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Buchanan, John C., at George Buchanan tj- Son^s,
95 Candleviggs.
Buchanan, John, provision merchant, 131 Biidge-
gate ; house, 25 East Clyde street.
Buchanan, icihn^ of Dennistoun, Buchanan^ if Co.,
158 St. Vincent street.
Buchanan, John, of Buchanan tf LocJchart ; house,
194 St. Vincent street.
Buchan.m, John, of Pasley, Jardinc, cj- Co. ; house,
Ibroxhohn, I'aisley road.
Buchanan, John & James, sewed muslin manufac-
turers, 108 Hutcheson street.
Buchanan, John, grain and seed merchant, 270 Gal-
lowgate ; house, 32 Macfarlane street.
Buchanan, John, lisli and provision merchant, 36
Stockwell street.
Buchanan, John, Temperance liotel, cofFee-ho., read-
ing-room, and commercial lodgings, 3 Clyde pi.
Buchanan, John, pianoforte maker, 134 Upper
Thistle street, Hutchesontown.
Buchanan, Joshua, & Son, ham curers, butter and
cheese merchants, 10, 18 Wi!son street.
Buchanan, Joshua, of Joshua Buchanan (f Sun;
house 98 Parson street.
Buchanan & Lockliart, wine merchts., 63 Stockwell
street, and St. George's place; entrance to oflice
same as east entrance to Procurators' Hall ; retail
cellars 80 West Nile street.
Buchanan, M. S., M.D., professor of anatomy, An-
derson's University; house, 14 Lynedoch erst.
Buchanan, Nathaniel, spirit dealer, 62 Old wynd.
JUichanan, Neil, spirit dealer, 84 Bell street.
Buchanan, Norman, distiller, 230 Argyle street ;
house, KiiMiing house, I'aisley road.
Buchanan & Pearson, stationers, 68 Hutcheson st.
Buchanan, Peter, & Co., merchants, 8 Moore place.
West George street.
Buchanan, Peter & Co., smiths, screw bolt and rivet
manufacturers, 18 Bishop street, Anderston ; house,
204 Holm street.
Buchanan, Peter, of Peter Buchanan tj- Co. ; house,
12 Montague place.
Buchanan, Robert, D.D., minister of Free Tron
Church, Dundas street ; house, 2 Sandyford place.
Buchanan, Robert, commission merchant, and agent
for Globe Insurance Co., 157 Buchanan street;
house, 1 Buckingham terrace.
Buchanan, Robert, M.A., professor of logic and
rhetoric; house, 9 Professor's court. College.
Buchanan, Robert, provision merchant, 12 Ruther-
glen loan.
Buchanan, Robert, editor of Glasgow Sentinel, 37
Jamaica st. ; house, 9 Oakfield terrace, Hillhead.
Buchanan, Robert M., cooper, 18 Gloucester street;
house, Mount park, Greenock.
Buchanan, Robert, contractor for carting, 46 Alston
street ; house, 53 do.
Buchanan, R. S., Tonnage office: house, 161 Sham-
rock street.
Buchanan, Sinison, chemist and druggist, 275 Ar-
gyle street; house, 292 do.
Buchanan & Son, miniature and watch-glass makers,
74 Arj;yle street ; house, do. — See Add. in App.
Buchanan, Thomas Gra}', of Bvchanan, Wilson, cj-
Co. ; house, Wellshot, by Cambuslang.
Buchanan, Thomas, of Buchanan, Watson, <f- Co. ;
158 St. Vincent street.
Buchanan, Thomas D., surgeon, 275 Argyle street;
consuliing-rooms, 18 Westminster place.
Buchanan, Thomas, grocer, 32 Port-Dundas road;
house, 42 do.
Buchanan, T. G , & L. M. Kerr, accountants and
sharebrokers, 157 Buchanan street.
Buchanan, T. (i.,ofT. G. Buchanan tf- L. M.Kerr;
house, 93 Douglas street.
Buchanan, Walter, M.P., of Buchanan, Iland't^rn,
(j- Co. ; house, 6 Brandon place.
Buchanan, Walter, grocer, 258 George street.
Buchanan, Walter, at C. Termant cj- Co.'s, St. Rollox.
Buchanan, Watson, & Co., niers., 156 St. Viiiceutst.
Buchanan, William, of Gaorge Buchanan tj- Sons;
liouse, 213 West George street.
Buchanan, William, grocer and victualler, 165 Main
street, Gorbals ; house, 167 do.
Buchanan, William, woollen and linen draper, 13
Gallowgate ; house, 9L North Hanover street.
Buchanan, William, measurer, 36 Renfield street ;
house, 8 Brighton place. New City road.
Buchanan, William, supervisor of inland revenue,
174 New City road.
Buchanan, William, boardinghouse, 3 M'Alpine st.
Buchanan, William, grocer and provision merchant,
159 Eglinton street.
Buchanan, William, grocer and provision merchant,
149 Stobcross street; house, 44 Lorn jilace.
Buchanan, William, of Gray 4' Buchanan; house,
Buchanan, William, grocer and victualler, 48 Nelson
street, Tradeston.
Buchanan, Wm. L., accountant, house factor, and
agent for the Lancash. Insur. Co., 48 Gordon st.
Buchanan, William, ppirit dealer, 82 King street.
City ; house, 83 Govan street.
Buchanan, William, 26 North Portland street.
Buchanan, Wilson, & Co., brokers and commission
merchants, 25 St. Enoch square.
Buchanan, Younger, & Co., sharebrokers, 40 St.
Enoch wynd, off Howard street.
Buchanan, Mrs. Hugh, spirit dealer, 59 Garngadrd.
Buchanan, Mrs. John, 288 Buchanan street.
Buchanan, Mrs. Robert, 122 Wellington street.
Buchanan, Mrs., grocer, 23 Catherine st., Anderston.
Buchanan, Ann, milliner, 24 West Campbell street.
Buchanan, Misses, 3 Holland place.
Buchanan, Miss, dressmaker, 20 College street.
Buchanan, Miss J., tobacconist, 352 High street ;
house, 338 do.
Buchanan, Miss Jemima, dressmaker, 50 North
Albion street.
Buchanan, Miss, 87 West Regent street.
BUCKIE & Co., letterpress printers, 16 St. Enoch
square; house, 88 Cumberland street.
BUCKLEY, Rev. Jeremiah J., D.D., Catholic priest.
Catholic church. Great Hamilton St.; ho. 17 do.
BucKSHEAD Hotel, 61 Argyle street.
Buckshead Loan Co. Office, 4 Dunlop street.
BuiLUiNG Societ}', North British Heritable Property
Investment Society, 112 West George street ; Jim.
Macfarlane, manager.
BULLEY, John, banker, 10 Miller street ; Western
Bank of Scotland ; house, 12 Miller street.
BULLOCH, Archibald, of Bulloch cf- Co ; house,
213 St. Vincent street.
Bulloch, Archibald, of B. Lade (f Co., 43 Dunlop st.
Bulloch & Co., commission merchts., 41 Dunlop .^t.
Bulloch &Co , distillers, Caml. ; office, 41 Dnnlnpst.
Bulloch, James, whip and thong manufacturer, A'A

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