverpool, London, and Globe Insurance Co. ; agent,
Thomas Brown, jun., 65 West Regent street.
Liverpool and New York Steamers (Imnan Line), A.
Malcolm, jun., agent, 40 St. Enoch square.
Liverpool and Philadelphia Steamers ; M. Langlands
& Sons, agents, 88 Great Clyde street.
Liverpool Steam Packets, 30 Jamaica street.
Liverpool Rubber Company (Limited), R. Arthur,
agent, 25 Robertson street.
LIVINGSTON, Alexander, joiner, 11 Bright street,
Townhead ; house, 120 Wel'lpark terrace.
Livingston, Andrew, sheriff officer, 144 Mathieson st.;
house, do.
Livingston, Andrew, tobacconist and chandler, 50
Adelphi st. ; house, 234 Crown street.
Livingston, Archibald, writer and notary public, 18
Renfield street ; house, 15 Royal terrace.
Livingston, Archibald, measurer, 49 Bath street ; ho.
3 Dover street.
Livingston, Duncan, grocer, 43 Lambhill street ; house,
95 do.
Livingston, Ewing, & Co., commission agents, calen-
derers, packers, &c, 17 and 21 Virginia street.
Livingstone, Hugh (of Neilson & Livingstone), house,
161 Pollok street.
Livingston, James R., gold leaf, glass, and lead mer-
chant, 48 Gordon street ; house, 37 Morrison st.
Livingstone, John (at Gavin Addie & Sons 1 ), 16 St.
Enoch square.
Livingston, John (of John Inglis & Co., leather
factors), house, 19 Bute terrace.
Livingston, Robert (of Robert Livingston & Co.), ho.
136 Holland street.
Livingston, Robert, brassfounder, 136 Nelson street,
Tradeston ; house, 19 Paterson street, Kingston.
Livingston, Robert, & Co., saw, plane, and edge-tool
makers, cutlers, and ironmongers, 235 Argyle st.
Livingston, T., church officer, Milton Church; house,
42 West Milton street.
Livingston, Mrs. A., spirit merchant, 80 West street ;
house, 77 do.
Livingston, Mrs. C, chandler, 336 Gallowgate.
Livingston, Miss Mary, milliner and dressmaker, 35
Warwick street.
Livingston, A. & M., milliners and dressmakers, 306
Upper Crown street.
Livingston, Janet, china and smallware merchant, 29
Nelson street, Tradeston.
Livingston, Margaret, furnishing shop, 376 St. Vin-
cent street.
LIZAR & Son, jewellers, 208 Broomielaw.
Llewellins & James, brassfounders, coppersmiths,
and general metal workers ; works, Bristol ; office,
28 Bath street.
Lloyd's List Office, Dundee Advertiser and Daily
Review Offices, 15 Royal Exchange place.
Lloyd's (Germanic) Surveyor, 4 Hcnry Wilson, 53
West street, s.s.
Lloyd's Surveyor's Office, 36 Oswald street.
LOBNITZ, Coulborn, & Co., engineers and ship-
builders, Renfrew.
Local Marine Board, J. Muirhead, writer, secretary,
30 Gordon street.
Loch Katrine Adelphi Distillery, 4 Muirhead street.
Loch Katrine Distillery (pure malt), Camlachie,
Glasgow ; office, 4 Bothwell street.
Lociigelly, The, Iron and Coal Co. (Limited), Robt.
A. Mair, secretary, 79 St. Vincent street.
Lociigelly Iron & Coal Co. (Limited), agents, John
E. Swan & Brothers (Limited), 161 W. George st.
Lochgoil and Lochlong Steamboat Co. ; M. T.
Clark, 5 Dixon street, agent.
LOCHHEAD Brothers, booksellers and stationers, 7
and 9 Wellington ar. ; res. Annfield villa, Uddingston.
Lochead & Butler, wine and spirit merchants, 27
and 29 Saltmarket.
Lochhead, James, English and commercial teacher, St.
Andrew's Parish School, 65 Greendyke street ; ho.
45 Roslea drive, Dennistoun.
Lochead, Jaines (of Lochead & Butler), house, 101
Grcenhead street.
Lochead, James, wine and spirit merchant, 28^ St.
Andrew's st ; house, 8 Sommerville place.
Lochhead, James, druggist, 32 Elderslie street ; house,
30 do.
Lochhead, James (of William Bankier, jun., & Co.),
house, 12 Walmer crescent.
Lochead, Thomas, flesher, 162 Main st., Bridgeton ;
house, 101 Grcenhead street.
Lochhead, Thomas (of T. & J. Lochhead), house, 2
Croftbank crescent, Uddingston.
Lochhead, Thomas and John, booksellers and pub-
lishers and bookbinders, 249 Argjde street.
Lochhead, William, agent, 75 Jamaica street ; house,
91 Kent road.
Lociilomo:nd Steamboat Co., managers' and engi-
neers' office, R. Young & Son, 103 W. Regent st.
LOCHORE, Robert, fortius ; place of call, 131 Argyle
street ; residence, Minerva lodge, Lenzie.
LOCHRANE, Francis, wine merchant and Strauraisse
Quarry, 8 M'Lean street, Govan road ; house, 2
Cecil street, Paisley road.
Lochrane, William, wine and spirit merchant, 9
Plantation building, Paisley road.
Lociikuan Distillery Co., Campbeltown ; agent, W.
P. Lowrie, 45 Hope street.
LOCHTIE, Thomas, commission agent, 13 South
Exchange place ; ho. 10 Glenbank terrace, Lenzie.
Lock Hospital, 41 Rottenrow.
LOCKE, Blackett, & Co., lead manufacturers, New-
castle-on-Tyne, 80 Great Clyde street; Niven &
Pratt, agents.
Locke, Norman B., smith, bellhanger, and gasfitter,
369, 371 Parliamentary road ; house, 91 Glebe st.
Locke, Janet, grocer, 50 Florence street.
LOCKERBIE, James I. (of Thomas Davis & Co.),
house, 18 Richmond street.
Lockerbie, James (at J. P. Roberton & Co.'s), house,
1 Stanley place, Paisley road.
Lockerby, Thomas, merchant, 34 Burnbank gardens.
LOCKHART, Alexander R, (of Robertson, Lockhart,
& Co., 45 West Nile street), house, 318 St. Vin-
cent street.

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