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Russell, Mrs. draper, 57 King st
Sewell, Win. session-clerk and pa-
rochial schoolmaster ; school,
Matilda st ; ho. Cartcraigs
Simpson, Andrew, gas manager ;
house, M'Arthur st
Smith, C. & Co. shirt manufac-
turers, 64 Howard st. Glasgow;
house, PoUokbhaws
Sproul, Robert, baker, 14 Main st
Sproul, Wm. grass bleacher, and
family washing and dressing
establishment, Govan hall
Steel, James, boot and shoe ware-
house, Maxwell cross
Steel, John, surgeon, 6 King st
Steel, Mrs. J. grocer, Pollok st
Stevenson, Jchn, tailor, 71 King st
Stewart & M'Kenzie, engineers &
ironfounders, Govanhaugh
Stewart, Walter, agent for City of
Glasgow Bank, N. British and
Mercantile Fire and Life Insur.
Co. sub- distributor of stamps,
and sub-collector of taxes, King
St.; house, PuHok road
Stewart, Wm. (of Stewart &
M'Kenzie), house, Bothwell ter.
Strang, David, Pollokshaws and
Glasgow carrier
Strang, Wm. grocer and spirit
dealer. Main st
Tassie, James, Clydesdale Banking
Co. 20 Kiiigst.; house, 27 do.
Tassie, John, Coustonhill
Taylor, Wm. grocer and provision
merchant, 4 Main street; house,
Maxwell street
Thomson & Martin, masons and
builders, Pollok street
Turnbull, Mrs. John, 74 King st
Tracy, Hen'y, pawnbroker, 12
Pollok btreet
United Presby. Ch. Matilda street
Urie, John, gr(:cer. King street
Uiie, John, cart wright and joiner,
glazier and funeral undertaker,
Shawhill street
Walker, Alexander, & Co. rope &
twine manufacturers, Coganst.;
house, 89 King street
Walker, James, draper, 40 King
street ; ho. East Park Buildings,
Walker, Wm. surgeon, Main st
Wark, R. juiner, 18 Pleasnnce st
Watson, Duncan, grocer, 29 Main
street ; ho. I Rosendale road
Watson, Joseph, grain and potato
merchant; ho. Auldfield cottage
Watson, Wm. (of Jas. Young &
Son), Auldhoustfield ; house,
29 Herriot street
Weir, Wm. Kiverbank bouse
Welsh, Matthew, hot-ier, 81 Geo.
street ; house, 67 King street
Whitelaw, Agnes, milliner and
dressmaker. Main street
Willnck, Mrs. J. paint shop, 50
King street
Wilson, Alexander, & Co. drapers,
78 King street
Wilson, John, grocer, 19 Main st.;
ho. Laurel Bank pi. Shawlands
Wilson, Mrs. A. carriage hirer,
Bay Horse Tavern, 79 King st
Woodside, Robert, grocer and pro-
vision merchant, 43 Main st. ;
house, Bothwell ter. Shawlands
Wren, William, grocer and wine
merchant, 3 Pollok street ; ho.
16 Maxwell street
Young, James, & Son, bleachers,
and finishers of mu-<lins, silks,
prints,ginghamg,&c. Auldhouse-
field. Letter box, Morison
Kyle's, 108 Queen st. Glasgow
Young, Wm, & Co. power-loom
muslin manufs. Auldhousefield.
Letter box, Morison Kyle's,
108 Queen street
Young, Mrs. Mansion house, Auld-
Allan, J. Muirfield ho. Albert rd
Allan, Jn. (of John Allan & Co.)
Muirfield house, Albert road
Anderson, John Elmtree cottage,
St. Andrew's road
Anderson, Wm. Dean Bank villa,
Bruce rd
Arnott, W. corn-factor, Lome cot.
St. Andrew's road
Barr, W. B. Netherton house,
Maxwell rd
Barrie, Jane, fruiterer and confec-
tioner, 3 Doon ter
Barton, Wm. Cable villa, Bruce rd
Berinie, Geo. Stanley villa, St.
Andrew's rd
Bennie, Jas. Roselea cottage, St.
Andrew's road
Blair, James (of Blair, Campbell,
& M'Lean),, Rosebank villa,
Bruce rd
Blair, Jn. (of Joha Blair & Co.)
Boag, Charles S. Midfisld ho. St.
Andrew's rd
Bowman, D^vid, 1 Keir ter
Bremner, Robert, minister, Free
Gorbals Manse
Browclie, Ttiomas, builder, eon-
tractor, and quarry master,
Braidwood ho. St. Andrew's rd
Buchanan, Wm. (of Gray &
Buchanan), Lancefield cottage
Burns, John, Austin villa, Max-
well rd
Cameron, John, Roslin cottage,
Maxwell rd
Carmichael, H. Thos. 2 Linden ter
Clenient. Andrew, Ingleston
Coghill, John, contract and build.
Coghill, Wm. Louisburgh house
Connell, Jas. wright and builder,
Oakfleld, Maxwell rd
Cook, James (of Cook & Robert-
son), Tinavale cottage
Cook, Robert, engineer, Woodbine
cottage, St. Andrew's rd
Crdig, Andrew, civil engineer,
Thornbank, Bruce rd
Crawford, Wm. Cree, Swiss cot.
St. Andrew's rd
Crichtoo, Geo. P. family grocer
and wine merchant
Cunningham, James, Netherton
House, Maxwell rd
Cunningham, Mrs. Netherton ho.
Maxwell rd
Cuthbert, James, 4 Keir ter
Cuthbertson, James, plumber, 1
Doon ter.; house, 2 do.
Dalglish, Andrew Adie, designer,
4 Linden ter
Dick, Thos. Lochhead house
Dickson, Geo. Seafield
Dixon, H. C. (<'f Hutchison &
Dixon), Dumbritton cottage, St.
Andrew's rd
Dickson, Jas. merchant
Dixon, John (of Hutch'son &
Dixon), Dumbritton cottage
Donald, James T. Hawthorn villa,
St. Andrew's rd
Donald, John, Hawthorn villa
Duncan, Mrs. Ales. Lamlasb pi
Dunlop, Wm. 2 Doon ter
Dunn, Mrs. Peter, Endrick villa,
St. Andrew's rd
Eadie, James, Albert rd
Elder, James, Faskin cottage
Fairie.Thos. Harriet villa, Albert rd
Fenwick, John, chemist, 4 Doon
Ferrie, Jas. Ella bank, Albert rd
Finlay, John, Mos.spark house,
Albert rd
Fyfe, Mrs. Hazelton, Bruce rd
Galloway, Andrew, civil engineer,
4 Keir tijr
Gardner, Robert, Gowanlea, Al-
bert rd
Gardner, T. R. (of Gardner & Co.),
Lilybatik cot. St. Andrew's rd
Geddes, Robert (of R. Geddes &
Sons), Maxwell villa, Max-
well rd
Gedde.=, Robert, sen. BraesiJe
bouBe, St. John's rd
Geddes, Wm. T. Braeside house,
St. Juhn's rd
Gilchrist, David, Beech villa, St.
Andrew's rd
Gilmour, Robert, (J.P. county of
Renfrew), Bedford house, Max-
well rd
Glen, A. B. Hampton cottage,
Ayton rd
Glen, J. Lang, Hampton cottage,
Ayton rd
Glen, John, Hampton cottage,
Avton rd

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