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Wilkie, James, grocer and provision merchant, 98
Eglinton street ; house, 96 do.
Wilkie, James, manager, Limraer Asphalte Co. ; ho.
48 Kelvingrove street.
Wilkie, James (of Wilkie & Connell), house, 114
Blythswood terrace.
Wilkie, J., beadle of St. Enoch's ; house, 132 Ren-
frew street.
Wilkie, John, of Hillhead ; residence, 24 Blyths-
wood square.
Wilkie, John, tobacconist, 61 North Woodside road;
house, 63 do.
Wilkie, John, Scotch and Irish lime merchant, 98
Commerce street ; Murray & Stewart, agents.
Wilkie, John, broker for purchase and sale of steam
ships, sailing ships, machinery and castings, en-
gineer, and commission merchant, 33 Renfield st.;
house, 2 Lynedoch place.
Wilkie, Peter (of John C. Robertson & Wilkie, 7
Royal Bank place), residence, Grangemouth.
Wilkie, Robert, umbrella maker, 268 Argyle street;
house, 10 Wellington street.
Wilkie, Robert, umbrella manufacturer, 36 Stock-
well street ; house, 4 Grange terrace, Cathcart.
Wilkie, Thomas, wright and glazier, 9 West Graham
street ; house, 76 North Woodside road.
Wilkie, William (of S. Woolfield & Co.), house,
Dechraont cottage, Mount Vernon.
Wilkie, AVilliam, furnishing ironmonger, tinsmith,
gasfitter, and bellhanger, 82 and 86 Clyde street,
Calton; house, 101 King's Park place, Greenhead
street, Greenhead.
Wilkie, William, broker and commission merchant,
128 Ingram street ; house, 191 Athole place, Bath
street, and Gartferry, by Moodiesburn.
Wilkie, William, & Co , furnishing ironmongers, 1
Knightswood place, Paisley road ; hou-;e, 2 do.
WILKINSON, Rev. Arthur, minister of St. Thomas'
Wesleyan Church, Gallowgate; house, 9 Clayton
terrace, Dennistoun.
Wilkinson, David (of J. & D. Wilkinson), house, 41
Clarence street.
Wilkinson, James, upholsterer, 45 Buchanan street;
house, 94 Hill street, Garnethill.
Wilkinson, John (of J. & D. Wilkinson), wrights and
builders, 128 Houston st.; ho. 33 Clarence street.
Wilkinson, John (at J. & G. Stodart's), house, 261
Parliamentary road.
Wilkinson, J. & D., wrights and builders, 122
Houston street.
Wilkinson, R. G., 18 Watt street.
WILLANS, Thomas B., & Co., flannel manufac-
turers, Rochdale ; 77 Queen street.
WILLBORN, William, eating-house keeper, 41
WiLLCox & Gibbs' sewing machine depot, 113
Union street.
Willcox & Gibbs' sewing machines, 105a Sauchie-
hall street.
WILLIAMS, Rev. Charles Tudor, curate, St. Mary's
Episcopal Church, Great Western road, 9 Burn-
bank gardens.
Williams, David, collector of customs, Custom house;
house, 9 Burnbank gardens.
Williams, David, tailor & clothier, 10 Bell grove st.
Williams, David, teacher of pianoforte, violin, and
singing, 73 Abbotsford place.
Williams, Harvey, & Co., tin smelters ; Chas. Hen-
derson & Co., agents, 50 Mitchell street.
WILLIAMSON, Adam C, Wellington Pottery,
Wesleyan street, 604 Gallowgate; ho. 9 Broom-
park terrace, Dennistoun.
Williamson, Alexander, mason and builder, 67
Whitevale street.
Williamson, Alexander, commercial traveller (D.
M'Dougall & Co.), 85 Taylor street.
Williamson, Alex 0. (at James Elder's, 36 Aber-
corn street), house, 85 Taylor street.
Williamson, Andrew (of Wilson & Kelso, 20 South
Frederick street).
Williamson, Archibald (of Brown, Steven, & William-
son), house, 4 Woodlands road.
Williamson, C. F., photographer, 98 Trongate.
Williamson, Charles Macdonald, writer and notary
public, 137 W. George st. ; ho. 4 Woodlands ter.
Williamson, David, agent for manufacturers, 62
Jamaica street.
Williamson, Captain Donald (at G. & J. Burns'),
house, 53 Clarence street.
Williamson, Edward, bag merchant, 19, 21 Bell st.;
house, 81 London street.
Williamson, George, mason and builder; house, 211
London road.
Williamson, George, manufacturer of girth web?,
braces, caps, and yarn merchant, 48 Queen street;
factories, 35 King street, Tradeston, and Beith ;
house, 3 Kelvin terrace.
Williamson, George, fancy skirt manufacturer, 51
Union street ; house, 1 Towerhill, Springburn.
Williamson & Graham, painters, 378 St. Vincent tt.
Williamson, James, warehouseman, 138 Renfrew
Williamson, James, butcher, 147 Sauchiehall street
and 4 Buckingham buildings, Great-Western rd.;
house, 145 Sauchiehall street,
Williamson, John, clothier, 32 Renfield street; ho.
16 Regent Park terrace.
Williamson, John (of J. & R. Williamson), house, 5
Park street, east.
Williamson, John, tea and coffee merchant, 50 Can-
dleriggs ; house, 1 North Ure place.
Williamson, John, smith, bellhanger, and gasfitter,
18 Little Hamilton street.
Williamson, John (of Wilson & Kelso, 20 South
Frederick street),
Williamson, John, & Co., boot and shoe manufac-
turers and merchants, 21 Bridge street and 33
Argyle arcade.
Williamson, John (of John Williamson & Co.), ho.
45 Abbotsford place.
Williamson, J. & R., wine merchants, 3 Royal Ex-
change court, 85 Queen st., and 17 Exchange sq.
Williamson, John, quarrymaster, Wellshot and Kirk-
burn quarries, Cambuslang ; ho. Wemyss villa.
W^illiamson, John, familj' grocer and wine mercht.,
313, 315 Sauchiehall street; ho. 284 Bath street.
Williamson, Malcolnn (at Donald & Sellar's), house,
136 Hospital street.
Williamson, Oliphant (of Watson, Williamson, & Co.),
house, 7 Albion crescent, Dowanhill.
Williamson, Robert (of Robert Williamson & Co.),
house, 14 Burnbank terrace.
Williamson, Robert, & Co., merchants and linen and
sailcloth manufacturers, 5 and 7 Renfield street.
Williamson, T., mason and builder, 5 Campbell-
field street.
WilHamson, Thomas (at Mathew Algie & Co.'s), ho.

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