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Wood, John, confectioner, 37 Cumberland st., s.s.
Wood & Parker, produce brokers and commission
merchants, 17 Gordon street.
Wood, Robert C, baker, 334 Gallowg. ; ho. 332 do.
Wood, Robert C, baker, 203 High street; house,
332 Gallowgate.
Wood, Robert G., 95 North Hanover street.
Wood, Townshend, & Co., Brittonferry Ironworks ;
agents, James Watson & Co., 103 St. Vincent st.
Wood, Wm. C, & Sons, tobacco pipe manufacturers,
Plantation Pipe Works, Lambhill street, off Pais-
ley road.
Wood, Wm. James, clerk, Barony Parochial Board,
38 Cochran street; house, 236 ThisUle street.
Wood, William, slater, 10 Townraill road ; house,
17 Petershill road.
Wood, Wm. (at Wm. Stevenson & Co.'s), house, 5
Easton terrace, Paisley road.
Wood, William, oils and colours, 226 Crookston st.
Wood, William C. (of William C. Wood & Sons),
house, 9 Rutland place, Govan road.
Wood, Rev. William, U.P. Church, Campsie.
Wood, Wm., commis. agent, 21 Abercorn St.; ho. do.
Wood, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 71 Renfrew street.
Wood, Miss J. A., dress and cloak maker, 139 St.
James' road.
Wood, Misses, 428 Parliamentary road.
WOODBURlSr, James, grocer and spirit merchant,
106 North Hanover street; house, 108 do.
Woodburn, J. Cowan, M.D., surgeon-dentist and
physician, 137 Sauehiehall street.
Woodburn, W. D., & Son, surgeon-dentists, 8 South
Portland street.
Woodburn, W. D., surgeon-dentist, 8 So. Portland
street ; house, 2 Cecil street.
Woodburn, W. Stead, surgeon-dentist ; house, 8 So.
Portland street.
Woodburn, Miss, ladies' and boys' dressmaker, 126
Renfrew street.
Woodburn Coal Co., 156 West George street.
WooDHALL Colliery office, 127 St. Vincent street.
WOODHAMS, Tait, & Co., machinery agents, 23
St. Andrew's street.
WOODROW, Alex, (of Alexander Woodrow & Son,
75 Glassford street) house, 247 Sauehiehall st.
Woodrow, Alex., & Son, lithographic printers by
steam power, engravers, &c., 75 Glassford st.
Woodrow, Andrew, 15 Clarendon place.
Woodrow, John (of J. & W. Anderson & Co.), ho.
2 Linden terrace, Pollokshields.
Woodrow, Mrs. J., teacher of pianoforte, 149 i Ran-
dolph place. Hill street, Garnethill.
Woodrow, Mrs., 141 Hill street, Garnethill.
Woodrow, Mrs., contractor, 20 Oakbank street.
WOODS, Bernard, butter and egg merchant, 175
Gallowgate ; house, 178 do.
Woods, James, superior barrack sergeant, Gallowgate
Barracks ; house, Control office.
Woods, John, provision merchant, 6 Bridgegate ; ho.
7 Lanark street, east.
Woods, Patrick, fruit and provision merchant, 10
Bazaar; house, 48 Nelson street, city.
Woods, Richard, tinsmith and ship chandler, 4 Os-
wald street ; house, 93 Holland street.
Woods, Thomas, butter and egg merchant, 6 Bridge-
gate and 207 Main street, Bridgeton ; house, 22
Charlotte street.
WOODSIDE, Robert, boot and shoe maker, 331
Argyle street ; house, 12 Monteith row.
Woodside, Robert (at John Clachan Wright's), house,
22 Abercorn street.
Woodside, Wm., cabinetmaker, 334 Dumbarton rd.,
Woodside Paper Mill, South Woodside.
WOODWARD, Wm., grocer, 45 Finnieston street ;
house, 6 Dumbarton road.
WOOLFIELD, Samuel, & Co., dressing-case makers,
jewellers, &c., 143 Buchanan street.
WOOLHEIM, Leopold (of S. L. Behrens & Co.),
house, 5 South Park terrace, Hillhead.
WOOLNOTH, Charles N , artist, 2 Crescent place,
Sauehiehall street.
WOOLSEY, J., & Co., brewers. Castle Bellingham,
Ireland ; Wright & Craig, agts., 74 Buchanan st.
WORDIE & Co., general carriers, carting and for-
warding agents, and contractors, for Caledonian,
Great North of Scotland, and Highland Railway
Cos. in connection with Pickford & Co. ; head
office, 103 West George street ; goods receiving
offices, 103 West George street, and 12 Cochran
street, 11 Ann street, off Jamaica street, 8 and 11
Paul street, Townhead, 62 West street, 38 Oak
street, Anderstou, 14 Jackson street, and Buchanan
Street station.
Wordie, Peter, brewer, Petershill; house of call, 103
West George street.
Wordie, William (of Wordie & Co.), house, 355
Sauehiehall street.
WORKMAN, John, drysalter and finishing starch
maker; agent for Thomas Hardman & Sons,
printers' blanket and lapping manufacturers. Bury,
55 Duke street; office, 11 West Nile street ; ho.
92 Buccleuch street.
WORSWICK, James, smith, farrier, and cart-
wright, 15 Cook street; house, 45 Wallace st.
WORTHINGTON & Co., brewers, Burton-on-Trent ;
John Whitham, 135 West Regent street.
WOTHERSPOON, Alex., watchmaker and jeweller,
37 Bridge street; house, 79 So. Portland street.
Wotherspoon, Andrew, tea merchant, 150 and 152
High street.
Wotherspoon, Archibald, painter and paperhanger,
264 Dumbarton road ; house, 5 Washington st.
Wotherspoon, David, 79 South Portland street.
Wotherspoon, James (of James Wotherspoon & Co.),
house, 3 Lynedoch place.
Wotherspoon, James, eating-house keeper, 35 Main
street, Andevston.
Vrotherspoon, James, & Co., merchants, Scottish
Amicable Buildings, St. Vincent place.
Wotherspoon, J., stationer and fancy goods, 86
Cumberland, street; house, 77 do.
Wotherspoon, John, fish factor and commission mer-
chant, 58 Market street, city.
Wotherspoon, John, stair-railer and cabinetmaker,
75 Robertson st. ; house, 124 Blythswood ter.
Wotherspoon, Matthew, agent, Clydesdale Bank, 239
Cowcaddens ; house, 152 Hill street, Garnethill.
Wotherspoon, Matthew, potato merchant, N. B.
Railway, 31 North Hanover street; ho. 96 do.
Wotherspoon, Robert, fish salesman, auctioneer, and
ice merchant, 58 Market street, city ; house, 140
East George street.
Wotherspoon, Robert, & Co., manufacturers for home
and export trades, of confectionery, marmalades,
jams, and biscuits, and of the Glenfield patent
starch, Kianing park; Starch Works, Blaswelton,

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