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Clyde I'aint Mills, 91 and 93 West st.; office, 9 do.
Clyde Police Office, 16 Robertson street.
Clj'de Ropework, G6 Anderston quaj' ; works at
Clyde Sailcloth Co.; J. Black & Co., 27 Lancefield
Clyde Screw Steam-Packet Co., 14 York street; D.
A. B. Murray, manager.
Clyde Screw, Bolt, and Kivet Co., 97 Piccadilly st.
Clyde Shipping Co., 86 Broomielaw; Thos. Whyte,
Clyde Steam Navigation Co. ; G. & J. Burns, 9
Buchanan street.
Clyde Thread Mills, 344 Main street, Bridgeton.
Clyde Trustees' Chambers, 16 Robertson street;
Geo. Knight, manager.
CLYDESDALE, Andw., confectioner and baker, 8
. Stevenson street; house, 10 do.
Clydesdalk Banking Co., 13 Queen street ; Geo.
Headman, manager.
Clydesdale Bank Branch, 63 Trongate ; P. B. Junor,
Clydesdale Chemical Co., AVm. Brown & Co , ma-
nagers, 24 Stockwell street; works, Rosebank,
Clj'desdale Inn, 15 East Xile street.
Clydesdale, Quintin, painter, 89 Green St., Calton.
Clydesdale Railway Guaranteed Co., 20 St. Vincent
place, William Craig, secretary.
COATS, George, coalmaster, Kitshill Colliery ;
. house, 6 Park terrace.
Coats, John, 104 Hill street, Garnethill.
Coats, John, M.D., 120 West Regent street.
Coats, John, jun., 31 Duke street.
Coats, John, medical hall, 13 Great Hamilton street;
house, 3 I Duke street.
Coats, J., 91 North Hanover street.
Coats, J., dressmaker, 200 Garscube road.
Coats, Philip, victu. and grocer, 18 Laigh Kirk cl.
Coats, Mrs., Thomas, 31 Duke street.
COCHRAN, Alex., ofA.<^- R. Cochran; house. Glen-
field house, Townmill road.
Cochran, Alex., & Co., cabinet-makers and uphol-
sterers, 44 Gordon street ; workshop, 87 Pitt st.
Cochran, Alex., of A. Cochran cj' Co.; house, 76
Douglas street.
Cochran, A. & R., flint-glass manufVicturcrs, St.
Rollox, Tennant street and Hartfield street.
Cochrane, Arch., plumber, gasfitter, and zinc worker,
26 Springfield lane, Paisley road; house, 100
Eglinton street.
Cochran, Daniel, beadle. Baptist Chapel, 19 Hopest.
Cochran, Hugh, provision merchant, 211 High
street and 13 George street.
Cochrane, H. S., organist and music teacher, 145
New City road.
Cochran, James, grain merchant, 62 Main street,
Biidi;eton; house, 44 John street, do.
Cocliran, James, slater, 26, 28 Surrey street
Cochran, James, baker, 96 Alma place, Paisley
road ; house, 94 do.
Cochrane, James, homoeopathic chemist, 24 Argyle
street and 16 Bath street. — See Add. in App.
Cochrane, James, of J. cj- J. li, Cochrane^ Co.;
residence, Belritiro, Dumbartonshire.
Cochrane, James, tinsmith and gasfitter, 10 Dunlop
street; house, 80 Hospital street.
Cochran, John, mason and builder, 28 Cook street.
Cochran, John, 153 Queen St.; ho. 35 Carnarvon st.
Cochrane, J. & J. R., & Co., power-loom cloth
manufacturers and cotton-spinners. Bishop Garden
mills, Bishop street and Wellington mills, 23
Govan st. ; counting-ho. 67 Bishop st., Anderst.
Cochrane, Rev. Matthew, A.M., minister of St.
Peter's church, Oswald st. ; ho. 202 Renfrew st.
Cochrane, N. & R., muslin and fancy dress manu-
facturers, 14 Montrose street.
Cochran, Peter, wire- worker, 421 Gallowgate ; ho.
8 Bell street, Calton.
Cochran, Robert, cashier, Post-Office ; house, 19
North Portland street.
Cochran, Robert, & Co., flint-glas.s, china, and
earthenware manufacturers, Verreville pottery,
149 Finnieston street, and Britannia pottery.
Glebe street, St. Rollox.
Cochrane, Robert, general contractor, 27 Ann st.
Cochran, Robert, jun., 13 Exchange place; S.
Rerries, Co. Dublin.
Cochian, Robert, of William Connal cf- Co. ; house,
Overdale, Langside.
Cochran, Robert, of M'Naurjhtan <]• Cochran; hou?e.
Charing cross.
Cochran, Robert, of Eohei-t Cochran if Co.; house,
Verreville house, Stobcross street.
Cochran, Thomas, of Grieve ij- Cochran; house, 37
Monteith row.
Cochran, Thomas, grocer, 166 Garscube road.
Cochran, Thomas, 71 South Portland street.
Cochran, William, calenderer, packer, hot-presser,
cloth-cutter, and finisher, 85 Candlerig'>;s.
Cochran, William, jacquard card cutter, 66 North
Hanover street.
Cochrane, William, ofD. C. Clark <j- Co.; house, li
Westminster place.
Cochran, William, collector, Corporation Water
works ; house, 1 1 Hopetoun place.
Cochran, William, (fM. cj- W. Connal cj' Co. ; house,
10 Abbotsford place.
Cochran, William R., nf W. Cochran, 85 Candic-
riggs ; house, 2 Graticn square.
Cochran, Mrs. Wm., victualler, 64 Green .street,
Calton; house, 12 15innie place.
COCKBURN, Campbell, & Co., wine merchants,
112 St. Vincent street.
Cockburn, Thoma,'!, publisher. Christian News Office ;
house, 142 Hospital stieet.
Cockburn, William, M.R.C.V.S., 50 Sauchiehall
street; house, 55 do.
Cockburn, Mrs., grocer and spirit dealer, 8 Demp-
ster street.
COCKEY & M'Farlane, cast iron niercliants, 10
Buchanan street.
Cocke}', William, of Coclcey cj- M'Farlane; house,
18 Lansdowne crescent.
COCKER, Henrj', ofl). M'Lcod cf Son, 43 Clyde pi.
CODli, John, agent, 258 High sireet.
COGAN, John and Robert, merchants, 32 West
George street.
Cogan, Robert, of J. cf- 7?. Cogun; house, 21 W(/Oil-
side terrace.
Cogan, Robert 0., of J. Bartholomeio cj- Co ; house,
2 1 Woodside terrace.
COGHILL, Alexander, silversmith, 87 Stockwell
street; house, Ashton, Gourock.
Coghill, Alexander, tobacco-pipe manufacturer. Eagle
lane, 53 Maxwell street ; liouse, A^htoii, Gourcck.
Coghill, Alexander, mason, 109 '."lumljevland stieet,

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