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The Publishers, in placing in the hands of the Public the present edition of the
Directory, have again to tender their grateful acknowledgments for the encourage-
ment and support received during the long period of forty years. The present Volume
has been prepared with an anxious endeavour to insure correctness, and the
Publishers can with confidence recommend it as a safe and correct guide to the
business places and private residences of the many thousand names embraced
therein ; and, as opportunity offers, every means will be employed to increase and
extend its usefulness.
The fine Map of the City which accompanies the Director}^, and first published
in 1865, is revised annually, thus showing the improvements and extensions made in
each succeeding year.
As usual, the size of the present Volume has been considerably increased, there
being about 30 closely printed pages of letterpress over last year's issue, arising
chiefly from an increase of Names and Streets ; forming a clear index of the
rapid extension of the City, and enhancing yearly the value of the Glasgo^y
Post-OfHce Directory,
Post Office, Glasgow, ls( June, 1SG7.
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