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Burns, Mary, broker, 45 Bell street.
BDRNSIDE, James, grocer and spirit dealer, HO
London road.
Bumside, John, fringe, tassel, and fancy trimming
manufacturer, 55 Argyle arcade, 16 Buchanan St.,
and 108 Argyle street; house, 140 George street.
Burnside, John F., agent for Kennard & Sons, 22
Dixon street ; house, Rlugdock, hy Mihigavie.
Burnside, J. & BI., flashers, 100 Dalmarnock road.
Burnside, Matthew, flesher, 1G5 Main street. Bridge-
ton ; house, 167 do.
Burnside, Robert A., house factor, 65 Jamaica street ;
house, 10 Bridge street.
Burnside, Jlrs., 140 George street.
BURR, Alexander, & Son, commission me/chants
and agents, 59 Hutchison street.
Burr, Alexander, of Alexander Burr (]• Son ; house,
30 Rose place, Garnethill.
Burr, James, of Alexander Burr cj- Son; house, 30
Rose place, Garnethill.
BURRELL, Alexander, writer, of Burr ell (j- Auld;
house, Parkgrove, Paisley road.
Burrell & Auld, writers, 67 West Nile street.
Burrell, George, of Bun-ell cj- Son; house, 72 New
Citj' road.
Burrell, James, jeweller, 32 North Albion street.
Burrell & Son, shipping and forwarding agents,
Grangemouth wharf, Port-Dundas.
Burrell, Walter, ofBurrelUf Son; ho. 3 Scotia st.
BURT, John, nail manufacturer, 19 Barony street:
house, 3 Martyr street.
Burt, John, currier & leather merchant, 20 Main St.,
Calton; house, 46 Grame street.
Burt, Wm , beadle, St. Jlark's; ho. 30 Stobcross st.
Burt, William, tailor & clothier, 36 Gallowgate.
BURTON, Alexander, 31 South Apsley place.
Burton, Andrew H., merchant & cotton yarn agent,
78 Miller Street ; house, 3 1 South Apsley place.
Burton, Heurj', hosier, glover, and shirtmaker, 111
Buchanan street; house, 58 Renfield street.
Burton & Henderson, grocers, tea & coffee dealers,
192 Sauchiehall street.
Burton, William, of Burton cj- Uenderson; house, 129
Cambridge street.
BUSBY, E. S., at James Lwnsden cf Son's; house,
St. James's street.
BUSH, Charles P., Buck's Head hotel, 61 Arg_ylest.
BUSHEZ, Frederick Stephen, teacher of music &
pianoforte tuner, 35 Buccleuch street.
Bushez, Mrs. F. S., teacher of pianoforte &. singing,
35 Buccleuch street.
BUTLER,William, remnant warehouse, 329 Gallowg.
BUTT, George, agent, 38 Cheapside street.
BUTTERS & M'Gregor, ham curers, 67 Wilson st.
Butters, James, butcher, 343 Charing cross, Sauchie-
hall street.
Butters, Mrs. B., grocer, 7 Govan street.
BL^TTLE, F. C, warehouseman, clothier, & outfitter,
163, 165 Argyle street; residence, Carfin house,
near Motherwell.
BYARS, David, of Mann, Simpson, ^- Byars ; house,
6 Clifton place.
Byars, Robert, fruit merchant. Bazaar, Candleriggs;
house, 12 Stirling square.
CABBEL, John, Secy. Scottish Provincial Assur-
ance Co , 111 St. Vincent street.
CADENHEAD, Allan M., at James GemmeWs, 48
Hutcheson street ; house, 85 So. Wellington st.
Cadcnhead, Robert, at Barclay, Patmi, 4' Co's.
Cadiz & Glasgow Traders' office, 51 Union street;
M'Kean & Lament, agents.
Cadiz Wine Co., London ; Reid & Dick agents, 14
Dixon street.
CAIE, Rev. Thomas, superintendent, Glasgow City
Mission. Letters, &c , left at the Religious Insti-
tution Rooms, 75 St. George's place.
CAIN, R. A., stevedore, 9 SpringSeld lane, Paisley
road; house, 154 Paisley road.
CAIRD, James, plasterer, 80 Hope street; house, 5
Hill street, Garnethill.
Caird, James, of James Caird cJ- Co. ; house, 19 Clare-
mont street.
Caird, James, & Co , merchants, 13 Dixon street.
Caird, John, plasterer, 80 Hope street.
Caird, William, builder, 94 North Frederick street;
house, Port-Glasgow.
CAIRNEY, John, glass-stainer, glazier & house
painter, 46 Bath st. ; house, 1 Hilist., Garnethill.
Cairne}', V/illiam, 110 North Frederick street.
CAIRNS, Adam, manager Friendly Bread Associa-
tion, 10 Carlton court; house, 45 Eglinton ft.
Cairns, Charles, accountant and sharebroker, 57
West Nile street ; house, Milliken park.
Cairns, James, & Son, tailors & clothiers, 35, 89
London street.
Cairns, James, of James Cairns if Son ; ho. 2 Morris
place, Monteith row.
Cairns, James, at Doiigall (f- Mathie's ; ho. 42 We. st.
Cairns, John, of James Cairns tj' Son; house, 20
Monteith row.
Cairns, John, of John Cairns ij- Son; ho. Freeland
bank, Partick.
Cairns, .John, painter & paperhanger, & oil & colour-
man, 113 High street ; house, 2 Stirling street.
Cairns, John, & Co., cotton-brokers, 163 Ingram
street, and 100 Queen street.
Cairns, John, landscape painter, 183 Sauchiehall st.
Cairns, Joseph, clothier, 4 Saltmarket.
Cairns, P. & Co., smiths, bellhanger.^, & gas-fitters,
138 New City road; house, 157 Shamrock street.
Cairns, Robert, spirit dealer, 15 Tylefield street ;
house, 11 do.
Cairns, Walter, paper ruler and bookbinder, 93 Vir-
ginia street.
Cairns, William, portrait and animal painter, S
Charlotte street.
Cairns, Wm., plumber and gasiltter, 51 Bridge st. ;
house, 45 Eglinton street.
Cairns, Mrs., staj' and baby linen warehouse, 139
Gallowgate; house, 8 Charlotte street.
Cairns, Mrs. James, 22 Westminster terrace.
Cairns, Grace, eating house, 58 Canon street.
CALDER, D., at J. cj- J. WriyhCi; buu.se, 8
Brighton place, Scotia street.
Cidder, James, wine & spirit dealer, 51 Main street.
Calder, John, commission niercht., 35 Miller street.
Calder, John, boot & shoemaker, 37 Finlay street ;
house, 53 Covvcaddens street.
Calder, Thomas, & Co., sugar brokers, 27 Vir-
ginia street.
Calder, Thomas, of Thomas Calder cf Co ; house,
14 Royal terrace.
Calder, William, Ayrshire inn & carriers' quarters,
66 New wj'nd.
Calder, Wm., 58 Rose street, Garnethill.

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