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Barbour, Graham, plumber and
gabfitter, 192 Dumbarton road;
house, 2 Crawford st
Barbour, Thos. flesher, Windsor pi
Barclay, D. S. & Son, funeral
undertakers, 69 Victoria street,
Govan, and 111 Dumbarton rd, ;
ho. 107 Dumbarton road
Barclay,Hugh,architect,2 Mauleter
Barker, John (of Barker & Co.),
ho. Meadowbank cre.scent
Barrie, John, spirit merchant, 32
Orchard st
Barrow, F. A. Viewpark villa
Bajne, Samuel T. grocer and wine
merchant, 232 Dumbarton rd. ;
house, 10 Dowtnhill st
Bayne, Thomas, baker, 6 Dowan-
hill place; house, 5 do
Bertram, Peter, stationer, Free-
land bank
Besant, Christopher, Westfield ter.
Bionie, James, assistant to H. M.
inspector of schools ; house, 262
Stewartville place
Binnie, Mrs. Jas. coal agent ; ho.
8 Stewartville st
Binnie,MissM.; ho.8 Stewartville st
Birrell, Dawson, 2 Lawrence place
Birrell, Walter, Middlefield, Par-
Bisset, Wm, teacher, 23 Elgin ter
Black, Thomas, slater and plas-
terer, Peel St.; ho. 8 Hamilton st
Boag, Wm. spirit merchant, 465
Crawford place ; ho. Sandbank
buildings, Clyde st
Borlhwick, J. B. 11 Annfield ter.
Bow, James Anderson, agent for
Standard Life Assurance Co.
Caledonian Plate Glass Insur-
ance Co. Scottish Provincial As-
surance Co. Royal Insurance Co.;
ho. 356 Hayburn place
Bow, James Anderson, accountant,
Royal Bank, 354 Hayburn pi.;
house, 356 do
Boyd, Edmund, master of educa-
tional method, FreeCh. Traing.
College ; ho. 3 Hamilton st
Bremner,Rev. Henry (of Free High
Church), ho. 10 Annfield ter
Brock, James, English master,
Partick Acad. ; ho. Inch bank
Brown, A. J. & R. Caledonian
Bolt & Rivet Wks. Castlebank st
Brown, Alex, fruit and confections,
109 Dumbarton road ; house, 20
Merkland street
Brown, James, baker, 339 Dum-
barton road
Brown & M'Millan, Partick Cloth
Hall, Windsor place
Brown, Matthew, Thornton, Partk.
Brown, Thos. warehouseman (of
Stewart & M 'Don aid), house,
Meadowbank place
Brunton, Andrew, chemist and
druggist, 250 Dumbarton road
Burgess, David, china and hard-
ware merchant, 228 Dumbarton
road; ho. 226 do
Burgess, Jas. glazier and painter,
320 Dumbarton road; house, 4
Windsor place
Burns, Andw. shipbuilder, Clyde
Bank Shipbuilding Yard ; ho. 7
Maule terrace
Cail.Mrs. George; ho. Sandbank pi
Cairns, Francis, cabinet and chair
maker, 85 Dumbarton road;
house, 83 do
Cairns, John, bank agent, 326
Dumbarton road ; house, 13
Hamilton terrace, W.
Calder, Rev. John, Partick manse
Calder, Thos. joiner and glazier,
359 Dumbarton road ; house, 13
Downie place
Cameron, Allan, grocer, 62 Ander-
son st. ; ho. 60 do
Cameron, David M. evangelist, 4
Dowauhill st
Cameron, D. Dykes (of Hatfield,
Cameron, & Co.), ho. Mulberry
Cameron, Duncan, Sandbank pi
Cameron, Thomas (of the Partick
Post Office), ho. 324 Hamil. pi
Cameron, Mr. R. ; ho. Mulberry
Campbell, Alex, grocer and wine
merchant, 122 Dumbarton rd.;
ho. 2 Victoria st
Campbell, Dun. grocer and wine
merchant, 364 Dumbarton rd
Campbell, James S. 204 Dum-
barton road
Campbell, John, teller, N.S. Sav-
ings Bank ; ho. 5 Maxwell st
Campbell, John, surgeon, 4 Stew-
artville St.; ho. 2 Dowanhill pi
Campbell, Thomas, church officer,
Lincoln pi
Campbell, Wm. Board of Trade
surveyor, Glasgow ; ho. 2 Ann-
field terrace
Campbell, W. C. watchmaker, 240
Dumbarton rd.; ho. 234 do.
Campbell, Mrs. Janet, grocer and
wine merchant, 349 Dumbarton
rd.; ho. 351 do.
Carmichael, Robert, wright, 13
Douglas street ; ho. 25 Argyle
Carrick, Robt. 204 Dumbarton rd
Cassils, Charles, 1 Annfield ter.
West Partickhill
Cassils, Mrs. 4 Annfield terrace,
City of Glasgow Branch Bank;
G. Paisley, agent, 314 Dum-
barton road
Clark, John, 6 Meadow Bank cres
Clark, John, gardener, Clayslaps,
372 Dumbarton rd
Clark, Joseph, chemist, druggist,
and herbalist. Cross, Partick,
and 133 Dumbarton road; ho
3 Gardner street, west
Clark, M. & A. Fairthorn villa,
Balshagry avenue
Clark, Agues, dressmaker, 6 An-
derson St.; ho. do.
Clow, Andrew, watchmaker, 40
Hyndland st
Cochrane, Mrs. 6 Hamilton cres
Cocky, Wm. iron merchant; ho.
5 Dowanhill ter
Colquhoun, D. T. 1 Dowan Vale
Cook, Chas. grocer and ho. factor,
74 and 76 Anderson st
Cook, John, grocer and wine mer-
chant, 52 Orchard street ; ho.
Windsor pi
Cooper, Robt. Ashburne lodge
Cooper, Wm. Thomson, physician
and surgeon, 21 Argyle place,
corner of Hyndland st
Costigane Brothers, mercht. tailors
and hatters, 338, 340 Dumb, rd
Costigane Brothers, general ware-
housemen, 340, 342 Dumba. rd
Costigane, John T. 3 Sandbank pi
Costigane, Wm. 62 Stewartville st
Craig, James, senr. Westfield ter
Craig, John, Netherlee
Craig, Robt. Hunter, Westfield ter
Craig, Robt. Netherlee
Gumming, William, Greenbank
Curaming, Wm. accountant, 20
Lawrence pi
Cunningham, John, missionary,
Whiteinch; ho. Sandbank pi
Danskin, A. B. insurance surveyor,
4 Eldon terrace
Danskin, John, 4 Eldon terrace
Dargan, Wm. 1 Merkland pi
Davidson, K. ; ho. Rose cottage
Davidson, Robt. Rose cottage
Davidson, Mrs. 19 Elgin terrace
Davie, Jas. bootmaker, 332 Ham-
ilton pi. ; ho. 330 do.
Dawson, John, 244 Lincoln pi
Dewar, Wm. farmer, Meadowside
Dick, A. H. B.Sc. M.A. LL.D.
lecturer on history ; ho. Rose-
land house
Dickson, Wm. Gillespie, senior
sheriff substitute ; ho. Westfield
Donaldson, John, 6 Maule terrace
Donaldson, Wm. P. Argyle pi
Douglas, Mat. slater, yard, 31
Anderson st. 309 Virginia pi
Douglas, Wm. slater, 73 Orchard
St. 302 Windsor pi
Duckett William (of Bayne &
Duckett), ho. 6 Annfield ter
Dron, Alex. 17 Elgin ter
Duncan, Robert, ironfounder and
brassfounder, Partick Foundry ;
ho. Dunlee, Paitick hill
Dunlop, Jas. & Co. iron masters,

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