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16 Chisholm, S. & R.
14 Slimmon, Hugh, & Co.
10 Pender, John, spirit mercht.
Primitive Methodist Chapel
15 M'Ara, John, merchant
6 Tylefield Factory
Tylefield Street Hall
Tennent, Rev. T. H.
52 Coulter, Mrs.
17 Sillars, W. & J., wood mers.
9, 15 Greenlees, Wtn., portioner
7 Parker, James, coal agent
5 Bolton, A. M.
3 Moffat, chemist
5 M'Ewan, Stevenson, & Leask
7 Clydesdale, R. H., tobacconist
9 Okell & Douglas, merchants
1 1 Monkland Oil and Coal Co.
M'Cal), A., agent
M'Isaac, Murray, & Co.
Munro, Daniel, house factor
Beilby, \V., upholsterer
Smith, Charles, clothier
Todd, William
Young, R. B., agent
Moffat, Dr Thomas Dryden
13 Cowan, James, saddler
15 Campbell, P. & P., dyers
19 Pollok, Gilmour, & Co.
27 Frazer, J., printer
Duncan, A. L., Trarehousera.
M'Fadyen, A., paper agent
Baird, James, measurer
Brown, Robert, printer
Turnbull & Parnie, ho. facts.
Harvie, John, com. agent
Stewart, J. T., com. mercht.
Stewart, John, merchant
Singleton, Dunn, & Co.
M'AUester, A., writer
Eamsay & Co.
Dunn & Liddel], paper rulers
Moody, Charles
Kennedy, James
29 Horton, Wm., gunmaker
35 M'Coll, H. clothier
37 M'Clure, D., clothier
39 Mason, G., & Co., opticians
4,1 Hendry & Menzies, ironmong.
43 Grant, G. & W., stationers
45 Howie, Wm., civil engineer
Campbell, W. L., & Co.
Henderson Brothers
M'Gregor, John W., printer
Fullarton, A., & Co., publish.
Campbell, Wm., book agent
Paterson, John, bosmaker
M'Kean, George, clothier
Foulds, John, &Co., mers.
Fairley, Samuel, iron mer.
Scottish Asphalte Co.; Robert
Robertso.n, manager
47 Henderson Brothers, merchs.
57 Briggs & M'Lellan, tailors
59 Taylor's Temperance Hotel
Arthur, W. Rose, com. mer.
Walker, R. M., com. agent
Stewart, John
Shillinglaw, A., com. agent
Gunn & Collie, clothiers
61 Ramage, Robert, painter
67 Farquhar, H., clothier
69 Drummond's Temp. Hotel
71 Mitchell, Js., & Co., clothiers
73 Motherwell, John, optician
75 Miller, G , & Co., manuf.chem.
Miller, James, Son, & Co.
Ferguson, John, writer
77 Falkirk Iron Co.; William
Clark, agent
85 Schweppe, J., & Co.
Tucker, Henry, agent
87 Clark, A., accountant
Buchanan, John, writer
Miller, A. F., bosmaker
Ross, J. P., merchant
Turnbull, Geo., & Son, mers.
Bird, Gregory, British As-
phalte Co.
Oldaker, E., & Co.
Young, T. C , & Son, writers
Turnbull, Walter
Findlay, Jas., jun., ho. factor
Paterson, A. K., house factor
Glasgow and Govaa Building
89 M'Geachy, J., bookseller
91 Maxwell, John, saddler
93 Kenny & Brown, brassfound.
95 Bell, A., dyer
97 Kennedy, Thomas, stationer
Boyd, G. & J., merchants
Brownlee, T., jun., builder
Henderson, J., com. agent
Forrester, D., com. merchant
Stewart, J., commission mer.
Oliphant, R. , accountant
Carmichae), John, merchant
Robertson, Thos., accountant
Macfarlane, A., agent
Blackwood Brothers
Fulton, A., & Co., com. agts.
Horn, E., & Co., shirt mauuf.
M'Govvn, J., engrv. & printer
101 Craig, John, confectioner
107 Orr, Sir Andrew
Orr, Francis,& Sons, stationer.6
109 Finlayson, J., clothier
111 Auld, Berry, & Deas
Smith, J., stationer
113 Grimwade & Co.
Willcox & Gibb
Thomas, W. F., & Co.
115 Allan, J. B.
Gray, James, Son, & Co.
12 Hejwood, Higginbottom,
Smith & Co.
118 Alston & Tulloch, shipbrokera
Smith, A. K., civil engineer
M'Donald, Mrs. William,
Employment Register
118 Watson, J., builder
Mitchell, James, merchant
Muir, R. W.
Good, George, house factor
Taylor, J. A,, house factor
116 Lackie, John, & Co., saddlers
106 North British Daily Mail
104 Gunn & Cameron, publishers
100 Ballantyne, G.,&Son,teadlrs.
96 Peyton & Alsop
88 Balloch, B., & Co., tea mers.
84 Gilbey, W. & G., wine imprt?.
Knevett, J. S.
82 Wheeler & Wilson
80 Gault, A., & Co., com. agents
Anderson, John, engineer
Grant, J. C , & Co., merchts.
Reid, David
M'Clue, David, merchant
78 White, James, optician
72 Roberton, Heugh, & Co., mer,
70 Brooks & Hamilton
Whyte Brothers, warehousem.
Borthwick, A., & Son, mers.
Miller & M'Gregor, manufs.
68 Gibson, John, cabinetmaker
64 Pullar, J , & Son, djers
60 Waddell, M., dining rooms
58 Wylie & Lochhead
54 Stewart, R., house factor
Hutcheson, Robt,, merchant
Wilson, Watt, & Co., mera.
Fletcher, A., & Co.
Rowan, John
Jaffray, J. R., & Co.
Williamson, G., manufac.
Arthur, A. & W., warehouse.
50 Nisbet, A. & J., ironm-ongers
48, 42 Stewart, A., & Co.
40 Robertson, John, merchant
Clark, D., merchant
Scottish National Art Union
Hutcheson, Thos., merchant
Hutcheson, John
Reid, Thomas, merchant
Douglas, John Reid, agent
Hoffman, J. & A., & Co., mers.
Gorman, William, patentee
Hillhouse, S.
Matthew & Theilmann
Smith & George, teachers
Spiltal, Andrew, & Son
Gumming & Tweedale, cloths.
Mason, V/. M'G.
Watt, H., & Co., ship brkrs.
Forsyth & Son, merchants
32 M'Crae, R. & J., bed manufs.
28 Calderwood, J. H.
24 Shav/, Andrew, ironmonger
22 Maitland, C, tailor & cloth.
20 Dalziel, D. Fred.
DaJziel, David, merchant
Loan Fund Co.
M'Farlane, John
Fonest, R. B., jeweller
Chrystie & Fredericks, cloth.
Greig, T. W.
Clerk, Dixon, & Co. ship brg.
M'lver, W. B., &Co., mers.

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