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Bullucb, James, wine and. spirit merchant, 33 Wilson
street ; house, 27 do.
Bulloch & Kerr, slaters, 88 Stevenson street, Calton.
Bulloch, Matthew, of Bulloch cj- Co.; house, 213 St.
"Vincent street.
Bulloch, Robert, manager, C. & D. Gray's distillery,
4 iluirhead street; house, 89 Hospital street.
Bulloch, William, oj Bulloch cf- Kerr; house, 20
Green street, Calton.
Bulloch, Mrs. 247 Sanchiehall street.
BUNGE & Reichmann, merchts., 103 St. Vincent st.
BUNNETT & Co., engineers, London, 435 Parlia-
mentary road; P. Ross, manager; house, 437
Parliamentary road.
BUNTEN, Hugh, of Mill 4- Bunien ; house, 66
Cambridge street.
Bunten, James, timber merchant, 34 Bothwell st. ;
residence, Braehead house, Cathcart.
Bunten, James, jun., timber merchant, 34 Bothwell
street; residence, Braehead house, Cathcart.
Bunten, James, & Co., merchts, 145 St. Vincent st.
Bunten, AVilliam, of D. Broicn if Co. ; house, 1
Clifton Grove crescent.
Bunten, William, spirit mer., 64 High St.; ho. 7 do.
Bunten, Mrs. Robert, 22 Elmbank crescent,
BUNTING, David, at G. cf J. Burns' ; house, 26
Paterson street, Kingston.
Bunting, James, draper and hosier, 22 Stobcross st. ;
house, 11 do.
BURBRIDGE, John, landscape painter and teacher
of drawing, &c , Falkland place, 330 Renfrew st.
Burbiidge, Mrs., ladies' school, Falkland place, 330
Renfrew street.
BURDEN, John, painter and paperhanger, 35 Salt-
market; house, 28 do.
BURGESS, Adam, mail guard, 89 John street.
Burgess, Robert, provision merchant, 1 02 Cowcad-
dens street ; house, 1 54 do.
Burgess, Robert, victualler, 53 Saltmarket ; house,
154 Cowcaddens street.
Burgess, William, prov. mercht., 159 Cowcds. st.
Burgess, William, clothier, 31 Queen st. ; house, 515
West St. Vincent street.
Burgess, Rev. Wm., A.M., minister of Eglinton st.
U. P. Church ; resid. Wakefield villa, Plkshields.
BuRGii Sasine Office, City Chambers, Andrew Cun-
BURLFY, Robert, & Co., j .iners, blockmakers,
turners, and hammer-handle manufrs., by steam
power, 20 Dale st., Tradest. ; ho. 31 Morrison st.
Burley, William, victualler, 23 Little tt. ; house,
28 Well street, Calton.
BURLINGTON, John, bill poster, 6 Croy place.
BURMOND, John, manufacturer, 52 Glassford st. ;
house, 3 College street.
BURNE,J.C., photograph.. Jail sq.; ho., 20 Steel st.
Burn, Peter, & Co., auctioneers and valuators, 9
Royal Excliange place.
Burn, Peter, of Peter Burn cj- Co. ; house, 74 Buc-
cleuth street.
Burn, Wm., auctioneer, valuator, and dealer in fur-
niture, plate, books, &c., on conmiission, 9 Ex-
change place ; house, 74 Buccleuch street.
BURNDRETT, Henry, china dealer and engraver,
91 Rottenrovv.
BURNET, Archibald, haircutter, 44 Catherine St.,
Burnet, George, jun., at Muirs, Connel, if- Brodie's;
house, 193, Chesham place, Kent road.
Burnet, George, sen., 3 Buccleuch street.
Burnet, James, smith and farrier, 133 Sydney st. ;
house, 135 do.
Burnet, James B., writer and agent, and solicitor
for the Bank of London, and National Prov. In-
sur. Asso., 144 Queen st. ; ho. Fernhill, Bothwell.
Burnet, John, writer, secrefarj' to Glasgow Corpora-
tion Water Woiks, 23 Miller street ; house, 10
Newton place.
Burnet, John, bookseller & stationer, ISl^^ High st.
Burnet, John, architect, 113 West Regent street.
Burnet, Mrs. M. C, grocer, 109 Green st. Calton.
BURNLEY, William F., & Co.. merchants, 11 Vic-
toria place. West Regent street.
Burnley, William F., of William F. Burnley <f Co. ,-
house, 24 Ainslie place, Edinburgh.
BURNS, Alexander G., warper & twiner of cotton,
silk, and woollen yarns, 14 Garthland street.
Burns, Alex. G., wine and spirit merchant, 10, 12
Garthland st. ; ho. 89 North Frederick street.
Burns, Brothers, & Co., wrights and glaziers, 47
James street, Calton ; ho. 141 Abercromby st.
Burns, Uavid, victualler, 93 Carrick st ; house, do.
Burns, George, of Georr/e ^- James Burns ; house, 1
Park gardens.
Burns, G. & J., steamers and railway printing office,
9 Buchanan street.
Burns, George & James, steam packet office, 9
Buchanan street.
Burns, George, coflee house and curriers' club-house,
1 Havannah.
Burns, James C, at G. cj- J. Burns', 9 Buchanan St.;
house, 1 Park gardens.
Burns, James, hat manufacturer, 27 St. Andrew St.
Burns, James & George, merchants, 9 Buchanan st.
Burns, Jas. K., wright and glazier, 8, 10 Melville st.
Burns, James, of James ij- George Burns; house,
Bloomhill, Cardross, and 224 St. Vincent street.
Burns, James, flesher, 200 Stirling's rd. ; ho. 183 do.
Burns, J. P., green grocer, fruiterer, and game sales-
man, 42 W'est Nile street.
Burns, J. P., cigar and tobacco importer, 44 West
Nile street.
Burns, John, victualler, and spirit dealer, 203 Main
street, Bridgeton ; house, 205 do.
Burns, John, surgeon, 42 John street, Bridgeton.
Burns, John, of G. <^ J. Burns, 9 Buchanan street;
house, 1 Park gardens.
Burns, John, coal merchant, 1 5 Low Green street.
Burns, John, painter and paperhanger, 64 George st
Burns & Miller, wrights, 81 Garscube road.
Burns & Maclean, writers, 41 West George street.
Burns, Robert, & Co., soap, stearine, and candle
manufacs., and oil merchts., 99 Clyde st., Anderst.
Burns, Robert, of R. Burns cf Co.; house, 407 St,
Vincent street.
Burns, Robert, hill clerk, Monkland Canal basin.
Burns, Thomas, architect, 187 Buchanan street; ho.
Graham square, St. George's road.
Burns, William, writer, 41 West George street; ho.
26 Lansdowne crescent.
Burns, William, at William Bird cj- Co.'s; house,
Chesham place, 207 Kent road.
Burns, William, spirit dealer, 44 Rose St., Hutchn.
Burns, William, of Burns cf- Miller; hq. 24 Grove st.
Burns, Mrs. Ihn-, 8 Falkland place, St. George's rd.
Burns, Mrs. James, furnishings, 32 Brown street.
Burns, Mrs. John, grocer, 13 Carrick st. ; ho. 15 do.
Burns, Mrs. 79 ,'^bbot.sford place.

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