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Paris & Co., merchants, 119 St. Vincent street.
Park, James, Turnerfield, Partick.
Paterson, George, & Co., ship chandlers and sail-
makers, 9 and 1 1 Springfield lane ; house, 1 Great
"Wellington St., Paisley road.
Pearston, James, oil mercht. and broker, 59 Hope st.
Smith, J. S., cork cutter, 168 Main St., Anderston ;
liouse, 24 Elderslie street.
Smith, William, accountant and insurance agent, 1
Athole terrace. Queen's park.
Somerville, John, grocer, 24 Jamaica street.
Stewart, Ruthven, & Co., general commission agents,
151 Gallowgate.
Woodside Pottery and Flower-pot Manufactories,
Napiershall st., off Great Western road.
Young, Archibald, engraver, lithographer, and pub-
lisher, 70 Union street; ho. 38 Hill st. Ganielh.
Young & Hamilton, stationers, lithographers, and
engravers, 128 Union street.
The following Institutions received too late for insertion in their proper places.
THE scornsii shipbuilders' association.
Founded 1857.
This institution devote.'! itself to the encourage-
ment and advancement of engineering science and
practice, being established to facilitate the exchange
of information and ideas amongst its members, and
to place on record the results of experience elicited in
discussion. Meetings are held for reading papers
and for discussions every four weeks, or oftener,
during the winter months. The office-bearers are —
James M. Gale, president ; W. M. Neilson, W. J.
M. Rankine, W. Simons, vice-presidents; A. Ingli:;,
J. Brownlee, J. R. Napier, A. Gilchrist, J. Ferguson,
J. G. Lawrie, D. Rowan, E. Hunt, K. H. Maclure,
T. A. Matheson, councillors; J. Hamilton, treasurer;
J. P. Smith, secretary. Office, 67 Renfield Street.
Col. D. C. R. C. Buchanan, of Drumpellier; Lieut.-
Col. Arch. Campbell Campbell, of Blythswood; theVerj
Eev. Principal Barclay, Glasgow University ; E. D.
James, Postmaster of Glasgow ; D. Colquhoun, Col-
lector of H.M. Customs, Glasgow, patrons. Office-
bearers for 1867 — J. D. Porteous, president; John
Keenan, vice-president ; John Wallace, secretary ;
David Mackinlay, treasurer ; John Thomson, capt.
The above-named ofSce- bearers, together with R.
G. Finlay and Gavin Shearer, form the committee of
Subscription — £1 Is. per annum.
This club was instituted in 1861, for the purpose
of affording the members a convenient place of resort
during the summer months for the healthful and
bracing exercise of rowing, and for the encourage-
ment of aquatic sports. The boathouge is large,
and is well supplied with first-class boats of various
kinds, including a first-class Oxford-built eight-cared
cutter; there is also a commodious dressing room,
fitted with every suitable convenience for the mem-
bers. Meetings are held on the first Monday of each
month for the admission of new members, and other
business. Gentlemen desirous of admission to the
privileges of the club, must be proposed and seconded
by two members at one meeting, and be balloted for
at the meeting nest following. Facilities will be
afforded to students of the University, and to gentle-
men of H. JL Civil Service, joining the club, in
forming distinctive crews. A rowing class for the
instruction of new members is now being formed in
connection with the club, under the direction of the
c.iptain, J. Tliomson.
Clothiers to the club— Addie & Smith, 124 & 126
Ingram Street, by whom the rowing dress and uni-
form of the club are supplied at contract prices.
All communications on the business of the club to
be addressed to the honorary secretary, John Wallace,
62 Miller Street. Subscriptions payable to the
honorary treasurer, D. Muckinlay, 75 Glassford

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