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Wotheispoon, Robert, metal broker, 73 Gordon st.
â– Wotherspoon, T., grocer, 23 Greenvale st.; ho. 21 do.
Wotherspoon, William (of Robert Wotherspoon &
Co.), residence, Maxwelton house, Paisley.
WOYKA, John, 11 Nicholson street, s.s.
WRAGG, Charles (at Thomas Smart's, 4 Stockwell
street), house, 32 M'Farlane street.
WREN, Edwin (of Charles Tyrer & Co., 129 West
Regent street).
WRIGHT, Alex, (of E. M'Whannel & Co.), house,
16 Cleland street.
Wright, Alex. R. (of Wright & Co., Globe Tube
Works, 35 M'Alpine street).
Wright, A., & Co., clothiers, 46 Queen street; house,
10 North Albion street.
Wright, A., manufacturer^of aerated water appara-
tus, 44 Trongate.
Wright, A. M. (of Ronald Wright & Son), house,
312 St. Vincent street.
Wright, A. M. , cattle salesman, 230 Duke street ;
house, do.
Wright IBrothers, tea merchants, 15 St. Enoch sq.
Wright & Butler, paraffin lamp manufacturers, Bir-
mingham ; showrooms, 57 Oswald street ; J. C.
Black, agent.
Wright & Co., manufacturers of patent wrought-iron
tubes for gas, water, and steam. Globe Tube
Works, 35 M'Alpine street.
Wright & Co., ship store merchants, 06, 68 Howard
street, Glasgow, and 1 Watt place, Greenock.
Wright, C. L. (of Dunn & Wright), house, 90a
Regent terrace.
W^right, David, wine and spirit merchant, 49 Stob-
cross street ; house, 4 Church place, Anderston.
W^right, D. A. (of John Wright & Co.), house, 104
Blythswood terrace, Bothwell street.
Wright, Rev. Daniel, Bellahouston, Govan.
Wright, George (of Wright & Greig), 4 Lome
terrace. Spring gardens, Edinburgh.
Wright, George, emigration agent and passage
broker, 83 Cambridge street.
Wright, George, Price's Patent Candle Co. (Limited),
4 Morrison court; ho. 17 Royal cres.. Crossbill.
W^right & Greig, wine, brandy, and commission
merchants, ^4 Buchanan street ; and agents for D.
Nicholson, the Palace Brewery, Edinburgh;
J. Woolsey & Co., brewers. Castle Bellinghara,
Ireland ; and D. Nicholson & Son, Holyrood
Wine Stores, Edinburgh, &c.
W^right, Henry, vice and anvil maker, Dudley ;
agents, Orr & Laing, 19 Wellington st.
Wright, Henry, secretary to Operative Tailors'
Society, 145 Trongate.
Wright, Hugh (of Wright, Leckie, & Co.), house,
88 Regent terrace, Stirling road.
Wright, Hugh, writer, and member of the University
Council, 82 West Nile street.
Wright, James, calenderer, finisher, and packer, 114
John street ; house, Myrtlebank, Kirkintilloch.
Wright, James, family grocer, 83 North street ; ho.
411 Parliamentary road.
AVright, James (of Wright & Co., 66 .ind 68 West
Howard st.), residence, Fairyknowe, Helensburgh.
Wright, James, tea merchant, 15 St. Enoch square;
house, 16 St. George's road.
Wright, James C, bookseller, stationer, and news
agent, 226 Duke street; house, 57 Reidvale st.
Wright, James (of Wright & Muir, 40 and 48 Bath
street), house, 124 Blythswood terrace.
Wright, James, flesher, 185 Mala street, Gorbals '
house, 38 Apsley place.
Wright & JamiesoD, hosier and underclothing, 468
Argyle street; house, 33-} Cumberland street, s.s.
Wright, John B. (Bennett & Co.'s), 50 York st.
Wright, J. S., hairdresser, 6 Sauchiehall st ; house,
282 Buchanan street,
Wright, J. T., teacher of music, and piano-forte
turer, 79 Kent road.
Wright, John & Edwin (established 1770), manu-
facturers of patent iron and steel wire ropes,
hemp ropes, twines, &c., Universe Works, Bir-
mingham and London ; patentees of the Atlantic
cables of 1865 and 1866, the French-Atlantic,
the British-Indian of 1869, &c., &c.; John Bayne,
agent, 123 West George street.
Wright, J., manufacturer of Berlin wool goods, 30
Main street, Anderston.
Wright, John Brooks (of Clark, Wilson, & Co.), ho.
6 Belhaven terrace.
Wright, John, tailor and clothier, 41 Bridge st.-
Wright, John, commission merchant, 5 Madeira ct.,
Argyle street; house, 10 Albany place.
Wright, John (of Wright & Montgomery), ho. 255
George street.
Wright, John (of Adam & Wright, 101 Glassford
street), house, Craigenross, Crossbill.
Wright, John, writer (of Wright & Johnston), ho.
20 Woodlands road.
Wright, J. H., & Co., steam, vacuum, and hydraulic
gauge manufacturers, &c., 47 Oswald street.
Wright, John, & Co., ship brokers and commission
and forwarding agents, 25 Robertson st. and Pal-
merston buildings. Custom House pi., Greenock.
Wright, John, grocer and provision merchant, 139
Castle street; house, 411 Parliamentary road.
Wright, John, house painter and paper hanger, 6
Royal Bank place, Blackburn street ; house, 9 do.
Wright, John, & Co., Perth Brewery, Perth; Alex.
M'Gruthar, 182 West George street.
Wright, John, printer, lithographer, and stationer,
67 Oswald street ; house, 12 Dover street.
Wright, John Innes, & Co., merchants, 115 St.
Vincent street.
Wright, John lunes (of John Innes Wright & Co.),
house, 10 Queen's terrace.
Wright & Johnstone, writers, 103 West Regent st.
Wright, Johnstone, & Mackenzie, writers, 150 St.
Vincent street.
Wright, Joseph, jun. (Adam & Wright, 101 Glass-
ford street), house, Queen Mary place. Crossbill.
Wright, Joseph A. (Adam & Wright,. 101 Glassford
street), house, Craig-en-Eoss, Crossbill.
Wright, Leckie, & Co., tea, coiFee, and fruit dealers
and importers, 99 Maxwell street and 15 Fox st.
Wright & M 'Naught, painters, paper hangers, and
decorators, 115 North street.
Wright, Malcolm, coffee-housekeeper and soiree con-
tractor, 69 Glassford street.
Wright & Muir, wholesale wine and spirit merchants,
46, 48 Bath street.
Wright & Muir, agents and merchants, and agents
for Archibald Campbell & Co., brewers, Edin-
burgh ; Hoare & Co., brewers, London ; A.
Guinness, Son, & Co., brewers, Dublin; United
Vineyard Proprietors Co., Cognac; A. Le For-
restier & Fils, Mesnil ptfes Epernay ; Jose J. de
V. Vegas, Cadiz; A. de Lnze & Sons, Bordeaux ;
&c., 46, 48 Bath street.

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