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Leckie & M'Gregor, silk, cotton, worsted, & -woollen
yarn dyers, 89 Queen street ; works, Lonerd Dye
Works, Paisley.
LecoqFreres, Cognac; agt, R. E. Harvey,28 Bathst.
Lemon, James, Woodlands ; house, Garelochhead.
Low, David P., architect, 122 Wellington st. ; house,
13 Both well terrace, Hillhead.
M 'Alpine, Robert, brickbuilder and brickmaker,
Hamilton Hill Brickwork, Possil st., and Stone-
field Brickwork, Blantjre.
M'Callum, John, coal merchant, 44 Sandgate st., Ayr
M'Ewen, Mrs., John, 13 Hamilton ter. west, Partick.
M'Gowan, Thomas, general merchant; store, 27 &
29 Buchan street; yard, 29 Rutherglen loan ; ho.,
22 Moray place, Strathbungo.
Macgregors, Currie, & Co., cotton yarn merchants
and agents, 144 St. Vincent street.
Macgregor, David B., secretary Gartcraig Coal &
Fire Clay Co. (Limited), 51 West Regent street.
Macgregor, Thomas, cotton yarn merchant and agent,
144 St. Vincent street ; house, 62 PoUok street.
Bl'Intosb, J. A., oil, drysalter, and chemical agent,
Royal Exchange buildings.
M'Mahon, Peter, wool and waste mercant, 32 & 34
Kirk street, s.s. ; house, 10 Stockwell place.
Macqueen & Macrae, drysalters, oil merchants, and
commission agents, 69 & 71 George square ; goods
entrance, 373 George street.
Menzies, Chas., stationer, hardware & oil merchant,
18 & 19 Eglinton terrace, Crosshill.
Milne, Thomas H., lithographic draughtsman, 75
Argyle street.
Murray, James, mason and builder, Eastpark, Mary-
hill road.
Muter, Thomas, writer, 97 West Regent street.
Penney, D. J., merchant, 276 George street ; house.,
20 Newton place.
Robertson, David, & Co., booksellers, 90 St. Vincent
street; house, 12 Fitzroy place.
'Robertson, D., & Co., iron and metal merchants, Gow-
anlea, East Kilbride.
Robertson, John, slater & plasterer, 32 Greenvale sfe
Scottish Farmers' Live Stock Insurance Co. (Lim"
ited), Charles Lamont, agent, 50 Clarence street,
Stewart, Archibald, house factor, 10 Stewartville st.,
Partick ; house, 23 Elgin terrace.
Stewart, William, & Co., cabinetmakers and uphol-
sterers, 4 Carlton place ; house, 8 Hampton ter. ,
Mount Florida.
Sutherland, Donald, wright, 20 North Portland st.
Tait, William N., architect, 223 Hope street; house,
35 Ashfield terrace, Hillhead.
Thomas & Co., produce brokers, 22 Hope street.
Walker, James, Australian merchant, 31 India st.
Walker, Mrs. R. J., 31 India street.
Welsh, Alexander, ^Yright, 431 St. Vincent street.
Gl-asgo^w Choral Union,
The object of the Choral Union is to cultivate
and diffuse the knowledge of, and taste for, Classical
Music, and for this purpose frequent public perform-
ances are given, at which the leading artists in the
country appear. Members meet for rehearsal ou
the evenings of Monday and Wednesday during the
session in the Lesser City Hall, Albion Street.
Gentlemen pay an annual subscription of five
shillings. Subscribers to the Union receive Two
Tickets for each of four principal concerts given
during the season in the City Hall ; and the rates
of subscription are, for reserved seats in area, one
guinea and a half; and for reserved in side galleries,
or under side galleries, one guinea. Subscribers
may enter at any time by applying to the treasurer,
Mr. J. S. Fleming, 47 Oswald Street, or to Messrs.
Swan and Pentland, 49 Buchanan Street. In
addition to popular concerts in the Cathedral and
City Hall, the following works were given during
the' season 1872-73, viz.:— Handel's '■ Messiah, '_^
Beethoven's " Ruins of Athens," Gounods " Gallia,"
Carissimi's "Jonah," Mendelssohn's 98th Psalm,
besides selections, part songs, &c. Several important
orchestral works' were also performed, including
Mozart's G Minor Symphony, Mendelssohn's
"Scotch" Symphony, and Mr. Front's organ con-
certo in E minor. The following artists appeared,
viz. : Mesdames Titieus, Sinico, Blanche Cole,
Trebelli-Bettini, Macvitz, and D' Alton ; and Messrs.
Bettini, Tombesi, Vernon Rigby, Guy, Borella,
Campobello, Agnesi, Frederica, and D. Smith.
38 Bath Street.
Joseph Stevenson, president; Aeneas M'Master,
vice-president; A. B. Macgregor, treasurer; J.
Anderson, secretary ; R. Butter, superintendent ;.-
A. Buchanan, curator.
This institution was founded by the mechanics of-
Glasgow, for obtaining instruction in the useful'
branches of knowledge, especially those connected
with the arts, and was opened to all classes of the
community on November 5, 1823.
A fee of 8s. entitles to the rank of membership,
to attend the course of Lectures on Chemistry and.
Mechanics, and to receive books from the Library,
consisting of upwards of 7400 volumes, chiefly
scientific works. The management is invested in a.
committee of nineteen, sixteen of whom are chosen-
by ballot from the members, the remaining _thr=e
being selected from the list of honorary councillors.
■*is-* The institution is in connection with the De-
partment of Science and Art, and likewise with the
Society of Arts, Loudon ; and students are entitled,
free of charge, to compete for their valuable ccriifi-
cates and prizes.
The Right Honourable earl of Roseberrj-, patron ;•
Rev. Dr. Dobie, Shamrock Street U.P. Ch-jrcb,
president ; Dr. Kirk, Partick, vice-president ; Alex-
ander Vannan, Esq.. H. C. Patterson, Esq., Peter
Walker, Esq., James Marshall, Esq., John Marshall,
Esq , John Wyper, Esq., Robert Boyd, Esq., J. _D.
Kirkwood, Esq., James Duncan, Esq., John Cairn,
Robert Park, Ales. Whyte, William Park, directors ;
Robert Nisbet, 35 Jamaica Street, secretary; J(jb''
f C. Shand, 85 King Street, City, treasurer.

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