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Craig, Mrs. Ann, eating house keeper, 15 Saltmarkct;
house, 43 M'Neil .street.
Ci-aig, Mrs. James, 80 North Frederick street. ■
Craig, Mrs. Jolin, victualler and grocer, 81 North
street, Aiiderston.
<-raig, Mrs. John, 41 Charlotte street.
<Jraig, Mrs. John, provision merchant, 231 Arg^Ie
street; house, 357 do.
(Jraig, Elizahetli, lodgings, 310 Argyle street.
Craig, .Janet, draper, ViG Canning street.
Craig, Jliss. 46 Reniicld street.
CRAIGHEAD, Jas.,giirdr., Rosehil!, IG4 Sha^v.s rd.
Craighead, -James, -writer, 28 St. Andrew's square.
(JR.AtGIE, JoiUi .A., teacher. Free St. John's schools,
21 East Hill street; house, 121 No. Montrose St.
Craigie, Robert, commission agent, 8 Ingram street:
house, 1 7.J Sauchieliall street.
CRAIK, Rev. James D.D., minister of St. George's ;
house, 15 Sandyford place.
CRAILSHEIM, A. of CraiUheim tj- Herman; house,
'.'5 Woodside place.
Crailsheim & Herman, merchants, 61 Miller street.
CliAMSIE, Cliarles, grocer, 154 Main street, An-
derston ; house, do.
CRANMER, John Little, spirit dealer, 15 Oxford la.
CRANSTON, George, Crow Hotel, 20 George sq.
CRANSTOUN, Loudon, bone setter. Tontine Hotel,
1)11 Wednesdays, residence, Broome Knowes, Cam-
CRAWFORD, A. H. of H.M. Custom house, 27
Paterson street, Kingston.
Cr.iwford, Alexander, wine and spirit dealer, 667
Ga'ilowgate; house, 4 East JoIin street.
Crawford, Andw., grocer, 37 Riitherglen rd., ho. do.
Crawford, Andrevf, & Co., dyertood manufacturers,
48 Gordon street; house, GO Abbotsford [dace.
<Jrawford, Andrew, of Alexander Gilmour cj- Co. ;
house, 150 Port-Dundas road.
Crawford, Andrew, wriglit and builder, 7 Milton
lane; house, 103 Craighall road.
Crawford, Cornelius, sen., fancj- ])aper-bo.^ maker,
10 Brunswick lane; house, 9 Weaver street.
Crawford, Daniel, wine merchant, 81 Queen street ;
house, 19 West Prince's street. Queen's crescent.
Oawford, David, manager, Barrowfield dye and
print works.
Crawford, David, die, stamp, and seal engraver, 34
St. Enoch square ; house, 448 Argyle street.
Crawford, Donald, wine and spirit merchant, 84
Govan street; l)ou,-.e, 45 Hospital street.
<Jrawford, David, 97 Union st. ; house, G7 Grove st.
Crawford & Easton, calenderers and packers, 81
JJuchanan st., 9 Gordon St., and 82 Mitchell st.
Crawfurd, George, writer, 97 West George street ;
house, Thornwood, Uddingston.
Crawfurd, George, clerk of the peace for Lower
Ward of Lanarkshire, County buildings, 107
Brunswick St.; hou.se, Thornwood, Uddingston.
Cravrford, Hugii, 503 Gallowgate.
Cr:iwford, James, painter and paper hanger, 32
Zvhiin street, Bridgeton.
Cr-:nvf(ird, James, tinsiiiith, gasfitter, and slater,
134 Stirling's road, and i.'j Soutii St. Mang;>
street ; house, 13-i London street.
Oawford, James, missionary, 133 London street.
Crawford, James, cooper, 62 Old ver.nel; house, 3
St. John's place, Grtome street.
Crawford, James, ma.soa and builder, 88 Commeree
street; house, 12 North. Cubuig street. •
Crawford, James, agent f;.r Braehead colliery depot,
2Tennant?t. ; ho. Iluntingdondale, St. Rollox.
Crawford, James, victualler, 100 This'.le street;
house, 233 Hospital street, Ilutchcsontown.
Crawford, James, grocer, 114 Garngad road.
Crawford, James P , of William Crawford ij' Son ;
hou.se, 74 Eglinton street.
Crawford, John and Ebenezer, Eagle iron foundry,
Crawford, John, sculptor, 28 Mason street; house,
3 Martyr street.
Crawford, John, baker and flour merchant, 69 Par-
liamentarj- road.
Crav.'ford, Ji^hn, of Crawford^ Logariy if- Co.; house,
1 St. James's terrace.
Crawford, John, law agent, colonial land and emi-
gration office, 65 Jamaica street; house, 24
Abbey street, P.aisley.
Crawford, John, baker, 38 Eglinton street ; house,
1 Wallace street.
Crawford, John, gas surveyor, 42 Virginia street;
house, 3 Paterson street.
Crawford, John, fruiterer and green groeer, 214 Gal-
lowgate, and 2, 4 East Campbell street ; house,
206 Gallowgate.
Crawford, John, provision merchant, 151 Canning
street ; house, 124 Great Hamilton street.
Crawford, John, of the North British Daily Mail;
house, 64 Abbotsford place.
Crawford, John, weaving manager, G7 Brook street;
house, 120 London road.
Crawford, Logan, & Co., corn factors, 13 Hope st.
Crawford, JL & J., confectioners, 186 Gallowgate;
house, 168 do.
Crawford, Matthew, warper, agent, and clipper, 41
Stirling square.
Crawford, Nichol, bottler, packer, and wino finer,
45 Wallace street; house, do.
Crawford, Peter, grocer, 85 Govan street.
Crawford, Robert, shipping-master, James Watt
street ; house, o^ Kclvingrove place.
Crawford, Robert, architect, 87 Union street; house,
Parkhouse, Paislej- road.
Crawford, Robert, wright, 101 High John street.
Crawford, Robert, wright and builder, 458 Duke
street; house, 472 do.
Crawford, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 32, 34
Stobcross street.
Crawford, Thomas, of Craioford cj- Easton; house, 1
St. George's road.
Crawford, Thomas, mill-manager, Mile-end; house,
618 Gallowgate.
Crawford, Tliomas, spirit dealer, 1 Ea=t Market
street ; house, 5 do.
Crawford, Thomas, regent hotel, 2 Oswald street
and 50 Broomielaw.
Crawford, Thomas, jun., of Crauford tj- Easton;
house, 377 Sauchiehall street.
Crawford, William, wright, 98 Sauchiehall street.
Crawford, William, warper, 72 Nelson street.
Crawford, William, & Son, tailors and clothiers, 76
Eglinton street.
Crawfurd, Wm., of J. tf A. Dennistoun ; house, 132
West Regent street,
Crawford, Mrs., 16 Abbotsford place.
Crawford, Mrs. Ale.K., wine and spirit raerchan!,
247 High street: house, 239 do.
Crawford, Mrs. John, soda bread baker,. 60 King:
street, Tradestoii ; house, 23 D:i,le street, do. ,

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