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Gibson, William, sen., 125 Annfield street.
Gibson, William, grocer and provision merchant, II
Clyde street, Calton.
Gibson, Mrs. A., baker, 21 Park lane. Mile-end;
house, 23 do.
Gibson, Mrs. Charles, 3 Tulliallan pi. , Paisley road.
Gibson, Mrs. Jessie, 15 Apsley place, south.
Gibson, Mrs. William, 4 Burnbank terrace.
Gibson, Mrs. William, 17 Kelvinside terrace, south.
Gibson, Mrs., midwife and ladies' nurse, 128 Dum-
barton road.
Gibson, Mrs., 2 Greenvale place, Woodlands road.
Gibson, Miss, furnishing-, 168 Argyle street.
Giffard's Patent Injectors for feeding steam
boilers ; Hendry Brothers, agents, 8 Dixon street.
GIFFEN, Adam H. (of Geo. Moffat & Co.), 13
Dixon street ; ho. 9 Loudon terrace, Hillhead.
Giffen, Alex., merchant, 13 Dixon street; house, 9
Loudon terrace, Hillhead.
Giffen, Andrew, dealer in horses, 157 St. George's
road; house, 37 Great Western road.
Giffen & Clark, horse dealers, 157 St. George's road.
Giffen, James (at George Brown & Co.'s), 7 Royal
Bank place. ^
Giffen, John, watchmaker and jeweller, 129 New
City road ; house, 39 Shamrock street.
Giffen, T. B., warehouseman, 78 Queen street;
house, 5 Laurieston place, Govan road.
GIFFORD, T., tailor and clothier, 13 Oxford street.
Gifford, G. Gilbee, spirit merchant, 39 Glassford
street; house, 17 Portland street, north.
GILBERT, Alex, (at Howat, Brown, & Co.'s), ho.
16 Hamilton terrace, West Particfc.
Gilbert, Jn., weighing machine maker, 29 Tureen St.
Gilbert, J., & Nephew, chain and anchor makers,
Cradley Heath ; agent, Jas, Mitchell, 118 Union st.
Gilbert, Mrs. J. Graham, Yorkhill house, Partick,
Gilbert, Misa, 2 Berkeley terrace.
GILBERTSON, John, surveyor of stamps and taxes,
and county assessor of lands valuation, 13 Queen
street ; house, 3 Cathkin terrace, Mount Florida.
GILBEY, W. & A., wine importers and distillers,
84. Union street.
GILCHRIST, A., brassfounder, ironmonger, gas
burner maker, gasfilter, and tinsmith, 16 Eglinton
street ; house, 2 1 do.
Gilchrist, A. L. Knox (of A. L. Knox & Co.), house,
1 2 India street.
Gilchrist, Archibald (of Barclay, Curie, & Co.), ho.
11 Sandy ford place.
Gilchrist & Cameron, ostrich feather dressers and
dyers, dealers in ostrich feathers, 355- Argyle
arcade ; works, 3 Dale street, Bridgeton.
Gilchrist, Daniel (at John Buttery & Co.'s), house,
4 Bloomfield place, Hillhead.
Gilchrist & Fyfe, photographers, 262 Sauchiehall st.
Gilchrist, George, provision merchant, 97 South
Wellington street ; house, 364 Govan street.
Gilchrist & Goldie, brick maker.i, 40 St. Enoch's sq.;
works, Crow road, Partick, Sandyacres, Crossbill,
and Shawfield toll, Rutherglen road.
Gilchrist, H. L. warehouseman (at W. & fi. Millar's,
Cross), house, 366 Duke street.
Gilchrist, James, general worker in brass, copper,
and tin plates, 19 Croy place ; house, do.
Gilchrist, James, spirit dealer, 76 Bishop street; ho.
12 Douglas street.
Gilchrist, James, clock manufacturer, 13 Exchange
place; house, 26 Robertson street.
Gilchrist, Jas., flesher, 738 Gallowgate; ho. 742 do.
Gilchrist, James, cork manufacturer, 114 Trongate ;
house, 12 Douglas street.
Gilchrist, James, draper, 642 Gallowgate.
Gilchrist, J. & W., dyers, Milncroft, by Shettleston ;
orders left with W. B. Smith, 94 Miller street.
Gilchrist, J. S. & C. , dyers and cleaners ; shops, 651
Eglinton street, 4 Victoria terrace, Queen's park^
3 Copeland road, Govan ; works, Milncroft,
Gilchrist, Peter, butcher, 145 High street ; house, 3
Stanhope street.
Gilchrist, Robert (of Wra. Gilchrist & Sons), house,
36 Burnbank gardens.
Gilchrist, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 126 &
128 High street; house, 116 George street.
Gilchrist, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 254
Parliamentary road; ho. 11 North Wallace st.
Gilchrist, Robert, grain storekeeper, 53 Robertson st.
Gilchrist, Robert, & Co., painters, 55 and 57 Brown
street ; house, 379 St. Vincent street.
Gilchrist, Robert, brickmaker and builder, 7 Mac-
farlane street ; house, 7 Somerville place.
Gilchrist, Robert, portioner, 11 North Wallace st.
Gilchrist, Robertson, & Gardner, joiners and builders,
2 Bothwell circus and 18 Terrace street ; ofHce,
40 Oxford street.
Gilchrist, Thomas (of Gilchrist, Robertson, & Gard-
ner), house, 40 Oxford street.
Gilchrist, T., grocer and provision merchant, 98
Shamrock street.
Gilchrist, W., & Sons, grain merchts., 35 Hope st.
Gilchrist, Wm. (of Wm. Gilchrist & Sons), house,
Dunrowan, Langbank.
Gilchrist, Wm., printer and publisher, 64 Howard
street ; house, 1 Argyle terrace, Queen's park.
Gilchrist, William, tea and coffee merchant, 222 and
224 Duke street; house, 306 do.
Gilchrist, William, flesher, 3 Easton terrace, Paisley
road ; house, 2 Sedan place.
Gilchrist, Mrs., lodgiugs, 84 High John street.
Gilchrist, Miss, dressmaker, 64 Abbotsford place.
GILDARD, Thomas (at office of Public Works),
house, 31 Elderslie street.
GILFILLAN, James (of Galbraith & Winton),
house, 2 Granville street, St. George's road.
GilfiUan, Jas., plumber and gasfitter, 57 Stockwell St.
Gilfillan, John (of J. & T. GilfiUan), house, 158
Hill street, Garnethill.
Gilfillan, J. T., grain and flour merchants, 22 Ann st.
Gilfillan, Robert, house factor and insurance agent,
48 Pollok street, Kingston ; house, 48 do.
Gilfillan, Thomas (of J. &. T. Gilfillan), house, 21
West Prince's street.
GILKISON, David, merchant, 80 Great Clyde street ;
residence, Glenhuntly, Port Glasgow.
Gilkison, John, umbrella maker, 38 Hospital street ;
house, 5 Carfin street, Cathcart road.
Gilkison, Robert, merchant, 97 West George street ;
house, 7 Grosvenor terrace.
Gilkison, Robert, & Co., cotton spinners, and power
loom cloth manufacturers, 97 West George street ;
works, Blackburn, Linlithgowshire, and 18 Cook
street, Tradeston.
Gilkison, Mrs., 20 Garden place, Napiershall street.
GILL, John R., corn and produce factor and mercht.,
Madeira buildings, 263 Argyle street.
Gill, John, writer (of Burns, Allison, & Aiken),
151 St. Vincent street; ho. 21 Sandjford place.

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