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Clapperton, ^Tolin, & Co., mercliants, manufrs., and
â– warehousemen, 175 & 181 Trongate.
Clapperton, John, stock and sharebrokev, 3 West
Nile St. ; ho. Mrs. Ewing's, 247 Sauchiehall St.
Clapperton, William, & Co., thread manufacturers,
204 West George street.
Clapperton, William, of William Clapperton tj- Co.;
house, 6 Sandj'ford place.
CLARK, Allan, of Allan, Clark (J- Co. ; house, 156
George street.
Clark, Alliin, & Co., cot. yarn merchts., 42Coclirau st.
Clark, Alexander, accountant and house factor, 87
Union street; house. Meadow bank, Torrance.
Clerk, Alexander, 5 Oxford street.
Clark, A. & L., ironmongers, blacksmiths, tinsmiths,
j gas-fitters, bell-hangers, and lock & hiiige-makrs.,
78 Union street; works, 80 do.
Clark, Arch., of A. 4' L. Clark ; ho. 27 Abbotsf. pi.
Clark, Arch., spirit dealer, 38 King St., Tradeston.
Clark, Arch., auctioneer, 96 Saltmarket; house. Ill
South Wellington street
Clark, A. & P., fleshers, 132 Thistle street; house,
134 do.
Clarke & Brown, drysalters, 6 & 8 Craiji;nestock st.
Clarke & Bell, architects, 51 St. Vincent street.
Clark & Co., bleachers and finishers, 420 Gallowg.
Clark & Co., fancy muslin manufrs., 22 Ingram st.
Clark, David, merchant and com. agent, and agent
for the Times Fire, Life, Guarantee, and Plate
Glass Assurance Co.'s, 40 LTnion street ; house,
281 Dumbarton road.
Clerk, Donald, smith, bell-hanger, and gasfitter, 64
Hope street ; house, 49 West Campbell street.
Clark & Drummond, cotton-yarn merchts., 48 Vir-
ginia street.
Clarke, D. C, & Co , clothiers and warehousemen,
6 & 10 Jamiaca street.
Clark, Duncan, boot and shoemaker, 33 and 35
Dalhousie street.
Clark, Francis, of Herveys, Wilson, 4' Co. ; house, 3
Windsor street.
Clark, George, of Clark cj- Tannuhill ; house, 21
Ahbolsford place.
Clark, George, funeral undertaker, 13 Abercromby
street, Calton ; house, 15 do.
Clark, George, Western Bank of Scotland ; house,
14 Miller street.
Cliirk, G. W., of Gibson cj- Clark ; house, Newstead,
. Govan road.
i Clark, James, 6 Windsor terrace. Great Western rd.
I Clark, James, & Co., tailors & clothiers, 23 Geo. sq.
{ Clark, James, & Co., brokers, 49 and 51 Bridgegate ;
house, 3G do.
Clark, James, umbrella and parasol manufacturer,
67 and C9 Candleriggs ; ho. 88 No. Hanover st.
Clark, James, horse dealer, 130 London street;
house, Gallohill, Carmunnock.
Clark, James, merchant, 37 Monteith row.
Clark, James, baker, 119, 121 King .street, and 31
Hospital street; house, 29 Hospital street.
Clark, James, of James Finlay <f Co., and Wilson,
Kay, (J- Co. ; residence, Crossbasket.
Clerk, James, & Co., merchants, 6 Hope street.
Clark, James, agent. Northern Fire and Life As-
surance Company, Western Bank of Scotland,
Sauchiehall street.
Clerk, James, of James Chrk cf Co.; house, 4
Queen's terrace.
Clark, John, grocer, 39 Little street. Calton.
Clark, John, janitor. High School, 74 John street.
Clark, John, of Robert Alexander (j- Co. ; house,
Levenfield House, Alexandria.
Clark, John King, 148 West Nile street.
Clark, John, jun., & Co., cotton spiimers & thread
manufacturers, 16 George street. Mile-end.
Clark, John, of Hill, Davidson, Hill, ^ Clark,
writers; house, 111 Kinniiig place.
Clark, John, writer, 22 Renfield street.
Clark, John, of Clark (|- Struthers ; house, 3 Windsor
terrace, St. George's road.
Clark, John, 69 Tobago street.
Clark, John, victualler, G Marlborough street ;
house, 39 Little street.
Clark, John, jun., of John Clark, jun., <f Co ; house,
7 Broad street. Mile-end.
Clark, Johii, pavi'nbrokcr, 79 Brovvn street, and 9
Bishop street ; house, 186 North sti-eet.
Clark, John, & Son, smiths and machine makrs., 64
Hospital St., Hutchn. ; ho. 97^ Wellington st.. So.
Clark, John, pawnbroker, 11 and 13 Piccadilly
street, Anderston ; house, 13 do.
Clark, Jonathan, eating house keeper, 111 & 113
Gallowgate, and 128 Canning street, Calton;
house, 113 Gallowgate.
Clarke, Joseph, of Clarke (f Broxcn; house, 6 Craig-
nestock street.
Clarke, Joseph, 415 Gallowgale.
Clark, Laurence, of A. <|' L. Clark ; house, 47
Sauchiehall street.
Clark, Matthew, & Co., drysalters, 1 Prince's sqiiare^
48 Buchanan street ; house, 4 Abbotsford place.
Clark, Matthew, of John Clark, Jun., tf- Co. ; house,
14 Annfield place.
Clark, Matthew, spirit dealer, 164 Main street,
Gorbals ; house, 88 Cumberland street.
Clark, Patrick, at James Clark (f Co.'s; house, 176
Upper Crown street.
Clark, Peter W., vice-consul of the Netherlands, 31
Dundas street ; house, 3 Buckingham terrace.
Clark, Peter, at Alex. Bryce cf Co.'s, 6 St. Andrs. sq.
Clark, Peter, 49 Holmhead street.
Clark, Peter, curator, Royal Botanic Gardens.
Clark, P. W., & Co., merchants, 31 Dundas street.
Clark, Richard, tinsmith and gasfitter, 62 Carrick
street ; house, 36 Bothwell street.
Clark, Robert, brickbuilder ; house, 43 Young street.
Clark, Robert, coal mercht.,65 Taylor st.; ho. 17 do.
Clark, Robt. B., & Co., manufrs., 70 Brun.swick st.
Clark, Robert, bleacher, and finisher, 420 Gallow-
gate; house, 4 Sommerville place.
Clark, Robert, writer, 28 Miller street ; house, 250
Renfrew street.
Clark, R. & R., saddlers, 1 Argyle arcade.
Clark, Stephen, grocer and provision merchant, 3
Nelson street, Tradeston ; house, 1^ do
Clarke, Samuel, snrgeon, 235 High street ; house,
1C8 George street.
Clark & Struthers, gingham and pullicate manufac-
turers, 17 Royal Exchange square.
Clark & Tannaliill, tambour muslin manufacturers,
163 Ingram street and 100 Queen street.
Clark, Thos , patent oil and grease manufacturer,
184 Finnieston street.
Clark, Thos.,flesher, 176^ Garscuberd. ; ho. 401 do.
Clark, Thos. S., at James Clark cj' Co.'s ; house, 183
Napier place, Sandyford.
Clarke, Wm., of the Falkirk Iron Co., 22 Dixon
street ;â–  house, 64 St. George's road.

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