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Westminster and General Life Assurance Co., 103
St. Vincent street ; Buchanan Kirkwood, resi-
dent secretary.
Westmuir Colliery Office, 72 Great Clyde street.
WESTON, Thomas, musician, 43 Maitland street.
WESTWOOD, J. M., tinsmith and gasfitter, 73
Cumberland street, Calton.
WETHERALL, Thomas (at T. Chapman's), house,
4.8 Dundas street, Kingston.
WHANNELL, Margaret, draper, 80 Caledonia
road; house, 160 Cumberland street.
WHARRIE, John (at W. B. Huggins & Co.'s), 3
Queen Mary terrace, Crossbill.
Wharrie, Thomas, C.E. (of Smith & Wharrie, 156
St. Vincent street), house, 5 Kew terrace.
WHEELER & Co., chemists and manufacturers of
aerated waters, Dundas street, Kingston.
Wheeler & Wilson, sewing machine manufacturers,
82 Union street,
WHICHELLO, H., manager, 32 Jamaica street;
house, 2 Regent Park terrace.
WHISTON, Robert, smith, bellhanger and gasfitter,
135 Main street and 21 Dale street, Bridgeton.
WHITE, Adam (of White, Walker, & Co.), house,
Rosearden, Albert road, Pollokshields.
Whyte, A. C, & Sons, tea dealers, 10 Dixon street.
White, A., 13 Orr street.
White, Alexander (of White & Co., clothiers and
outfitters, 219 Argyle st.), ho. 51 St. Vincent cres.
Whyte, A., & Co., muslin manufactrs., 38. Queen st.
Whyte, Alexander (of A. Whyte & Co.), house, 63
St. Vincent crescent.
White, Ales., wine and spirit merchant, 35 Kent
street and 1 East Russell street; house, 41 North
Albion street.
White, Alex., commission agent, 57 Miller street;
house, 51 St. Vincent crescent.
White, Andrew, mason and builder, 10 Gardner st ;
hoiise, 8 do.
Whyte, Andrew, wiiter, 11 West Nile street; house,
Tvveedie Hall, Strathaven.
Whyte, Andrew, boot and shoemaker, 150 Thistle st.
Whyte, Archibald, confectioner, 341 High street.
Whyte, B. A. (of Bryce Whyte & Sons, coopers and
iron tank makers, Paisley rd , opposite Kingston
dock), house, 3 Ibros terrace.
Whyte & Binnie, tea merchants, 69 Mitchell street.
Whyte Brothers, wholesale cloth & tailors' trimming
warehousemen, 70 Union street.
White Brothers, grain merchants, Crown place,
Whyte, Bryce, & Sons, coopers & iron tank makers,
Paisley road, opposite Kingston dock ; house,
B. A. Whyte, 3 Ibros terrace, Ibrox.
White & Cruickshank, millers, and makers of horse,
cattle, and sheep's food, Chryston Mills, near
Glasgow ; stores, 15 Gibson street, Gallowgate.
White & Co., clothiers and outfitters, 219 Argyle st.
White & Co., wine and spirit merchants, 177 Sandy-
faulds street, and 261 Caledonia road.
Whyte, Daniel, boot and shoemaker, 18 West
Russell street.
Whyte, David (of Whyte & Binnie), ho., Markunda
villa, Cathcart.
Whyte, David, wright and machine maker, 57
Andersloa street.
White, David, wholesale wine and spirit merchant,
4 Waterloo street, east; house, 3 Meadow Park
street, Dennistoun.
Whyte, David, glass merchant and glazier, 51 Hut-
cheson street; house, 124 John street.
White, D., Gray, & Co., ship brokers, 54 Broomielaw.
White, D., agent, City of Glasgow Bank, 8 George
street ; house, 39 South Apsley place.
White, David, boatbuilder, Springfield place. Paisley
road; house, 167 Houston street.
White, David, 85 Pollok street.
White, David (of D. White, Gray, & Co., ship-
brokers, 54 Broomielaw; house, 5 Easton ter. ,
Paisley road.
White, David (of W. & D. White), house, 41 North
Albion street.
White, David (of White Brothers), house, Stanley
cottage, Langside.
White, Donald, spirit dealer, 189 Castle street ;
house, 6 Parliamentary road.
Whyte, Duncan, house factor, 326 Duke street.
White & Gardner, accountants and stockbrokers, 20
Buchanan street.
White, James, optician, 78 Union street.
White, James (of J. & J. White, boatbuilders), ho.
59 West Scotland street.
White, James, wine and spirit merchant, 35 North
Albion street ; house, 46 George street.
Whyte, James, wine and spirit merchant, 38 Crown
stteet and 43 Adelphi street ; house, Martin
house, Albert road, Pollokshields.
Whyte, James, meal, grain, and produce merchant,
170 St. George's road.
White, James, contractor, 143 Dumbarton road.
Whyte, James, chronometer, watch, and nautical
instrument maker. Admiralty chart seller, and
adjuster of compasses in iron vessels, 144 Broomie-
law and 3 James Watt street ; house, 45 York st.
Whyte, James, wire worker, 131 Bothwell street;
house, 11 Duuglas street.
White, James, sorting clerk, G.P.O.; house, 105
South Portland street.
Whyte, James, Government emigration agent, 24
Oswald street.
Whyte, Jas.,coal merchant, 2 Craignestock pi.; ho. do.
Whyte, James, bookseller and stationer, 357 Hay-
burn place, Partick ; house, 4 Milton place.
White, James, 11 Windsor terrace, St. George's rd.
Whyte, Jas., stockbroker (of Bannatyne & Whyte),
house, 33 Elmbank crescent.
White, James L., accountant, 20 Buchanan street ;
house, 2 Woodside terrace.
Whyte, James, H. M. Customs ; house, Hillhead
place. Bank street, Hillhead.
Whyte, James, sheriff oflBcer and house factor, officer
for Lanark, Renfrew, and Argyleshire, 114 Main
street, Bridgeton.
White, James, teacher, Free Church Normal Semi-
nary ; house, 4 Allanton terrace. Queen's park.
White, James (of John and James White), residence,
Overtoun, Dumbarton.
Whyte, James L. (of A. C. White & Sons), house,
11 Seton terrace, Dennistoun.
White, James, draper, 34 Bridge street; house, 125
Nelson street, Tradeston.
White, J. G., 93 St. Vincent st.; house, 31 Renfrew st.
White, J. G., surgeon dentist, 34 Dundas St., city.
White, J. & J., boat builders and carpenters, 117
Crookston street.
White, J. & J., pharmaceutical chemists, 20 and 22
Paterson street, Kingston, 47 Paisley road, and
Carmichael street, Govan.

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