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Clark, Wm., of Alkin, Clark ij' Co. ; house, 3 Clifton
Clark, Wm., at Juhn Clark, jun., <$■ Co.'s; house,
Kirkfield, Bothwell.
Clark, Wm., tinsmith, 130 Canning street; house,
2 Landressv street.
Clarke, \(m.', of Clarke 4- Bell; house, Granby ter-
race. Billhead.
Clark, W. E. C, surgeon, Go John street.
Clark, Wm., cotton yarn merchant, 42 Cochran st.
Clark, Wm., tinsmith, gasfitter, hellhanger, and
worker for mills and j)rinttields, 40 and 44 John
street; house, 239 George street.
Clark, Wm., church officer, Greenhead church ;
house, 111 Canning street.
Clark, Wm., pirn cop paper-tube manufacturer and
mill furnisher, 91 Warroch street ; house, 12 An-
derston qua}'.
Clark, Wm., cattle agent and flesher, G .Steel street
and 57 Muslin street.
Clark, Mrs. James, 327 Sauchiehall street.
Clark, Mrs, lodgings, 48 Oxford street.
Clark, Mrs., 187 Buchanan street.
Clark, Mrs., 9 Claremont street.
Clark, Mrs., temperance hotel, 28 Jamaica street.
Clark, Mrs., 237 Brandon place. West George street.
Clark, Miss Ellen, uphol-teress, 95 No. Hanover St.
Clark, Miss, lodgings, 93 South Portland street.
CLARKSON, John, draper, 34 Canning St., Calton.
CLAVERING, Tlios., Russia broker, 22 Royal Ex-
change square ; house, 276 Bath street.
CLAYTON, Wm., & Co., general merchants and
importers, 64 Buchanan St.; D. T. Sadler, agent.
CLEAT, John, spirit dealer, 34 Sauchiehall street;
house, 36 do.
CLELAND, Charles, 2 Carlton court, Bridge street.
Clelland & Hill, truss and bandage makers, 146
George street. — See Adcertisement in Appendix.
Clelland, Jas.,ofCklland ,f [Jill; ho. 9Stirlingstreet.
Clelland, James, Wright, 88 Main street, Gorbals ;
house, 32 William street, Cowcaddens.
Cleland, Robert, grocer and wine merchant, 74
Sauchiehall street; house, 220 Hope street.
Clelland, Robert, merchant, 52 York street ; house,
220 Hope street.
Cleland, Mrs. A. S., 102 South Portland street.
Cleland, Mrs., lodgings, 107 Dundas street.
Cleland, Misses, milliners and cloak makers, 88
Dundas street.
CLEMENTS, Edward, stevedore, 13 Springfield
lane and 29 Centre street ; hi). 94 Paisley road.
Clement, John, spirit mer., 245 Main St., Gorbals.
Clements, Robert, surgeon, 750 Gallowgate.
CLEPHAN, Wm., coppersmith, 22 Washington
street; house, lOli Main street, Anderstoii.
•Clephane, Wm., at John B. BenneVs; house, 116
Waterloo street.
Clerk to the Commissioners for the Lower Ward
of Lanarkshire, Robert Knox, 29 St. Vincent pi.
CLEUGH, Mrs., 59 Abbotsford place.
CLEWS, Robert, surgeon, 175 Castle street; house,
3 Paiiiamentary ro.id.
Clii^ton Hill Coal Co., 56 West Howard street;
depot, Monkland canal basin.
CLLMIE, Robert, civil engineer and land surveyor,
139 Greenlaw place, Pai.^ev road.
CLINKSKILL, James, of Norman- (j- Clinkskill;
house, 56 Rose street, Garnethill.
CLINTON, William, broker, 51 Nelson street.
CLOUGH, W^illiam, manager, Wellington Pottery,
604 Gallowgate; house, 1 Whitevale street.
CLOUSTON, Peter, of Bennett, Browne, ^ Co.; ho.
9 L3'nedoch crescent.
CLOW, A. G., of Clow ff Macrone; ho. 12 Newton
Clow, Andrew, jeweller and watchmaker, 62 St.
George's road; house, 12 Newton street.
Clow, A. & D., Wrights and builders, 20 Great
Western road.
Clow, Andrew, of A. cj- D. Clow; house, 151 New
City road.
Clow, David, of A. <y D. Clow; ho. 46 Shamrock st.
Clow, E., wine and spirit merchant, 81 Stockwellst.
and 70 Main street, Gorbals; house, 4 Norfolk
street, Laurieston.
Clow, Henry, clothier, 66 Queen street; house, 39
Cadogan street.
Clow, Henr\', spirit merchant, 18 Main st. Gorbals ;
house, 82 Hospital street.
Clow, James, & Co., corn and flour commission
merchants, 7 Hope street.
Clow & Macrone, printers, 11 St. Enoch square.
Clow, Misses, dress and cloak makers, 12 Newton st.
Clow's hoot and shoe shop, 345 Argyle street ; ho.
39 Cadogan street.
CLUBB, Alexander, & JI'Lean, sculptors, North
Necropolis road ; house, 30 Drygate lane.
Clubb, Archibald, baker, 712 Gallowgate.
Clubb, Jame.s, painter and papei hanger, 31 and 33
Finlaj- street ; house, 116 Renfrew street.
CLUGSTON, Alexander, depute-clerk of the peace
for the Lower Ward of Lanarkshire, County
buildings ; house, 1 2 Cumberland street. West.
Clugstone, James, spirit merchant, 506 Gallowgate;
house, 130 Great Hamilton street.
Clugston, James, 67 Abbotsford place.
Clugston, John, & Co., bleachers, Avonbank, by
Larkhall. Parcels or messages to be left at Cam-
ming, Wallace, & Co.'s, Queen street.
CLUNAS, Hugh, spirit merchant, 248 High st.
Clunas, M., hosiers and furnishings, 265 George st.
CLUNIE, R. A, corn factor, 38 Hoiie street; ho.
4 Somerset place.
CuiTiiA Bolt, Rivet, Machine, and Smith Works;
P. & W. M'Lellan, 8, 10 Adelphi street.
CLYDE, Andrew, & Co , carriage hirers, head of
North street; stables, 60 Woodlands road.
Clj'de, Andrew, of A. Clyde cj- Co.; house, 145 New-
City road.
Clyde, John, cork manufacturer, 68 Lorn place,
Dumbarton road.
Clyde, John & Robert, shoe furnishers, 2 Main st.
Calton ; house 4 Well : treet, do.
Clydo, John, beadle of Free St. George's, 61 Main's
street, Blythswood holm.
Clyde, William, jun., of W. ^- T. Clyde; house. Well-
park place, Crossmj'loof.
Clyde, W. & T., wholesale and retail stationers, 83
Queen street ; house, Wellpark pi. Cros=myloof.
Clyde Bottle Works, 35 Charles st. St. Rollox.
Clyde Cut Nail W^orks ; Jas. Core & Co., 4 Cook st.
Clyde Foundry, 33 Anderst. quay ; Tod & M'Gregor.
Clyde Galvanizing Co., Mavisbank, Broomielaw.
Clyde Grain Mills, Cominercial rd. Hutchisontown.
Clyde Hotel, 13 Anderston quay.
Clyde Iron-works Office, 97 West George street.
Clyde & Mediterranean Packet Co. (limited), 91
Buchanan St. ; LaaghlanJ & Brown, managers.

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