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Cairns, Robt. 14 Ibrox ter
Campbell, Alex, grocer & flesher,
230 Govau rd. ; house, Wood-
land villa
Campbell, Alex, market gardener,
174 Govan rd. ; ho. 101 Main st
Campbell, Archd. Linda villa
Campbell, A. & P. joiners and
builders, Brooraloan rd ; ho. 80
Queen st
Campbell, \Vm. spirit merchant,
327 Govan rd. ; ho. 4 Bucking-
ham sq
Chalmers, Andw. Newstead place,
Govan road
Carmichael, Henry, merchant, 346
Greenwell pi. & 10 Victoria st.;
ho. 3 Middleton building
City of Glasgow Bank Branch,
Bank pi.; John Rankin, agent
Clark, Andw. 1 Ibrox pi
Clark, Geo. W. Dumbreck villa
Clark, Geo. flesher, 167 Govan rd.
and 297 Govan rd
Clark, James, plumber and gas-
fitter, 19 Albert street; house,
14 Greenhaugh st
Clark & Fairfull, builders, 10
Lome pi
Clark, John, grocer, 257 Govan
rd. Gijvan, and 175 Sammer-
town rd. ; ho. 77 Queen st
Clark, B. David, M.A Dumbreck,
Paisley road
Clark, Mis. John, farmer, Dru-
Cleland, Jas. farmer, Shieldhall
Clelarid, R. A. furrier and skin
merchant; ho. 4 Carmichael st
Clyde Chemical Co. manufacturing
chemists, Hamilton st
Connell, Mrs. 16 Ibrox terrace
Cochrar.e, Wm. (of W. & J. Coch-
rane), Mansionfield, Ibrox park
Cochrane, R. 1 Osborne place
Colledge, Thomas, writer. Moss
cottage, Dumbreck road
Cook, Jas. T. blacksmith. Smith's
place; house. West Ibrox
Cook,Wm.8awmaker,318 Govan rd
Cooper, R. boot warehouse, 187
Govan road
Copeland, J. stationer, 11 White st
Counce, Fred. E. Kennebec house,
Craig, James, Middleton house
Craig, Jas. cabinetmaker, joiner,
and glazier, 180 Govan rend ;
house, 107 Govan road
Craig, P. ironmonger, Ibroxholm
Crossmyloof Baking Company, 10
Napier street
Cruickshank, W. R. Huntly lodge,
Cruickshank, Wm. Chilian consul,
Huntly lodge, Ibroxholm
Cunningham, ftlrs. 21 Ibrox ter
Dalziel, David, twine and thread
merchant, 3 Woodville place
Dalziel, D. F. 3 Woodville place
Dalzell, Robt. B. (of J. & R. Dal-
zell), residence, Langlands ho.
Davidson, Arthur (of J. Davidson
6 Co. 42 Argyle street), house,
7 Ibrox terrace
Dempster, Robert, builder, Lang-
lands house
Derhara, Wm. 3 WhiteSeld place
Dick, Walter, 9 Buckingham sq
Dobie & Co. shipbuilders, Govan
shipbuilding yard
Donald,Andrew,grocer,355 Govan
road ; house, 4 Brighton place
Donachie, E. fish merchant, 342
Govan road
Donald, J. & T. bread and biscuit
bakers, Broomloan loaf factory,
Brooraloan road
Donald, James, merchant, 240
Govan road
Donald, James, agent. National
Bank of Scot. ; ho. Lilyvale cot
Donald, James (of J. T. Donald),
house, 7 Buckingham square
Donald, Thos. (of J. & T. Donald),
house, 6 Brighton terrace
Donald, Peter, confectioner, 244
Govan road
Donald, Mrs John, Myrtle Bank
Dougans, Andrew, wholesale iron-
monger, Almondbank, Bellahos.
Ducat, Geo. fish curer, 366 Govan
road; house, 368 Govan road
Duncan, .Andrew, grocer, Halfway
house. Paisley road
Duncan, Peter, grocer, Linthouse
Duncan, T. farmer. Moss
Duncan, Mrs. T. (of 46 Carrick
st. Glasgow), 3 Buckingham sq
Dunlop, Robert, 11 Osborne place
Dunn, John, boot and shoe maker,
155 Govan rd. ho.32 Copeland rd
Dustan, H. J. photographic artist,
168 Govan rd.; ho. 4 Alma pi
Eadie, Jas. Trustees, pawnbrokers,
7 Albert st; ho. 1 Buckingham rd
Eadie, Wm. (of Mason, Eadie, &
Co.), house, Dalton villa
Easton, Ales, (of J. &, R. Prit-
chard & Co.), ho. Hawthorndeu
Edmiston, Richard, Ibrox house
Elder, Alex. P. ship & ornameotal
cdiver and gilder, 1 Morrison
street ; house, 132 Harmony row
Elder, Jas. grocer, 67 Main st. &
222i Govan rd.; ho. 224 do.
Elder, John, 1 Middleton terrace
Elder, John, & Co. engineers and
shipbuilders, Fairfield
Equitable Co-Operative Society
(Limited), grocers and provision
merchts. 298 Govan rd.; branch
shops, 189 do. and Langlands
rd.; Archd. M'Lean, manager
Ewing, Capt. R. Caroy cot. Cope-
land road
Ewing, Win. 3 Whitefield pi
Faill, P. Salmon, teller. Bank of
Scotland ; ho. 8 Osborne st
Fairly, Wm. grocer, 23 Albert st
Falconer, Robert, merchant, 10
Ibrox terrace
Farquhar, Peter, practical watch-
maker,.! 85 Govan rd.; ho. 183 do.
Faulds, W. B. Wesifield, Ibrox pk
Ferguson, D. tobacconist, 291
Govan rd
Ferguson, James, Maryland ho.
Paisley rd
Ferguson, John, Maryland
Ferguson, P. foreman fitter at
Elder's, 4 Hamilton st
Fife, Mrs. eating ho. 4 Victoria st
Fisher, R. provision merchant, 4
Helen st
Forbes, Robert, joiner and builder,
59 Hamilton St.; ho. 4 do.
Forsyth, J. & A. boot and shoe
makers, 288 Govan rd
Eraser, Donald, grocer, 133| Go-
van rd. and 8 White st. ; ho.
4 Carmichael st
Eraser, Mrs. James, Myrtle Bank
Freer, Dr. F. A. Gothic cottage
Freer, Wm. (of M 'Donald &
Freer), house, Gothic cottage
Fullarton, David, parish school
master, parish school; house, 12
Osborne pi
Fulton, Jas. session clerk, Eglin-
ton place, VVhitefield road
Galbraith, Robert, Greenhead
Galloway, Gtorge, commis. agent;
ho. 5 Brighton ter. Copeland id
Galloway, T. H.; ho. 2 Whileti.pl
Galloway, Mr. stationer, 261 Go-
van road
Gait, John, builder, Greenfield pi.
Gardner, John, 1 Brighton pi
Gardner, Mrs. Wm. grocer and
spirit merchant, 234 Govan rd.;
house. Weir's cottage
Garth, John G.; ho. 25 Ibrox park
Gemmill, Andw. writer ; residence,
Brandon house, Ibrox park
Gemmill, George, house painter, 8
Whitefield road ; ho. 6 do.
Gemmell., Mrs, M. 1 Woodvale pi.
Gibb, Martin, & Smith, powerloom
cloth manufacturs. Greenhaugh
Gibson, Wm. superintendent G. &
P. Joint Railway; house, 12
Whitefield rd
Gilchrist, Wm. family grocer and
wine merchant, 1 Warwick pi.
and 39 Copeland rd.; house,
Glenitfer view, Crossloan
Gilmour, Geo. grocer. Queen st
Gilmour, Wm. M. M.D. 270 Govan
rd; ho. 1 Buckingham square
Girvau, Jas. clerk, 360 Govan rd
Glasgow & Govan Building So-
ciety ; A. K. Paterson, man-
ager; offices, 87 Union st. and
16 Burndyke st

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