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Is. Per BOX. Is. 2d. Per POST.
The Waverley Pen, — Here is a genial soi-t of a thing. It goes
along so agreeably tliat one is tempted to scribble away even after tlie
thought is terminated. It is a positive luxury after the experience
of the stifP, stubborn, spitting, and spiteful article with which writers
have sometimes to work. There is a graceful bend at the top, which
tells at once that it is a well-behaved and gentlemanly pen, and lit
for the best society. The j)olite and agreeable bend of the " Waver-
ley " has been secured by patent from vile imitatory, who would,
doubtless, have made all sorts of contortions in imitation of its aris-
tocratic qualities. Would that all our correspondents possessed
these pens ! We might then, at our ease, wax fat. The man who
would make wretched scribbling with a " Waverley " ought to be
" hauled-up " as a nuisance. Let every one who writes buy a shilling
box of the " Waverley ,"~ and thus secure pleasui'e to himself in
writing, and ease to the reader in its perusal. — From the Banner of
This Pen is the best Pen we have ever tried. By an arrangement
of the point, it almost makes the hand run after it, so facile and so
pleasant is it. — From tJie Greenock Herald.
Those who, like myself, scribble for the press, know the value of
a good pen ; but how to find one has always to me been a more
difficult problem than that " asses' bridge " which puzzled my young
brain. I must say, however, that the " Q.E.D." of the steel pen pro-
blem has at last been made clear. An article has been produced by
Macniven & Cameron of Edinburgh, which bears the name of the
"Waverley Pen," that must ultimately supersede all others. It
possesses all the flexibility and smoothness of the quill, and is the
best steel pen I have ever written with. Those who try the " Wav-
erley " once will, I am convinced, use it ever afterwards, — From the
Newcastle Chronicle.

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