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Hinshelwood, Robert, confectioner, 85 Stirling road.
Hinshelwood, William, provision merchant, 88 Great
Hamilton street; house, 90 do.
Hinshelwood, Mrs., Berlin wool repository, 208 Duke
street ; house, 131 Annfield street.
HIRSCHFELD, G. (at R. Feldtmann & Co.'s, 116
St. Vincent street).
HIRST, Henry, jun., & Co., woollen and Angola yarn
spinners, Tunbridge Mills, Huddersfield ; agents,
Maclaurin Brothers. 1 South Frederick street
His Lordship's Larder and Hotel, 10 St. Enoch sq.;
E. Salmon, proprietor.
HISLOP, Rev. Alex., minister of Greenhead IIP.
Church ; house, 5 Westereraigs, Dennistoun.
Hislop, Charles, 73 Eglinton street.
Hislop. David, spirit merchant, 263 London road ;
house, 240 do.
Hislop, George (of Hislop & Rae), house, 410 St.
Vincent street.
Hislop, James, tobacconist, 74 Elderslie street.
Hislop, Jas., M.D., F.F.P.S.G., 5 West Prince's st.
Hislop, J. B., F.R.C.S.E., medical and surgical prac-
titioner, 10 South Portland street.
Hislop, James, gas engineer, Partick, Hillhead, and
Maryhill Gas. Co. (Limited) ; resi. Baronald house.
Hislop, John (of Gibson, Hislop, & Co.), house, 11
Regent square, Lenzie.
Hislop & Rae, manufacturers and warehousemen, 74
Glassford street.
Hislop, William, fruiterer and confectioner, 36 and
38 Dundas street; house, 56 do.
Hislop, W. S., surgeon dentist, 42 Dundas street.
Hislop, Mrs. James, 198 Dumbarton rd. ; ho. 194 do.
Hislop, Miss E. R., furnishings, 190 St George's rd.
Hyslop, Miss, dressmaker, 118 Sauchiehall street.
Hislop, Miss, ladies' and children's outfitting estab-
lishment, 405 Sauchiehall street; house, 415 do.
HITCHCOCK, Thos. John, manufacturing chemist,
oil and colourman, 145 Houston St.; ho. 25 do.
HOARE & Co., brewers, London; Wright & Muir,
agents, 46 and 48 Bath street.
Hoar, Edward (at John E. Watson's, C.A.), house,
159 Rosehill place, Pollokshaws road.
HOBBS, Charles, manufacturing stationer, 54 Union
street and 35 Mitchell street ; house, 20 Loudon
place, Cathcart road.
Hobbs, David, & Co., letterpress printers and whole-
sale stationers, 63 North Frederick street ; house,
102 Montrose street.
Hobbs, S., house and ship painter and decorator, 112
Hyde Park street ; house, 3 Radnor terrace.
Hobbs, S. J. S. (at Scottish Amicable office), house,
235 Dumbarton road.
HOBSON, Alfred (Thorns & Co., 8 Prince's square),
house, 9 Roslyn terrace, Pollokshields.
Hohson, Richard, Postmaster and Surveyor,
G.P.O., George square ; residence, Lenzie.
Hochiieim (The) Association, Hochheim ; agents,
Leechman & Gray, 180 Hope street.
HODDER, W. H. Moore, merchant (of Lyle, Hodder,
& Co., 163 West George street).
HODDOW, Thomas, wright and builder, Croft street,
Great Eastern road ; house, 265 do.
HODGE, Colin C. (of Adams & Hodge), house, 134
St. George's road.
Hodge, David, cabinet maker, 22 Surrey street ; ho.
133 South Wellington street.
Hodge, George, collector (N.B. Railway, 14 West
George street), house, Bellevue, Helensburgh.
Hodge, James, jun. (at J. & T. Hodge's), house, 2
Nithsdale place, Paisley road.
Hodge, James, 145 Renfrew street.
Hodge, James R., bookkeper and insurance agent (at
Andrew Shaw's, 20 Union st.), ho., 9 Winton ter.
Hodge, J., & Co., drapers, 453 Paisley road ; house.
186 Watt street.
Hodge, James, jun. (of Robert Douglas & Son), ho.
12 St. George's terrace, Paisley road.
Hodge, James, sen. (of J. & T. Hodge), ho. 2 Niths-
dale place, Paisley road.
Hodge, John (at Stewart & M'Donald's), house, 134
St. George's road.
Hodge, John B., smith, 47 Carrick street ; house, 2
Bute terrace, south side.
Hodge, John, & Co., rope and twine manufacturers,
307 Great Eastern road ; house do.
Hodge, J. & T., tobacco and snuff manufacturers, 3,
5 Argyle street.
Hodge, R. & J., upholsterers, 16 Copeland rd., Govan.
Hodge & Stewart, in liquidation, writers, 116 West
Regent street.
Hodge, Thomas Hamilton, physician and surgeon, 338
Scotland street, south side ; house, 142 Pollok st.
Hodge, Thomas, 115 Buchanan street ; ho. Castle-
head, Paisley.
Hodge, Thomas (of Ogg & Hodge, warehousemen),
house, 365 Bath crescent.
Hodge, William J. (at D & T. Duncan's, 98, 100
West Regent street), house, 174 Comely Park st,
Hodge, W. B., 3 Victoria terrace, Dowanhill.
Hodge, William, brickmaker and contractor, 4 Great
Eastern road.
Hodge, William (of Craig Brothers), house, 1 Co-
runna street.
Hodge, William, shorthand writer, 81 St. George's
place ; house, 15 Hillsborough square, Hillhead.
Hodge, Wm., jun., brickbuilder, 2 Great Eastern rd.
Hodge, William (of J. & T. Hodge), house, 2 Niths-
dale place, Paisley road.
HODGEET, Robert, tailor, clothier, and gentlemen'*
hosier, 301 Argyle street; house, 327 do.
HODGKINSON, F. A., & Co.. forwarding and steam
ship agents, 3 North court, Royal Exchange.
Hodgkinson, W. C, licensed horse slaughterer,
323 Kennedy street, Dobbie's loan ; house, 13
Holmhead street. — See Advertisement in Appen.
HODGSON, James, grocer, 53 Marlborough street.
Hodgson, W., brassfounder, Ayr Brass Foundry, 114
High street, Ayr; house, 134 do., Ayr.
HODGTON, Thomas, cabinetmaker and joiner, 26
Milton lane ; house, 53 Maitland street.
HODSTON, Alexander, clerk of works, 123 Kent rd.
HOEHL Brothers, growers of Hocks and Moselles,
Geisenheim on the Rhine ; John Rcid, agent, 23
Royal Exchange square.
HOEY & Annand, tailors, clothiers, drapers, and
milliners, 170, 172, 174 Castle street.
Hoey, D. G., accountant and stockbroker, 54 St.
Vincent street ; residence, Fernlea, Langside.
Hoey, James, factor, 98 Gloucester street.
Hoey, James, general draper, 236 High street.
Hoey, Samuel (of Hoey & Annand), ho. 21 Castle st.
HOFMANN, J. A., & Co., merchants, 14 and 15
Gresham street, London, and 5 Mitchell st.
HOGG, Adam (of M'Intyre, Hogg, & Co.), house,
Mersey Lea, Brooklands road, Sale, Cheshire.
Alex., smith and farrier, 84 Main street.
Anderston; house, 204 Holm street.

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