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Campbell, James, tinsmitb, gasfitter, & zinc worker,
116 West Nile street.
Campbell, Jas., teacher of navigation, 83 Jamaica st.
Campbell, James, of Camphell cf Mathers; house,
111 Eglinton street.
Campbell, Jas., shoemak.. Bazaar; ho. 151 Gallowg.
Campbell, James A., at J. ^ W. Camphell ij- Co.'s;
house, 3 Claremont terrace.
Campbell, James, of James Camphell 4 Co. ; house,
98 South Portland street.
Campbell, James, at Thos. B. Camphell # Co-'s, 30
Bothwell street.
Campbell, James, of Currie ^ Camjihell; house, 84
Eichard street.
Campbell, James, of Camphell cf liohertson ; house,
292 Duinbartou road.
Campbell, James, slater, chimney-sweeper, & smoke
curer, 9 Alston street.
Campbell, Jas., baker, 131 Hospital st. ; ho. 129 do.
Campbell, James, jun., at J. ^- W. Camphell cj- Co.'s;
house, 200 Bath street.
Campbell, James, of Craivhall tj- Camphell; house,
173 Finuieston street.
Campbell, James, of Stevenson tj- Camphell, 62 Queen
Campbell, J. & W., dyers and yarn printers, 95
Hutcheson st.; wks., Auldfield park, Pollokshaws.
Campbell, J. & W., & Co., v.-holesale warehousemen,
29 Ingram street, and retail, 34 Candleriggs.
Campbell, Sir James, of Stracathro, of J. # W.
Camphell cj- Co. ; house, 129 Bath street.
Campbell, John, v.ino and spirit merchant, 63 North
street, Anderston.
Campbell. John G., & Co., silk spinners, John street
silk mills, Bridgeton, and 73 Miller street.
Campbell, John, sen., & Co., merchants, 7 Victoria
place. West Regent street.
Campbell, John, Calder and Govan Iron-worJcs
Office, 1 Dixon street.
Campbell, John, wright, glazier, and cabinetmaker,
61 Great Hamilton street.
Campbell, John, beadle to the U. P. church. East
Campbell street.
Campbell, John, writer, 31 North Frederick street ;
house, Langside.
Campbell, John, confectioner, maker of the cele-
brated cough wafer, 46 and 241 Argyle street;
house, 40 St. Vincent crescent.
Campbell, John, ship and insurance broker, 146
Buchanan street ; house, 1 Woodside crescent.
Campbell, John, seed merchant, 138 Queen street.
Campbell, John, burgh and sheriff officer and con-
stable, 66 Hutcheson street; house, 408 Parlia-
mentary road.
Campbell, John, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 36,
33 Stirling's road ; house, 105 Montrose street.
Campbell, John, & Co., slaters, 25 Nicholson street ;
house, 12 Salisbury street.
Campbell, John Donald, sub-inspector of factories,
86 Bath street.
Campbell, John, of Martin, Turner, # Co. ; residence,
Plean, Stirlingshire.
Campbell, John, manager Glasgow Apothecaries'
Company, 251 Sauchiehall street,
Campbell, John, 53 North Hanover street.
Campbell, John, jun., of CamphelU^- Taylor; house,
64 St. George's road.
Campbell, Job.n, provision merchant, 224 Gallow-
gate; house, 112 Great Hamilton street.
Campbell, John, cabinetmaker, 25 Soho street.
Campbell, John, at Samuel Higginhotham, Sons, tf
Gunniss' ; house, 36 Dalhousie street.
Campbell, John S., assistant goods manager Edin-
burgh and Glasgow Railway; house, 22 Dundasst.
Campbell, John, at Glasgow Iron Co.'s, 23 St. Enoch
square; house, Eegent terrace, 90 Stirling's road.
Campbell, John, & Co., bootmakers, 21 Queen street.
Campbell, John, gardener, 201 New City road.
Campbell, John, spirit dealer, 227 Main st., Gorbals.
Campbell, John, tailor and clothier, 9 St. Enoch
lane, 145 Argyle street.
Campbell, John Sam., vegetable dealer, 240 Bu-
chanan street ; house, 264 do.
Campbell, John, glass-blower, 19 Greyfriars' wynd ;
house, 13 do.
Campbell, Joseph, stay and cambric bonnet manu-
facturer, 98, 100 Abercromby street; house, 17
Belgrove street.
Campbell, Joseph, wine and spirit merchant, 51
King street ; house, 132 South Portland street.
Campbell & M'Millan, smiths, scale, beam, and
weiijhing machine makers, 21 Kirk street, Gorbals.
Campbell & Mathers, clothiers and outfitters, 94
Campbell & M'Dougall, drysalters, 41, 43 Max-
well street.
Campbell, Michael, spirit dealer, 36 Greenside lane;
house, do.
Campbell, M., bookseller, stationer, and lithogra-
pher, 85 Dundas street; house, 408 Parliamen-
tary road.
Campbell, Mungo, of John Camphell, sen., ij- Co. ;
house, 195 Athole Place, Bath street.
Campbell, Mungo, jun., o/Jo/m Camphell, sen., ly Co.;
house, 278-| St. Vincent street.
Campbell, Neil, spirit dealer, 92 Rottenrow.
Campbell, Rivers, & Co., merchants, 13 Victoria
Place, West Regent street.
Campbell, Ronald, grocer and provision dealer, 35
Crookston street ; house, 37 do.
Campbell, Robert, auctioneer, of J. Davidson (f Co, ;
house, 47 Norfolk street.
Campbell, Robert, bootmaker, 228 Holm street.
Campbell, Robert R., Jacquard loom card cutter, 95
Hutcheson street.
Campbell, Robert, eating house, 154 Stobcross st.
Campbell, Robert, confecr., &c., 57 West Milton st,
Campbell, Robert, flesher, 150 Canning street ; house,
36 Main street, Bridgeton.
Campbell & Robertson, millwrights and engineers,
28 Castlebank street, Partick.
Campbell & Taylor, wholesale druggists, GO Max-
well street.
Campbell, Thomas, shooting saloon keeper, 39 Salt-
market, and gunmaker, 40 Clyde place; house,
4 Steel street.
Campbell, Thos. M'K., wine and spirit merchant, 7
Carrick street ; house, 9 do.
Campbell, Thomas, surgeon, 34 Cook st., Tradeston.
Campbell, Thos. B., & Co., metal merchants, milled
lead, lead, tin, and zinc pipe manufacturers, 30 &
32 Bothwell street.
Campbell & Tudhope, lithographers and engravers,
6 Union street.
Campbell, Walter, smith, 65 Stirling street, Cow-
caddens ; house, 53 do.
Campbell, William, boot and shoemaker, 57 Nelson
street, Tradeston : house, 61 Centre street.

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