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Doig, John, flcsher, 68 Crown street; house, 58 do.
Doig, John, dairy, 70 Crown street; house, 58 do.
Doig, P., dairyman, 150 Stobcross street and 526
St. Vincent street ; house, 522 do.
Doig, William, manufacturing goldsmith and jeweller,
8 Buchanan st, ; house, 8 South St. Mungo street.
DOLLAR, George (of G. & W. Dollar), house, 22 St,
Mungo street, south.
Dollar, G. & W., tinsmiths, gasfitters, and ironmongers,
187 High street.
Dollar, Hay, portioner, 12 Allison street, Crosshill.
Dollar, William (of G. & W. Dollar), ho. 12 Allison
street, Crosshill.
DOLLIN, William, grocer, 229 Stobcross street ; ho.
5 Elliott street.
DON, George, spirit merchant, 45 Dale st., Bridgeton ;
house, 38 Main street, Rutherglen.
Don, H. M., Inland Revenue Office keeper, 13 Queen
street ; house, 1 1 do.
DONACHIE, John, bookseller and stationer, 5
M'Intyre street.
Donaghy, Peter, waste merchant, 16 Kirk st., Calton.
Donaghy, Peter, iron and metal merchant, 16 Kirk
street, Calton ; house, do.
Donaghy. Peter, glass and china merchant, 12 Kirk
street, Calton.
Donaghy, Mrs. Jane, fruiterer, 48 Dumbarton road.
DONAGHUE, Patrick, joiner and glazier, 8 Duncan
street, Calton ; house, 84 Abercromby street,
DONALD, Alex, (of William Collins, Sons, & Co.),
house, 4 Cathkin terrace, Mount Florida.
Donald, Andrew (of Donald & Sellar), house, 33
Monteith row.
Donald & Baillie, wholesale grocers and tea mer-
chants, Campbell arcade, 34 and 40 Candleriggs
and 74 Trongate.
Donald, Colin Dunlop, jun., writer, 136 St. Vincent
street; house, 196 Bath street,
Donald, Gavin (of George Miller & Co.), ho. 21 West
West Prince's street,
Donald, George, hotel-keeper, 84 Oswald street.
Donald, George, tobacconist and news agent, 231
Stobcross street.
Donald, James, jun., clothier and hosier, 185 Argyle
street ; house, Prospecthill, Mount Florida,
Donald. James, surgeon, 94 Great Hamilton street ;
house, 16 Monteith row.
Donald, James (of George Miller & Co.), house, 21
West Prince's street.
Donald, James, bookbinder, 253 Argyle street ; ho.
70 Norfolk street.
Donald, James, power and hand warper, 10 Renfrew
lane ; house, 166 New City road.
Donald, James (of Adam Walker & Co.), house,
Myrtle bank, Copeland road, Govan.
Donald, James, gas burner manufacturer, 15 Marga-
ret street ; house, 9 Stockwell street,
Donald, James T., iron merchant, 42 Cadogan st, ;
house, 7 Kclvinside terrace, north.
Donald, James, agent, National Bank of Scotland,
265 Govan road; house, Lily vale cottage, Govan.
Donald, James, bank teller, National Bank of Scot-
land, 449 Sauchichall st. ; ho. 171 West Graham st.
Donald, James, agent for Carron Co. 127 Buchanan
st. ; house, Halidon, Cambuslang.
Donald, James, superintendent of police, Northern
District, Police Chambers, Maitland street ; house,
137 Cambridge street.
Donald, John, 6 Radnor terrace.
Donald, John, grocer and victualler, 44 Maitland
street ; house, 3 New City road.
Donald, John, & Son, iron merchants, 42 Cado-
gan street. — See Advertisement in Appendix.
Donald, John, & Son, horse shoe manufacturers.
42 Cadogan street. — See Advertisement in Appen.
Donald, John, & Son, fan and exhauster makers,
42 Cadogan Street. — See Advertisement in Appen.
Donald, John, teacher, St. Rollox Schools, Gam-
gad road.
Donald, John, goldsmith and watchmaker, 15J
Adelphi street ; house, 45 John street,
Donald, John, dairyman, 16 Findlay street.
Donald, John, iron merchant, 42 Cadogan street;
residence, Glenacre, Inellan.
Donald, Matthew, house factor, 26 Dale st., Bridge-
ton ; house, Rosebank buildings, Cambuslang.
Donald, P., & Co., manufacturers of millinery, under-
clothing, and hosiery, 239 Argyle street,
Donald, Robert, stationer and bookbinder, 253, 263
Argyle street; house, 22 Abbotsford place.
Donald, Robert, clerk to city income tax commis-
sioners, 52 Virginia street and 13 Queen street.
Donald & Sellar, warehousemen, 90, 92 Trongate.
Donald, Thomas, commissary clerk of Lanarkshire.
124 Hope street; house, 196 Bath street.
Donald, Thomas, house factor and insurance agent,
109 West George street and 132 Main street,
Bridgeton ; house, 20 Monteith row.
Donald, Thomas, hosier and glover and shirtinaker,
159 Ingram street; ho. 16 Catherine street, north.
Donald, Thomas, agent for Glenmill Washing and
Dressing Establishment ; works, Glenmill, Camp-
sie ; office, 159 Ingram st. ; house, 16 Catherine st.
Donald, Walter, North British Patent Rivet and Cut
Nail manufactory, 53 and 55 St. James' road ;
house. 55 do.
Donald, William, family grocer, 222 Dumbarton road;
house, 5 Gladstone place.
Donald, Wm. J. A., secretary, The Eglinton Chemical
Co. (Limited), 31 St. Vincent place ; house, 158
Hill street, Garnethill.
Donald, William, insurance and commission agent,
superintendent of agents, British Equitable Assur-
ance Co. (Life), agent for Scottish Imperial (Fire)
and other first-class offices, also for Accident and
Plate Glass and Marine Insurance Companies, 2
Newhall terrace ; house do.
Donald, William (of Donald & Baillie), house, 14
Bute terrace, Pollokshaws road.
Donald, William, plumber, 81 Sandyfaulds street;
house, 12 Camden street.
Donald, Mrs. John, dining rooms, 49 John street ;
house, 45 do.
Donald, Mrs. J., grocer, 133 Gloucester street ; house,
1 Kinning street.
Donald, Miss Agnes, hosiery and furnishings, 30
Bedford street.
Donald, Misses, 509 Sauchichall street,
Donald's Western Hotel, 84 Oswald street.
DONALDSON, Alex, (of James Watson & Co), house,
27 Blythswood square.
Donaldson, And., butcher, 384 Duke st, ; ho. 388 do.
Donaldson, Archibald F. (of Donaldson Brothers),
house, 15 Ashton terrace, Dowanhill.
Donaldson, Benjamin (of Wm. Thomson & Co., Smith
street, Paisley road), house, 9 Stanley street.
Donaldson Brothers, ship and insurance brokers, 67
Great Clyde street.

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