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Forrest, Robert W., M.D., 130 Cumberland street
and 87 Sandyfaulds street; Louse, 45 Abbots-
ford place.
i"orrest, Thomas, dairyman, 8 Buccleucli street, and
10 William street, Cowcaddens.
Forrest, Thomas, engineer (at Forrest & Barr's, 9
Canal street), house, 56 Rose street, Garnethiil.
Forrest, Thomas, 42 West Campbell st. ; ho. Lenzie.
Forrest, Thos., manufacturer, at 40 Ingram st. and
19 Cochran st. ; ho. Holmwood cottage, Langside.
Forrest, Thomas, Dundee Sack &, Twine Warehouse,
6 Wilson street; house, 18 Great Hamilton st.
Forrest, Thomson S., at 44 Ingram street; house,
Holmwood cottage, Langside.
Forrest, Wm. (City Saw Mills), ho. 3 Windsor ter.
Forrest, William (of Forrest & Barr), house, 56 Rose
street, Garnethiil.
Forrest, William Don, cashier, 120 Shamrock street.
Forrest, Mrs. James, contractor, 187 Eglintcn st.
Forrest, Mrs. John, dairy, 122 Ardgowan street;
house, 124 do.
Forrest, Mrs. William, hosier, 8 Stockwell street ;
house, 42 York street.
Forrest, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 71 Renfrew street.
FORRESTER, Alexander (of Ferguson & Forrester),
house, 10 Blythswood square.
Forrester, A., boot and slipper manufacturer, 1
Ingram street.
Forrestier, A. Le, & Fils, wine shippers, Mesnil
pres Espernay ; Wright & Muir, agents, 46 and 48
Bath street.
Forrester, David, merchant, 97 Union street.
Forrester, Henry (of J. M. & H. Forrester), house,
10 Grosvenor terrace.
Forrester, J. M. (of J. M. & H. Forrester), house,
10 Grosvenor terrace.
Forrester, J. M. & H., accountants and stockbrokers,
agents for the iSToith British and Mercantile Marine
Insurance Co., 107 St. Vincent street.
Forrester, James, metal broker, 57 St. George's pi.
Forrester, James P., new and second-hand bookseller
and bookbinder, 342 Argyle st; ho. 12 Douglas st.
•Forrester, John, baker, cook, confectioner, and wine
merchant, 7 Gordon street; house, 114 Bath st.
Forrester, John (at Wylie & Lochhead's), house, 14
Shaftesbury terrace, Holland street.
Forrester, Robert, new and second-hand bookseller,
publisher, printer, and bookbinder, 1 Royal Ex-
change square and 140 to 144 Stockwell street;
house, Glen-Eden, Lenzie.
Forrester, Robert, coalmaster, 12 Dixon street ; ho.
206 Bath street.
Forrester, Samuel, north area, Royal Exchange.
Forrester, Thomas, house-factor and coal merchant,
Dalraarnock depot; house, 125 Greenhead.
Forrester, Thomas, yarn and remnant dealer, 15 S.
St. Mungo street.
Forrester, Mrs. Robert, bookseller, Bazaar, Candle-
riggs ; house, 75 Candleriggs.
Forrester, Mrs., 170 Renfrew street.
FORSGlSr, Alexander, sheriff-officer, 47 Adelphi st.
FORSYTH, Andrew, agent Cowcaddens andHillhd.
branches of Union Bank of Scotland; house, 16
Oakfield terrace, Hillhead.
Forsyth, Charles A., inspector of children, &c., for
Barony Parochial Board, 38 Cochran street ; ho.
26 John street.
Forsyth, Charles G., postmaster. Post Office, Argyle
street, Dunoon.
Forsyth, David, M. A., teacher, E. C. Normal School ;
house, 19 Great Western road.
Forsyth, David, saddler and harness maker, 142
Dumbarton id., Partick; ho. 5 Dowanhill place.
Forsyth, James, blacksmith and springmaker, 4, 6,
Risk street ; house, 6 Craignestock place.
Forsylh, James H. (at Forrest & Barr's), house, 13
Holmhead street.
Forsyth, James, bookkeeper (_Star ofiice), bouse, 64
South Shamrock street.
Forsyth, John, warehouseman, 134 Gt. Hamilton st.
Forsyth, John, grain weigher, 17 Brown street.
Forsyth, J. M., bookkeeper, 187 West George street ;
house, 19 Grange terrace. Crossbill.
Forsyth, John, grocer and provision merchant, 259
Parliamentary road; ho. 31 M'Aslin street.
Forsyth, Miller, & Co., malleable cast iron (or steel)
founders, 8 Broad street, Mile-end.
Forsyth, Matthew, family grocer, 69 Taylor street.
and 103 W. Graham st. ; ho. 184 St. George's rd.
Forsyth, Moses (of Risk & Forsyth), house. Spring
villa, East Kilbride.
Forsyth, Peter, bootmaker, 4 Balmano street ; ho.
166 Slatefield street.
Forsyth, Robert, 13 Holmhead street.
Forsyth, Robt., wine and spirit merchant, 133 West
Nile street, 2 Sauchiehall street ; house, 44 do.
Forsyth, Robert, lithographer, 67 West Nile street.
Forsyth, Robert, jun. (at Forsyth & Sou), house, 7
Bloomfield place, Hillhead.
Forsyth, Robert, sen., 7 Bloomfield place, Hillhead.
Forsyth, R. W., hosier, glover, and shirt-maker, 19
Renfield street ; house, 324 Scotland street.
Forsyth, R. B. (at H. L. Seligmann's), house, 13
Holmhead street.
Forsyth, R. W., hosier, glover, & shirt-maker (maker
of the "Acme" shirt), 19 Renfield street, second
shop below St. Vincent st. ; also agent for J. S.
Forsyth, clothier, Edinburgh.
Forsyth & Son, marine insurance brokers, 40 Union
street ; agents for Hains and Baker, 155 Fen-
church street, and Lloyds, London, and at Liver-
pool and London ; Chambers, Liverpool.
Forsyth & Son, merchants and commission agents,
40 Union street.
Forsyth, Thomas (at John Houston & Co.'s, 105
Miller st.), house, Branford place, 342 Duke st,
Forsyth, Thomas, church officer, Blaekfriars' Street
Evangelical Union Church; house, 86 Black-
friars' street.
Forsyth, Wm., draper, 145 J Cumberland st.
Forsyth, William, saddler, 31, 33 Cathcart street,
Gorbals ; house, 9 do.
Forsyth, W., & Co., smallware warehousemen, 23
Jamaica street.
Forsyth, William, Cobden hotel, 81 Argyle street.
Forsyth, Wm., baker, 131 Hospital street ; house,
136 do.
Forsyth, Wm. (of Cobden hotel), ho. 2 Buckingham
street, Buckingham terrace.
Forsyth, William (of Forsyth, Miller, and Co., 8
Broad street), ho. 1 Clayton terrace, Dennistonn.
Forsyth, Wm. C. (of Forsyth & Son), house, 7
Bloomfield place, Hillhead.
Forsyth, Isabella, lodgings, 94 Dundas street.
Forsyth, Mrs. Wm., grocer and spirit dealer, 336
South Wellington street ; house, 338 do.
Forth & Clyde Navigation Guaranteed Co. ; David
Barr, secretary, 45 West George street.

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